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#H50 Season Finale – Are the Grey Cargos Telling Us a Story?

If you have not seen last night’s H50 Season 9 finale yet and don’t want to be spoiled with what happened, you should probably stop reading now …..

These screencaps are just to illustrate a bit of the story, and Paula will do a post with better quality pictures at a later stage.

Producer Peter Lenkov promised a surprising awful cliffhanger to the season – and for some it might be just that!

What happened:

A woman pointed a gun at Steve who is walking away from her. Jerry is walking in towards Steve and he can see the woman behind Steve.

Jerry screams “Gun!”. It fades to black with the shot fired and you can hear Danny who is behind her saying, “Oh my god!”

My crazy observation from the epsiode:

Steve on his first job in Hawaii was wearing the lighter grey cargos and now Steve doing his last job in Hawaii, once again after many seasons wearing lighter grey cargos? We know it was not the exact same pair, because there are some differences to it, but did they want to be poetic about it all and have Steve McGarrett say goodbye in a similar pair of pants??





Seven weeks left until they start shooting Hawaii Five-0 Season 10, and for us to see who will be back on set for that. But I am kind of sure we will get some indication of what will happen even before then. Will Alex leave the show or not? And if he stays, in what capacity?

We will keep you updated with any news about the matter.



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