#H50 9.24 – Steve´s regret

First of all, the latest news for today is that #H50 will air an hour earlier at 20h00 on Friday nights when the new season start in September 2019.

It will lead in Magnum and then Blue Bloods to round off the evenings as usual. Interesting move and it also holds the question of when MacGyver will air once it start in Mid-Season.

Now for some great screencaps of last Friday’s episode:

First season Steve …..

Steve today …

Will be interesting to see where the season finale takes us.

I have a few theories about the cliffhanger that we might get, but I doubt if we will get any real surprises once the new season start. It will most probably be business as usual …… 🙄 😦

Just about 8 weeks left to see who will return to start shooting on the new season!


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8 responses to “#H50 9.24 – Steve´s regret

  1. kathysr

    OK, so what is Steve’s regret? Thank you for the great photos as always.

    Hmmm, they’re moving Magnum to Friday nights to bring up the ratings. I don’t like that they took out time slot. That’s been a great time-slot for Five-O for nine years. We’ve earned that lime slot. Put Magnum in at 8 PM, CBS!! Wow, wonder what’s up with McGuyver? It has better same night numbers than Magnum, which has dropped to about 5.5 million viewers, same night viewing. I guess Magnum has better demographics and more 1-3 night DVR viewers, for a better overall weekly total. Two Hawaii shows, back to back? lol, maybe it’s better that we’ll be first!!


    • Steve’s Regret = He trusted Aaron
      H50 was on Monday nights the first few seasons – not always on Fridays.
      MacGyver will most probably move to a new shooting location and there are shows who will run only half season – MacGyver will most probably fill that space – but that is all pure speculation. Maybe H50 will only run for half a season and wrap up the story – anything is possible.
      I think they want to test and see if H50 keeps its numbers in a new timeslot and if Magnum could do better also in a new timeslot.


      • kathysr

        I think you’re right, FOYeur. Good analysis! I forgot that our show moved from Monday to Friday. I’ve read that for all Friday shows, the networks give another .4 points for the 18-49 demographics. So, if Hawaii Five-O scores a .70, then .4 is added to make it 1.1 for the 18-49 demo for that night. The logic is that people are out on Friday nights, so all the shows take a hit. If those people were home watching TV, all the demo scores would be higher.

        You’re right, we haven’t heard if Hawaii Five-0 has been given a full season of 25 shows. CBS has a new new management team this year, since Les Moonves departed last fall. All CBS network decisions on shows are being made by a new group of executives. That may be why it took longer to renew some shows.


  2. stevemcgarrettlover

    Hotness. Can’t wait for the finale, and is it just me, or are the backside photo and the tongue ones simply the best?😉😘


  3. D. Havard

    My guess is that Magnum is struggling so they put it in between their two strongest programs to boost ratings. That’s fine as I’m getting tired of Macgyver. Too many terrorist serial killers! Seems there is a new one every week.

    I’m intrigued about someone showing to to make amends and putting everyone in 5 0 in jeopardy. I’m thinking…Doris?

    Thanks for the pictures. Great job, as usual. Steve then + Steve now = WOW!


  4. Thanks for the info and pix. I’m not crazy about moving to 8 which carries the burden of being the lead-in. Besides that it’s hard for me to get my act together that early to watch TV. But for Alex I’m sure I will be able to handle it. I just liked the H50/Blue Bloods combo.


  5. CassG

    Networks will shuffle shows for ratings that’s a historical fact. As long as Alex remains in that shuffled mix I WILL BE THERE!!! It doesn’t matter what day or time. I will be pleased as I am ecstatic that he will be there for us for another season.

    First season Steve and Steve today both gorgeous but the latter Steve definitely is the one that I really say OMG!!! Paula’s awesome pics are evidence of that!!😍😍 Thanks much Paula.


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