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#H50 9.24 – Steve´s regret

First of all, the latest news for today is that #H50 will air an hour earlier at 20h00 on Friday nights when the new season start in September 2019.

It will lead in Magnum and then Blue Bloods to round off the evenings as usual. Interesting move and it also holds the question of when MacGyver will air once it start in Mid-Season.

Now for some great screencaps of last Friday’s episode:

First season Steve …..

Steve today …

Will be interesting to see where the season finale takes us.

I have a few theories about the cliffhanger that we might get, but I doubt if we will get any real surprises once the new season start. It will most probably be business as usual …… 🙄 😦

Just about 8 weeks left to see who will return to start shooting on the new season!


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