Season 10 is a go – #H50 Officially Renewed!

As most of us predicted Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0 will be a reality. Not much to say about it, other than that it is a great success story for Alex’s TV career. My hope is that he will be able to explore more of his creativity in storytelling with it. As much as we like to see him on-screen, him spreading his wings and doing more will be great.


Get excited because our #H50 ohana is officially returning for Season 10! 💙🌊


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24 responses to “Season 10 is a go – #H50 Officially Renewed!

  1. CassG

    Yes!!!!!!! Truly ecstatic!!!!😁😁 So happy!!😁😁 It is official!😁😁

    I agree with you FOYeur that hopefully he will be able to explore his other talents not to keep him stagnant in a certain mode. We know he’s definitely got the talent to really do his thing well in other areas. That being said we will still need to be in front of the camera as that is essential.😍😍

    Thanks FOYeur for the great news as you’ve made my year! We know AOL will be returning!!❤❤

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    • dq

      Very, very news! As much I wish he could be on the big screen, movies only made every once in a way. This way I get my Commander McSexy addiction every Friday night. Selfish? Yes! Now there here’s better stories. New writers that have a clue about how adult humans behave.

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  3. Anja Vanslembrouck

    yes,so happy H50 is renewed for season 10 xxxx

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  4. stevemcgarrettlover

    YAY! This made my day! Now, I can fully relax, and enjoy the finale, without worrying!
    PS. Love the season 10 picture from the Heat Wave episode.

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  5. D. Havard

    WHEW! (Happy Dance!)

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  6. Sue

    Yippeeeee! They usually start filming in July. So looking forward to Season 10. Wonder if the whole cast is returning?

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  7. I am thrilled and very happy!!!!!

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  8. Nancy13

    Great news!!! Thanks for ending the suspense!

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  9. CassG

    Oops sorry!! 🙄 So excited I meant to say that he (AOL) will still need to be in front of the camera not we.

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  10. Claudia

    Alex obviously played a good game in the negotiations for the new contract. Congratulations.


  11. Magnólia

    Não sei se estou feliz! Adorava vê-lo em trabalhos mais criativos. Tem tudo para isso.
    Saúde e dias felizes para ele.
    Grata, Paula e Foyeur 🌻🎶


  12. As always when I hear H50 has been renewed, I am both excited because I am selfish and worried about Alex’s career. Yet he knows what he’s doing and I’m sure he will use this opportunity to deepen his knowledge of directing and writing. So what’s the hell! I’m happy!

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    • lindae5o

      I’m happy for the renewal, only to see Alex each week. I hope he’ll have opportunities to work on other aspects of the show, and that these requests were part of his negotiating strategy, Plus, I hope he held out for a ton of money. They’re lucky to have Alex, and they’d better appreciate him !!


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  14. Oh, I looooove the pic you’ve chosen. 9.12 right? A highly appreciated Polo shirt moment!

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  15. Lulu

    Yah, that’s great news because I enjoy seeing Alex on TV every week. I know at some point he is going to want to do other things, and I think that’s great. But the selfish part of me will miss that beautiful man on my TV screen!


  16. dawn russell

    All my family are as excited as I as the tenth season being renewed. We Aussies looove you Alex!

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  17. Dawn Russell

    One question to ask is everyone still in season 10 or has anyone left the show!


    • Hi Dawn,
      My guess, from what I have read, is that at the end of the last episode next week, there will be a cliffhanger of somebody that might be leaving, but I am kind of sure they will all be back for the next season. There was no footage of any farewell parties, other than the hair stylist who left.
      But I also guess and feel that there might be some changes to the show for the new season.
      Even if we don’t get word about it soon, there is only 8 week left before we will see who is back to start filming.


      • dawn russell

        I will be awaiting the result of anyone leaving the show. I hope not but glad season 10 is in the pipeline!!


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