#H50 9.23 – Steve hanging out with Mary

Not much we want to say about this episode apart from the fact that most of us enjoyed Alex as big brother Steve,  as you can see from these pictures of the episode here and also the great post of gifs Paula made earlier in the week .

Once again I felt really sad that the show missed out on having Steve’s sister around more often over the years ….


Only two more episodes left of Season 9, with no official word yet on renewal for Season 10. Just hints here and there that it is going to happen and faith by most fans that it is definitely on. As soon as we see any official renewal post, we will also mention it here.

Lucky for those who seem to be in agony over it all, CBS can not really postpone the official announcement of it later than next week with the Upfronts on the 15th in New York.

Cautiously looking forward to the last two episodes of the season …..


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9 responses to “#H50 9.23 – Steve hanging out with Mary

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Nice pictures! I can’t wait for the last two or the news of the next season!


    • dq

      The pics of him were great. I was disappointment that Mary was costumed so plainly. I know she is a single mother enjoying some deserved some “alone time”, but she looked like she was dressed to clean the garage most of the show. Wardroom department dropped the ball.


      • kathysr

        I totally agree. I love these two together. They’ve had great storylines in the past. I’d love to see Mary come back with more screen time, with her daughter and in a genuinely emotional storyline involving her big brother Steve. You know, like the great episodes the writers used to give us, long ago and far away…..


      • mamayorkie

        Considering the reason for Mary’s visit was to hook up with some random guy she really didn’t know well, you would think wardrobe and makeup would have made a better effort. The actress is attractive so I am baffled as to why they presented her looking like that.

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  2. Bea Trainer

    I heard and read it is being renewed.


  3. Bec

    It’s officially renewed! Finally!!! Here’s the link for it. https://tvline.com/2019/05/09/hawaii-five-0-renewed-season-10-cbs/


  4. Thank you for these pics! Nomnomnom Steve and Alex’s various faces were awesome.
    There, my summary of this episode.
    I am tired of all the people mocking Steve, his so called BFF (well, D, Steve gave all these living beings a home, what did you do, hm? I don’t think Steve’s the one alone and miserable.), Tani and even his own sister. This man has been through so much, he really needs some tender loving comfort, would love to see a scene with Lou again. This moment in S4(!!!) was wonderful!


  5. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex in jeans and t-shirt yummy he’s the type of man you would snuggle up to on the couch watching sports on saturday and sunday


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