#H50 9.23 – Steve in seconds

Haven´t done these in a long while, but couldn´t resist casual Steve 🙂 Beer and malasadas for everyone!



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13 responses to “#H50 9.23 – Steve in seconds

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Super fun to see this in my inbox! I love casual Steve, and it makes me want that donut so bad… or to be the donut 🤤😍


  2. I have drank a “longboard” in Honolulu. Yum!! unfortunately NOT with Steve but with LOTS of Ladies who love him!!!


  3. Love Steve in big brother mode. thanks for these awesome gifs/pics.


  4. Sunflower

    I just want to tickle that part of him that shows in the 2nd pic !


  5. CassG

    I was hysterical seeing him stuff and speak with his mouth filled to the brim!

    I must say I never ever tire of saying just how gorgeous he is.❤❤ You’ve captured as always Paula some great shots. I esp love the next to last slow motion pic with the swagger and fab arms! My my my!!😍😍 It’s a great start for my day!😘


  6. buttercup4u

    I just sometimes can‘t believe (after so many years of watching) how he can own a scene with his physical awareness!
    Doing sth like scratching his back/or caressing his neck…he just makes everything around oblivious!!!!


  7. Lulu

    That beautiful man says so much just with facial expressions and body language! You did a great job capturing the many faces of Alex. Does anyone know if we are going to get a season 10?


  8. D. Havard

    Is it just me, or has he somehow lost 5 years. He’s starting to look more and more like Stan, or year 4 Steve! Aging backwards, great idea, Alex!

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  9. kathysr

    Steve stuffing his face with food is hysterical and makes me laugh out loud. Clearly this man enjoys his food!!

    I agree, he’s been looking extra wonderful lately.

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  10. Seeing Steve muching was the best part! That and all the Alexpressions were the saving grace! Thank you, Paula!!! (and Alex, of course…)


  11. AlexOloughlinlover

    why is Alex not a male model he’s like something out of a dream he’s beautiful cute hot sexy just all around perfect man


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