Brad Turner, director of #H50 Episode 9.22

It looks like Director Brad Turner really enjoyed working on this latest episode of Hawaii Five-0


Huge thanks to these folks for a great episode! #H50#setlife #hawaii #CBS


Tune into @hawaiifive0cbs tonight! It was great to be back with friends directing an episode this season! Mahalo! #H50@plenkov #alexoloughlin



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3 responses to “Brad Turner, director of #H50 Episode 9.22

  1. Everyfreaking one loves Alex! Because of his talent, his kindness, his sense of humor, his down-to-earthness.
    He knows how to make friends, that he has in common with Steve.


  2. CassG

    I think Brad Turner did the best he could given the material he had to work with but he sure as hell knocked that final scene out of the park! So beautiful done. Definitely memorable!❤


  3. CassG

    Oops! That’s beautifully done! 🙄


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