Self-Defence Workshop with #AlexOLoughlin at #GrapplingUnlimited

Another chance for you to attend a Women’s Self-Defence Workshop with Alex and Egan Inoue as instructors at Grappling Unlimited in Hawaii.


1 June 2019


Egan’s Bootcamp, 1212 Punahou Street, Honolulu, Hawaii

In the process you will also be donating all the money you pay for it to the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children.

Participants in the Women’s Self Defense Seminar will be taught lifesaving techniques by Egan Inoue and one of his top students, Hawaii 5-0 actor, Alex O’Loughlin (aka Steve McGarett). Each session is an hour and a half. 100% of proceeds will go to not-for-profit Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Ages 11+ welcome

  • 1st Session:

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

$300 plus Tax

Includes a group photo with a Egan & Alex

  • 2nd session(VIP):

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

$400 plus Tax

Includes t-shirt and INDIVIDUAL photo with Egan & Alex


You can buy your ticket here, by following the link

If you are interested and do not really know what it is about, you are welcome to have a look at previous stories from those who attended through the years:

So, you will meet Alex, get lessons in self-defence from him, get a photo and donate to charity. It sounds like a win-win situation to me!



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14 responses to “Self-Defence Workshop with #AlexOLoughlin at #GrapplingUnlimited

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Sounds like fun. Would love to, but cannot.

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  2. Magnólia

    Quem me dera fazer esse curso! Deve ser interessante e divertido.
    Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur pelas boas notícias 🍀🎶

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  3. I’d love to go again, but I’ve booked another holiday already and can’t change plans anymore. I’d do it in a heartbeat though…. have the bank pay for it like I did on my first SDC. Never regretted that decision, even when paying for that for about a year. It thought me so much, I made such good friends and the experience was life changing. Love reading back my own stories, it’s almost like it happened to someone else.

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  4. kathysr

    This is really important for women to empower themselves and learn self defense strategies. It’s awesome that Alex has progressed so far that he’s now a teacher. He has to be really good to teach.

    FOYeur and Paula, there’s an interview with Alex, Jay Hernandez and Lucas Till in the latest TV Guide. They did it at the PaleyFest.


  5. kathysr

    It’s awesome that Alex is teaching self-defense to women, which is very empowering and important. Clearly, he’s reached a very high level of skill to be able to teach.

    FOYeur and Paula,there’s an interview with Alex, Jay Hernandez and Lucas Til in the latest TV Guide Magazine. They must have done it at Paley Fest.

    I hope this doesn’t post twice. I’m having trouble posting.


  6. What a shame I’m just back from Oahu! I’d have waited willingly until June to go. The possibility of meeting our adorable Alex + being taught self-defense + enjoying the island again all in one trip would have been like a dream. Hear my sobs and sighs, ladies!

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