#AlexOLoughlin at #BJJ Seminar & Other Hiatus Fun

On Saturday Alex, with fellow #H50 star Beulah Koale and also James Beck from Trident Adventures, were among those who attended the seminar held by Magid Hage IV and hosted by Egan’s Grappling Unlimited Gym in Hawaii.

  • Egan posted:


Thank you @gorilla_hands! Such a great seminar. #alwayslearning #grapplingunlimitedhawaii #eganinouejiujitsu #bjj


  • We normally would not post pictures of Alex’s children, unless it was posed for and posted on a public forum by someone who is not paparazzi. These were posted publically, and for a number of reasons we felt it good to also share both these pictures with you – even the one that was not posed for. It was posted by one of the dads on the trip, and it includes Alex and his stepson Spike having fun with Trident Adventures. (Not sure who originally found the pictures that were posted yesterday, because it was shared in private with us – but Thank You)


@tridentadventureshawaii From our Ohana to yours… Big Mahalo for the last 3 days of water adventures…. see you all in July. Remember the new tagline: THIS DOESN’T SUCK… Review will be coming in hot… #tridentadventures #navyseals #army #ohanameansfamily #aina #swimwithdolphin #thisdoesntsuck #brotherhood

No wonder we always see Spike with this big smile on his face – Over the years we have seen him having lots of fun, as well as many sweet, tender & caring moments with both his father, Luke, and stepdad Alex.

We did not make  a specific post for it here on the blog during the week, only on our Instagram and Twitter pages, but we also want to mention Alex and Malia’s  5th wedding anniversary here, which they celebrated during the past week on 17th April.

We would like to wish them lots of happiness and fun for the years to come!!


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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin at #BJJ Seminar & Other Hiatus Fun

  1. Sue

    I thought that Alex and Malia’s anniversary, was on the 18th? Hope that they had a great one. Still no word on Hawaii Five-0 being renewed for Season 10?
    Happy Easter!


    • Hi Sue, I guess you missed my lenghty reply to your previous comment this morning. https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2019/04/20/more-hiatus-fun-at-trident-for-alexoloughlin-co/comment-page-1/#comment-67085
      I will add it here again:

      Alex and Malia’s 5th Wedding Annirversary was on the 17th – not the 18th.
      I really wish that the person who wrote that date on the Wiki page would correct it.
      All evidence that we have of that day, because we were online and could see first hand how the messages got in, were that they got married on 17th. Even one of their friends posting the sunrise on the 18th, talking about how much he enjoyed their wedding the day before. Somewhere along the line with time differences, the date got confused.
      And futhermore, the 18th of that year in 2014 was Good Friday – people in Christian countries do not traditionally get married on that day. Difficult to throw a party on the day when people arround you go to church to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ. And as Hawaii is a very religious community, I do not think they would have done it either.


  2. Love how he uses his downtime to share his passions with his son and friends. good to see them all enjoying themselves. thanks for posting, it’s a great and well needed positive vibe.

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  3. Lulu

    I love seeing Alex and family having fun!

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  4. Alix

    Bonjour, sur cette photo avec Spike, on aperçoit le tatouage qu’Alex a sur la cuisse. On l’avait déjà aperçu sur les photos du 3.03. Mais on ne l’a jamais vu précisément. Savez-vous de quoi il s’agit ?


    • Alix, what photo are you referring to? I cannot even see at all Alex’s thighs in any.

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    • Hi Alix,
      I am not sure if something got lost in translation, but I do not see any sign of the thigh tattoo. I can hardly see Alex’s legs in the pictures.
      As far as the tattoo goes, your guess is as good as mine. But I believe that the lower back tattoo and the thigh tattoo form one big polynesian tattoo.


      • Alix

        Oui, c’est ce que je pense aussi. Mais on ne l’a jamais vu précisément. Le mieux qu’on ait pu voir était sur une photo du 3.03. Je ne me souviens pas l’avoir vu sur d’autres photos. Et vous, l’avez vous déjà vu ? Ici, même en grossissant la photo, on a du mal à distinguer…


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