More Hiatus Fun at Trident for #AlexOLoughlin & Co.

It seems like Alex really enjoy taking others with him on his latest adventure fun.

Picture posted by Magid Hage IV yesterday.



Speechless after a sunrise dive with this crew! Such a beautiful world down there! Getting to dive with a navy seal for the first time was pretty special..different level of comfort in the water! Amazing to experience! Huge Thanks for making this happen🙏🏼 Magical morning! #AlexOLoughlin #Jim @beulahkoale




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6 responses to “More Hiatus Fun at Trident for #AlexOLoughlin & Co.

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    He looks so nice in that outfit, and looks like he’s having fun! Like the extra scruff.
    PS. Happy Easter and Passover to everyone who celebrates them!

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  2. Sue

    Love the picture. Glad that he is enjoying himself. Wasn’t Alex and Malia’s wedding anniversary, on the 18th?
    Still no word on Hawaii Five-0 being renewed for next season.
    Happy Easter and Passover!

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    • Hi Sue
      Alex and Malia’s 5th Wedding Annirversary was on the 17th – not the 18th.
      I really wish that the person who wrote that date on the Wiki page would correct it.
      All evidence that we have of that day, because we were online and could see first hand how the messages got in, were that they got married on 17th. Even one of their friends posting the sunrise on the 18th and talking about how much he enjoyed their wedding the day before. Somewhere along the line with time differences, the date got confused.
      And futhermore, the 18th of that year in 2014 was Good Friday – people in Christian countries do not traditionally get married on that day. Difficult to throw a party on the day when people arround you go to church to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ. And as Hawaii is a very religious community, I do not think they would have done it either.

      And yes, we posted congratulations to them on the day of the 17th, on our Instagram and Twitter pages. On which I had to delete quite a number of rude and false comments of them not being together anymore.

      If we get word of the renewal and we are awake at the time, we will post it immidiately.


  3. Magnólia

    Maravilhoso mergulhar!
    Boa Páscoa para todos.
    Grata, Paula e Foyeur pelos bons momentos! 🌻🎶

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  4. more hiatus fun. June first they do another self defense class. I won’t be joining, but if you’re a fan and you can make it. I highly recommend taking that chance. I went to two and you really learn a lot and meet awesome people and get to spend time with Alex .

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  5. Sue

    Thanks Foyeur, for the correction on Alex and Malia’s wedding anniversary. Why do people love to put out negative comments on twitter and instagram? I don’t subscribe to either, for the negativity!
    Hoping to hear of the 10th season being approved!
    Have a great weekend, and thank you again for the info.


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