#H50 9.21 – Mr Pickles gets McCuddles

Lots of smiling Steve and lovely kitty cuddles. But why the awful end! I was actually picturing Mr Pickles testing gravity with the kitty figurines for the end. Would have been so much better…wasted opportunity!

Anyway, on with Steve and his lovely lashes ♥


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10 responses to “#H50 9.21 – Mr Pickles gets McCuddles

  1. Karen

    Thank you for captioning some really wonderful shot of him from the episode. I too was not impress with the ending but oh well.


  2. kathysr

    Ah, to be Mr. Pickles! That cat adores Alex. He’s so good with her. She’s comfortable, trusting and relaxed in his arms. This is a funny update from one of my all time favorite episodes of the past nine years. Clearly, Steve was smart enough to know that they weren’t going to get diddly squat from the will. Oh wait, the cat figurines are worth $10,000! So Steve gets the last laugh. ]Everything was really funny until the very end. Hoping that Mr. Pickles is OK! I love the guy who plays Ricky. He’s hilarious. Please don’t take Mr. Pickles to the pound. I’ll adopt him.


  3. lindae5o

    Great photos again. Thank you. Good episode. I knew when Danny said he didn’t want any of the cat figurines, they would turn out to have some value.
    It was interesting to have a reference to an upcoming episode, (9.23) in which Junior escorts Tani to a wedding. I don’t remember show doing that before.
    Great to see lucky Mr. Pickles in Steve’s arms again. I hope it was the same kitty. It has been five years.


    • Yes, as far as I know it is the same cat. Her name is Lili and she is the cat ambassador for the Hawaii Humane Society – the society who also happens to be the beneficiary of Anges’s will. There was also a second cat named Ghost who played the roll the first time. Not sure if they both were used again or just one of them. Guess we will find out at some point.


  4. stevemcgarrettlover

    One of the best this season, as well as the series! I guess I am one of the only people who thought the ending was funny, since I know Eddie would never intentionally hurt someone Steve is fond of.


  5. CassG

    I would love to have traded places with Mr. Pickles being cuddled by Steve! 😍😍 I

    These are awesome pics of Steve/Alex and I esp loved the way he looked. Ahhh that blue shirt!!! ❤❤ Thanks much Paula.😊

    Definitely didn’t care for the ending. It would have been better to end it on a gentler note.

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  6. DoubleL

    I’m hoping we see Mr. Pickles again and that Steve keeps him. Love the blue shirt! ♥


  7. I looooove the header, Paula!
    And I loved the ending, thought it was funny. Eddie can do no harm, so relax! 😉
    McPussy was the best of this episode.
    Someone else infuriated me so much I shouted at my screen.

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