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The Mystery of the ‘New’ #AlexOloughlin Tattoo Unfolds

Yesterday there was a cute picture posted by Justalilikoi (the IG account of an adopted rescue puppy). This helped us fangirls out of our misery, to see the new tattoo on Alex’s finger in full.

Please take note that the puppy does not belong to Alex, but to one of the crew on the show.

For me this picture gives some insight into this man’s heart and soul!


And when we zoom in on the hand – Mystery Solved – it is a Trident!

Of course the Trident symbol means different things to different people, depending on your culture or where you are from. But I kind of feel that it has something to do to  with “conquering the seas.”

Last year there were a number of pictures posted by Trident Adventures of Alex and Beulah Koale diving with them, and also Chi McBride’s wife posted about him and Alex diving in August 2018.

From Trident Adventures site:

“Diving with US Navy SEALs is to dive with the absolute best of the best. The attention to detail these guys have in every aspect of the experience, for every person they take out, is unmatched in the industry.”

– Alex O’Loughlin, star of Hawaii 5-0

Back in December 2018, Paula made a post about Alex diving with them over a period of time: Diving fun

And from Trident on IG back in December 2018

We just LOVE it when Alex is having fun!! Image result for smiley face diving

And thanks to everybody who found and shared the pictures on all their different accounts – it makes our lives easier.


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