They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is a giving actor.

We had a great director and a wonderful script. And it was a real privilege and pleasure to be able to work with Alex. He is a true professional and a very giving actor. I am so glad the fans enjoyed the show. Their aloha makes this journey so special.”

– Dennis Chun (April 2019, about H50 9:20)

Thank you Angie from Angie’s fanpage for sharing this message that you got from Dennis, with the rest of the fans.

For the non-English speaking readers who might not know what it means to be a giving person – As a giving person you may take into account the needs of another person, equal to, or greater than, your own.


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5 responses to “They say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is a giving actor.

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    So agree! Love Duke!

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  2. dawn russell

    Thats his Aussie traits coming out


  3. He is loved and respected by so many good people.
    And I adore your edit Paula! So so awesome and so so Steve!

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  4. Kelbelle

    Haha Dawn, as an Aussie myself I would like to claim his givingness as one of our national characteristics, along with all his other charming, delightful, gorgeousness….

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  5. CassG

    These are some of the wonderful things that we know and love about Alex. A truly real and caring man who is gorgeous to boot!! Many others could care less about their fellow actors, crew or anything or anyone else but themselves. That is why he is so special.

    It was also a kind and considerate gesture on Dennis Chun’s part to make that comment too. Kudos to him! Also thanks to Angie for sharing and of course thank you FOYeur for bringing it to us.❤


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