#H50 9.20 – Steve got a new plaid shirt

Apparently this was a nice episode. I discovered it is possible to go throw an entire epi on mute and just enjoy Steve silently 😉 I might watch the story later, but posting my favorite bits of Steve now. Enjoy the summery plaid McG ♥


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45 responses to “#H50 9.20 – Steve got a new plaid shirt


    Awesome pictures of Alex O’loughlin/ Steve Mcgarrett. I could look at him all day everyday. Thank you, these pictures of steve has made my whole week.

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  2. Claudia

    FOX Channel wiederholt gerade Staffel 1 von Hawaii 50. Oh, was war Alex doch für ein schöner Mann!
    Nun, er sieht heute immer noch gut aus, aber damals tat es fast weh, ihn anzuschauen.


    • Have to disagree strongly with you!! But I guess everyone is entitled to see the world through there own eyes.
      In many ways, Alex is even more gorgeous to me personally than before. We all age – that is life! We look different of course because life takes it ‘s toll.
      Hollywood is riddled with people who can not grow older gracefully, and the public and fans seem to feed on this idiocy.

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      • Absolutely right! He ages like a fine wine! I think he never looked better than nowadays.

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      • Claudia

        Sorry, my browser translates automatically, I didn’t know that you have to do it manually.

        My words were no criticism of Alex. Never!

        What I mean is, at 8pm I’m watching an episode of Season 1 with Alex, beautiful as a young god.

        At 10pm the same day, I see a Season 8 episode with Alex, a very good-looking middle-aged man with grey hair. This contrast is what makes me wistful. I think the networks should not do that.


        • There is always something lost in translations. Alex looks gorgeous on the screen no matter what age, and though never experienced it, I am willing to bet he is breathtaking in person .

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          • He is! I know a bunch of lucky ones who had the chance to meet him and even talk to him, some just recently. And they all, all say that he is even better looking in person than on the screen.

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    • Sorry, Claudia. ITA!
      And you know what bothers me? Though not everyone can write in English, that’s not the problem. But this is an English ‘speaking’ site, so why don’t you translate your comments with google translator and add this here? I think it is disrepectful to have the readers (and Paula and FOYeur) do it for you to understand your comments. So many readers here with so many different native languages. Just imagine everyone commenting in their own language? Oh boy..

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    • vanduyn

      Are we looking at the same man?? Cause WTF?

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  3. Thank you, Paula! I just watched the episode and I loved the Steve/Duke/John parts of it. Always nice to have a McG backstory, and btw Alex is a pleasure listening to… 😉
    The younger Steve/older Steve transitions were great!
    PiP ftw!

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  4. lindae5o

    I liked this episode a lot. Steve was gorgeous as usual, and for me, all the scenes with him, are always the best parts. Cool look with the new plaid shirt, except the buttoned-up-to-the-neck is a no-no. lol
    Can anyone provide translation for the German posting?

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    • Apparently H50 season 1 reruns on TV and she thinks he looked gorgeous back then, this is translation by google of her 2nd sentence:” Well, he still looks good today, but back then it almost hurt to look at him.”


  5. I love the way younger Alex looked but honestly I still think he’s very easy on the eyes. Apparently sexiness ages very well. I also enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would … pleasantly surprised. One thing I do miss seeing is clean shaven Alex…just prefer him that way but not complaining. That man has it all!

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  6. Magnólia

    Beleza intemporal!
    Grata, Paula e Foyeur 🎶🎸

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  7. vanduyn

    Thanks for all the yummy pictures!! 🙂

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  8. D. Havard

    A great group of Steve photos as always. I too enjoyed this episode. Quite fascinating how the one gun played a key point in the lives of Steve, Duke, Tani and Danny.

    Looking back over all the Season 9 episodes, it’s been an Ohana year, not only for 5 O but for their family members and also the extended family. Great job!

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  9. CassG

    I also enjoyed this episode. I esp liked the story line about the community gun and that the story line was THE one and only story line.

    Paula these pics are awesome!! I love looking at Alex and he is gorgeous as always in his summer plaid. Although he could have at least unbuttoned one more button! {sigh)

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    • I think that the buttons on the shirt is too far apart. If he did unbutton that one, it might have looked a bit unprofessional for Steve. 🙂
      They really should consult us fangirls about hie clothing.


  10. Leticia

    Aunque suene superficial, por fiiiin se preocuparon de ponerle ropa nueva, tremendo actor, muy atractivo y su ropa la misma en todas las temporadas, fíjense igual, sus mismos zapatos, no se condice con el cambio de camionetas, si tiene para comprar camioneta del año, cómo no va atener para comprar ropa nueva? jajajajaja, bueno, me gustó el episodio, sólo que él se ve menos, saludos.


  11. Kelbelle

    Loving everyone’s comments above. Happy to see the appreciation we all have for Alex whatever his age. All I know is I go to mush just seeing these pics, and watching him live at the Paley Centre was bliss 🔥🔥🔥

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    • Claudia

      Yeah, I think they made him older in season eight. In season 9 he looks much better again.

      Would that be something for a new study, Paula?


    • For a moment there I thought that you were at the Paley, then realized you were just saying that we saw him in life action there, Kellbelle. I would have been cross if you were there and not shared some pictures with us 🙂


  12. stevemcgarrettlover

    Whew. I am OK now. Just needed a minute to breathe. Wow. That’s it. I don’t care if it is only one syllable! He gets better ever time, and with age comes mich more beauty and handsomeness! Can’t aait for this next episode with Mr. Pickles’ return!!!!!


  13. kathysr

    I’m struck by how much younger and handsomer Alex looked in all the interviews and on stage at the Paley Fest. He must be breathtaking up close and in person. He’s maintained his stunning physique through the utter exhaustion off filming a series ten months a year for the past nine years. That takes extraordinary dedication, commitment and perseverance. He’s every inch as gorgeous as he was ten years ago, even moreso to me. I’m in awe of how hard he works to stay in that ripped, flawless shape.


  14. DoubleL

    This was the second best episode of the season behind #200. I liked the new shirt too! 🙂


  15. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex looks sexy in anything he wears


  16. Sue

    I see where CBS is saying ongoing/waiting for a decision, on renewing Hawaii Five-0. Paula and Foyeur, have you heard anything official?


  17. kathysr

    What’s fascinating to me is, as far as I can tell, I don’t see a Catherine/Steve storyline in the rest of the episodes this year, unless there’s a big surprise and they sneaked Michelle into the studio to film scenes. So, if this is the last year, where’s Catherine? Remember, Peter’s always told us that Catherine is the endgame for Steve. Instead, it appears that they’re focusing on Danny at the end of this season.



  18. Sue

    Saw the info on the waiting for the decision, on renewing Hawaii Five-0, on a CBS site. Also on a weekly renew/cancel format. Thought they might have said something at the Paley meeting.


  19. kathysr

    Some years we haven’t gotten renewal information until May. Nothing was mentioned about 5-0 renewal at the Paley Fest. However, both Magnum and MacGuyver have been renewed, I think. For sure Magnum has been renewed.

    But they DID talk about crossovers for all THREE shows at the Paley Fest. Hmmmmmm……the intrigue thickens. Also, on different Twitter sites, I’ve seen baseball caps with “Five-O Season 10” on them. So, who knows??? Since they’ve already finished filming this season, they can’t really create a farewell episode, if the show is not renewed.

    I think everything depends on Alex. The rest of the cast (other than Scott) is probably eager to do more years. They’ve only been on a few years. Chi loves Hawaii as much as Alex does. As he said at the Paley Fest, he finds it a deeply spiritual, healing place to live and work. I love Chi. I wish they’d use him better on the show. The first few years he was on, he was front and center. He’s gradually faded into the background now. Waste of a wonderful talent. I do love Chi and Alex together. They make a great team.


    • Am I the only one who is not in the slightest interested in any kind of crossover?


      • kathysr

        Yawn on cross-overs This year, there was a cross-over with Magnum PI, but only with minor characters on 5-0. Sometimes shows create compelling story-lines which really work on both shows. Most of the time, they’re dumb. I mentioned the cross-over talk because Alex joined in the discussion, so it’s intriguing, if 5-O really ends this season, to be talking about cross-overs next year.


      • DoubleL

        I don’t care about crossovers because I don’t watch the other two shows.


  20. Sue

    I agree. I don’t watch the other two shows either. Just want to hear officially, that Hawaii Five-0 is renewed!


  21. CassG

    I also agree about crossovers esp with these 3 shows. I could care less about Magnum or McGyver. H50 is all I care about and I wouldn’t be watching that if it were not for Alex.❤


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