#AlexOloughlin started his hiatus fun!

Sure looks like Alex had a amazing start to his summer fun 😀
Thanks to Egan Inoue for sharing this clip by TridentAdventures. I wished it was posted in hd, but glad to have this glimpse to his day. If Trident Adventures posts it in HD I will update this post 🙂

“Alex and I highly recommend” -Egan Inoue


And also from Egan just minutes ago:

Thank you for this great Gi. @ensoninoue #bjj #grapplingunlimitedhawaii #eganinouejiujitsu #eganinoue #alexoloughlin


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13 responses to “#AlexOloughlin started his hiatus fun!

  1. Oh what fun!! So good to see Alex is enjoying himself!! And what a PB moment!! THX Paula & Egan.

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  2. Regina Filange

    Thanks for the post. It’s nice to see that he’s enjoying himself. So I ran across something that sparked my interest. I have an app on my phone to keep up with when my shows are on. This app has two additional episodes of h50 for this season. So I’m wondering if they added them on the off chance this is the last season(even though signals say otherwise), or if they just have them on there because 25 episodes have been the norm for the last few seasons. I also happened to check it out on the episode guide on the Wikipedia page and they had the two additional episodes too. Any insight?


    • kathysr

      Regina, the show does 25 episodes every year. I go to a website too, and every year they only list 22 episodes, but it always ends up being 25. I’m reading that this year there will be a 2-hour season finale. Interesting. Wonder what’s up?


      • D. Havard

        D I read on another website that the last two were about Danny and Rachel.


        • kathysr

          Wow, two whole episodes! That makes me suspect that Danny and Rachel are going to say good-bye to Hawaii, or at least Danny’s gonna say good-bye to Five-O and retire. But I’ve been wrong the past two years, so I’ll wait and see what happens. I’ve been reading an intriguing blind item which says that a series regular on a big TV show was planning to leave at the end of this season. That blind item has now been amended to say that the network talked the person into staying one more year, so that he and the series would end together!!! Hmmmmm….could that be Alex? Scott? An entirely different show?



        • Not so sure that the last two can be about Danny and Rachel, if Scott was not even on the set of film of one of them.


      • The have done two-episode finals for two other season before as well. Most probably a Network schedule thing rather that anything to do with H50


  3. stevemcgarrettlover

    As always, he looks so good and happy and healthy, which is better than in season two when he was sickly.


  4. kathysr

    Yee Gods, he really jumped! That’s a long way down! Have lots of fun, Alex. He looks so happy. I think they were still shooting last week. I saw a post from March 26 and they were filming. So, he’s REALLY just stared his hiatus. Is he free diving without any equipment? Wow! The water is so gorgeous.


  5. Love it when he’s having fun. Especially together with Egan (Willing to share on Insta 😆 )

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  6. CassG

    I love seeing Alex in “chill” mode doing his thing and having fun! What better time than during a hiatus to take some me time and enjoy doing whatever you feel the need or urge to do.
    It’s good for the mind and spirit. Work is great but fun is even greater!! He works hard so I hope he will play even harder.

    Thanks for this Paula and thanks to Egan. Love it!!❤❤


  7. Sue

    Guess they wear the suits for protection, as the water temperature is 80 degrees.
    With the basketball tournaments, Hawaii Five-0 was off, for the last couple of weeks. It’s back on this Friday.
    Good to see Alex enjoying himself. Still no formal word on the show being renewed. They usually resume filming in early July.


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