Paley Fest 2019 – #AlexOloughlin #H50 #Star

Alex proved, once again, he is the kindest person in the business. Although, he says his most favorite thing is to yell at Scott, it comes very naturally to him 😀 He spoke very lovingly of his island and its culture. Sadly he also mentioned he is more comfortable working behind the camera. We´ll see what the future holds for him…

Here´s some bits and pieces from the event yesterday. (credits on the pics when known)


JustJared posted a few pics in much better quality, so adding them here.

There are so many pics from the event, but so many in poor quality, so I didn´t want to post every single one. Just go search #alexoloughlin tag on IG and twitter and FB and you will see tons more 🙂


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29 responses to “Paley Fest 2019 – #AlexOloughlin #H50 #Star

  1. Nancy A Mohr

    Thank you for these interviews & pictures. I wish the sound was better on my computer. Will there be a written version?


    • I hope Foyeur might be interested in doing some, but not sure how she feels about it. I also noticed the audio quality was really poor in the videos, not sure how they managed that with today´s technology.


  2. Audreyd

    I had a great time at this event. Though the sound at the Dolby wasn’t as good as I would have thought, the whole event was a lot of fun. Alex as usual was awesome, thoughtful on everything he said. I love how he has embraced the Hawaiian culture. Though in retrospect, if I lived there I would too. Awesome show. Thanks for the photos. ❤️

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  3. DoubleL

    So does this mean the show has officially been renewed for season 10?


  4. Great links and photos. I will take your advice and look for more. I just can’t get enough of this awesome man. I love him even more when I hear him speaking for himself and not just saying the writers words. He really is an inspiration to be so talented and successful yet so humble and grateful. He truly is a special man!❤️

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  5. Cassandra Greene

    Thanks Paula this was great to hear and see. I am not involved in social media and this blog is it or all I care to be involved in so I’m always checking and grateful when I hear from you or FOYeur!!😊😊

    Alex appeared to be really enjoying himself. He also looks awesome.😍 What a guy! ❤


  6. D. Havard

    He does such a great job playing an American the I’m totally blown away by his “real” voice.

    Mahalo and Mahalo for all the work you do.

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  7. Nothing more beautiful than him


  8. Magnólia

    Espalhando charme por onde passa!
    Ele tem potencial para grandes feitos assim faça as escolhas certas.
    Grata, Paula 😘🎶

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  9. What a special treat for the fans. Thanks for putting this together.

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  10. Anne Pipi

    He is hot as ever. I just miss the touch of gray in his hair.


  11. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is hot as ever I love him so much he’s the greatest ever


  12. I might be biased, but I think he outshines the others. Funny, smart, humble, a little bit crazy and well, did I mention humble?
    I don’t know when *he* sleeps, so many talents (Did you hear that he might have written a script for the show, with 8 pages of character stuff? Don’t know if it is just a rumour, but I’m sure he knows the characters!)
    “We got hammered”. LOL. Oh Alex, why don’t I believe you?
    BTW, I looooove his shoes!!!! Although you shouldn’t wear them when it is ……. MOIST! ❤
    Thanks for all of this, Paula!

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    • I understand British English well but have difficulties with the Aussie version. In fact, I try to read Alex’s lips all the time (not that I mind, his lips being so… well, you know). So I missed the point of the MOIST issue. Can you explain, pls? And Paula: many many thanks!


      • The interviewer’s mind (like most of us fangirls) was slightly in the gutter and she was most probably thinking naughty thoughts connected with the word meaning of moist – of women getting “excited” or aroused arround Alex.
        He could have used the word sweaty or wet – but then again, any proper naughty fangirl will make that into something as well. 🙂

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      • I am also no native speaker but I thought it was all about the double entendre of the word ‘moist’. FOYeur expalined it well. It can make an innocent line sound a little bit dirty. But it may be that for an Aussie it is a pretty normal word and nothing to think about. I’ve heard him use words in earlier Aussie interviews US Americans would use their *beep*. 😀


  13. joanita santos santos

    Obrigado,pela atenção,gostaria de saber mais curiosidades sobre o Alex,tenho dois grupos e posto informações do Alex e o Havaí todos os Dias,gostaria de saber mais sites para pesquisa. Obrigado.


    • Hi Joanita
      As far as historical facts about Alex, there is not much else out there that you can not find on our site. Here are pages and pages of articles and interviews and everything about Alex and his career since he has been at NIDA up until now.
      For recent news, you can follow the links to pages, and twitter and Instagram and Facebook of the places where we know you will get most of any recent news about Alex. They are all on the right hand side of our blog.
      Much more than that, I cannot give you.

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    • Como a FOYeur diz, este site é o mais completo que pode encontrar sobre o Alex. Também é absolutamente confiável. Eu não estou dizendo que todos os outros sites publicam notícias falsas ou lidam com rumores, apenas que a informação que você encontrará aqui é sempre verificada.


  14. Barbara Ray

    Hey all I know we are HUGE fans of Alex. Did you all see the latest issue of Watch Magazine (put out by CBS)? Well he has a small photo in the front, a HUGE photo advertising the magazine and a one page article regarding Moonlight. Plus “rumor” has it (from one of your sites) that he will have an upcoming article in Watch. If anyone wants me to make any copies (and I am allowed to do so) please let me know.


  15. About his wanting to quit acting. Maybe 9 years of being McG are proving boring to him while directing entails more creativity, more control of the final product. A new challenge in fact. Maybe if he were offered a juicy role with lots of human stuff he would reconsider it all.

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