#H50 9.18 – Steve enjoys champagne

Honolulu hunk charming ladies of all ages. What a treat for our eyes. I´ll be honest, didn´t watch the crime of the week even. I only had eyes for Alex/Steve…


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31 responses to “#H50 9.18 – Steve enjoys champagne

  1. Mcdanno

    AWESOME pictures! Alex hit it out of the park yet again with acting and appearance. Loved how he stuck up for Danny the whole time. Also love that he and Rachel may get back together!

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  2. I totally agree with “McDanno” and thank you Paula for this fabulous selection of pictures.


  3. The most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen in my life

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  4. Audreyd

    👅 Breathtaking photos. Drop dead gorgeous Alex all dressed up, WOW 😳

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  5. mamayorkie

    Lovely pictures. Thank you.
    I was a little confused as to why both Steve and Danny had to be dressed as twins, though the result is very nice. And Dame Joan Collins is still beautiful.

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  6. Mary Lou Baker

    Great pictures. Thanks 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Adored Steve and the McDanno moments. Confused how the writers are making Rachel into a nice person suddenly when she’s done awful things in the past but bad writing on show is not new. Thank goodness for Alex and your gorgeous website!!!


    • D. Havard

      Agreed. RACHEL? The woman who lied to Danny about his son for 3 years?


      • mamayorkie

        My guess ( and I place emphasis on the word guess) is that SC may be leaving and they want to settle the Danny/ Rachel thing by reuniting them as a family by the end of this season. I have no problem with that. It is just a show and the characters are fictional. There are real life issues to worry about, certainly not a TV show with a story line over which we have no control.

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        • Mary Lou Baker

          True. Latest rumours sggest Alex and Scott signed up to end of season 10 so guess they might start pulling threads together. Understand it’s just a show and not loosing sleep over it but having watched for years it would be good if writers could write female characters with integrity from the outset for a change instead of having to rewrite characters later to hide their wrongdoing and make them more palatable to viewers. Promoting healthy relationships on top shows like this is important, particularly for younger viewers. Like I said, thank goodness for the lovely Alex.

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        • Sure there are RL issues to worry about or to be grateful for. But after “living” with these characters we’ve seen evolving over 10 years,they are somehow part of our lives. And it’s much funnier and healthier to discuss them than gossiping about neighbors or coworkers for good!


          • mamayorkie

            I agree. As long as we don’t obsess and forget that the characters are fictional and are careful not to let hate attach to the actors and actresses, it’s fine. Unfortunately there are a few in this fandom (thankfully not many) who believe that when either of the male leads kisses a woman, either Steve is cheating on Danny or Danny is cheating on Steve or both of them are cheating on them personally with Cath or Rachel. Fantasy is wonderful, but some of them go overboard.

            I say— enjoy the pretty pictures, laugh at the silly things the show does, treat each other with respect on these sites and take whatever pleasure there is until the show ends.

            One day this will all be just a vague memory. Why raise your blood pressure over something you can’t control

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            • Right, those who mix up actors and characters do have a serious personnal problem. Of course it’s fiction, but I have had many hilarious moments with friends over a cup of tea analyzing the H50 CHARACTERS, shelving our RL problems all the while. Good for our blood pressures!


  7. kad527

    I also thank you for this wonderful set of pictures. My favorite part of the episode was when Steve was “just being handsome and not saying anything” when he first met Amanda. The expressions he used in response to Danny and Amanda’s conversation were priceless.

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  8. D. Havard

    Great pictures of Alex as always. He Rocks that suit.

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  9. Absolutely love this look on Alex…also loved watching him be lighthearted for a change…the man is too hot and he can act…would love to see him in a different series after H50 is done….something that lets him show his range like a rom com ….lalthough he will always be Super Seal Steve.


  10. Love Joan Collins it’s nice to see Scott


  11. Nancy13

    Bravo & thank you for the lovely pictures of Alex. Alex is the only thing that made this episode worth watching!

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  12. gracenotpark

    These pictures are phenomenal. Thank you for them Paula! And also, thank you Alex! Cos dayum! 🥰

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  13. lindae5o

    Thanks, Paula. I liked this episode. Dreamboat Alex worked his magic
    again !!!

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  14. Cassandra Greene

    I love seeing Steve in anything just as long as I’m seeing him, but I sure as hell love seeing him in a suit! Absolutely gorgeous!! ❤❤❤❤Thanks Paula for these beauties.😍😍😍

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  15. So much pretty from one episode – thank you so much for capturing 😘

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  16. Love the pictures. Thanks a lot. And really love Alex in a suit. Something way too very rare!

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  17. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is one sexy sharp dressed man guh I love him so much


  18. Thank you, Paula! Great work, as always. As I was watching the pics with our gorgeous Alex in his suit, it came to my mind that he’d really be the ultimate and definitive James Bond. He’d even need not to rehearse (though a meeting with a barber would be essential 😄)!

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  19. Magnólia

    Tão charmoso!
    Grata, Paula!

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  20. kathysr

    Alex’s sexy, funny, sly, sneaky, empathetic, romantic and hilarous as Steve. His reactions are priceless. I love Steve’s “silent and handsome” mode. I love how much he loves the champagne. I love the subtle flirting scenes between Amanda and Steve. Steve’s chilling and having a good time. After four glasses of champagne, he’s feeling no pain as he walks down the street, buried in shopping bags. I could watch this episode endlessly to enjoy the subtle nuances in Alex’s delicious performance.

    As Steve watches the drama unfold between Amanda and Danny he tries not to intrude. He tries to help Danny – just chill out and enjoy the day. But when he sees Amanda continually putting Danny down, he defends his partner and friend and hopefully helps Amanda to see Danny in a new light.

    Rachel and Danny may be headed towards a reunion. I’m happy!

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  21. dawn russell

    What a lovely group of photos of Alex thank you very much we appreciate them every time!!!


  22. The episode was an Alexpression Feast! This man doesn’t need dialogue. As someone (I don’t remember who…) way smarter than me once said about acting: *It’s not in the words, it’s in the play!*
    The COTW? Well, it was there. And I still don’t get Tani’s smugness, there’s no reason.
    And Danny? I don’t care. I simply don’t care. He is no person that has my sympathy.
    Thanks again, Paula for all your work and the marvellous pics. I especially love the ones he is just sitting and being handsome. Cheers!

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  23. joanita santos santos

    Adorei tudinho 🤙🤙❤️


  24. kathysr

    I just watched the PaleyFest live streaming of the casts of Hawaii Five-O, McGuyver and Magnum, and it was great. Alex looks gorgeous. He’s funny, sweet, shy, self-deprecating and the great guy we all love.

    I hope people here were able to tune in. I signed up for the streaming ten minutes before the show began. If you missed it, it may pop up on YouTube sometime in the future. At least I hope it does. If I see it, I’ll bring the link here for everyone.

    Alex looks much younger in person than he does on screen. And we get to see those gorgeous eyes and long, curly lashes up close. He has the most beautiful eyes. And that thick, curly hair is back again.

    I hope some of you were able to see the show. If so, what did you think? Maybe some people here actually got to see Alex up close, live and in person! Lucky you if you did. Tell us all about it!!

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