#H50 9.15 – Steve likes banana-chocolate chip pancakes

So many stories in one episode, but we got kevlar McG, so satisfied with that 🙂

Here are my choices for McFaces this week, enjoy!


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15 responses to “#H50 9.15 – Steve likes banana-chocolate chip pancakes

  1. D. Havard

    A decent “locked palace”, who’s the bad guy mystery. Everyone got to contribute, except Junior and Danny.

    I don’t really like the Danny a duo. A woman who lied and kept lying? Stupid!

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. And we get TWO 5-O this week!


  2. Mcdanno

    Yummy! So happy to see these, they always make me smile. He looks good always. Whether with a beard, a kevlar vest, or just a nice blue shirt, he really can make you salivate! Loved his head-but scene, since he hasn’t done one since the season 8 finale. I probably shouldn’t know that that cold, but when it comes to Alex, I miss nothing.

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  3. CassG

    How I love looking at Alex and he is much for the eye to behold! 😍 Thank you for the pleasure Paula. You do it so well.

    I thought he was cute asking for the pancakes. I loved that. I’d love to make them for him or whatever!!❤❤

    Definitely looking forward to seeing double the pleasure this week with back to back eps! I must also add that they need to pump up the eps!! (ho hum) Alex is the only reason I will suffer through them and please give him a love life!!!💘💘💘


  4. Lulu

    Thank you for the eye candy! Enjoyed the many beautiful faces of Alex. I totally agree with CassG that Steve needs a love interest. All the other main characters have personal lives that the show delves into but not Steve. Come on, PL, give Steve a love life!


  5. WHAT! You get 2 epis this week? Lucky girls! After a well deserved holiday, I hope Alex will be soon full into a new project (PL, are you working on something for our man?). I won’t endure a sine die Alex absence from the screen! Fortunately. we have you, Paula The Great!


  6. kathysr

    They did the back-to-back episodes last year. The second episode dropped by 1 million viewers. Next week, the episode Alex directed, 17, is the second installment. I wish it was the first one which could give it better chances of getting good numbers.

    Negotiations may be ongoing behind the scenes for a possible Season Ten. It’s all up to Alex. I believe that Scott is leaving. They’re phasing Danny out. Either Danny and Rachel will reconcile and leave town together, or Rachel will leave town and Danny will follow, to be close to Charlie. Or Danny may just retire from the force and Rachel will stay in Hawaii. Grace is off to college, so she’s out of the picture now.

    In Season Nine, viewership has dropped 1-2 million viewers per episode to an average of 7.5 million. But CBS just renewed Magnum PI and it’s been averaging 5.5 million viewers per episode, 1 million lower than McGuyver. So, I think it’s up to Alex, if he wants to do another year. I’d like to see him do something new and different, with lots of hot romance!!. Especially since Peter can’t seem to give Steve McGarrett a real love interest.

    I love the pancakes scene. Steve’s just checking in to see how Danny and Rachel are doing. Steve loves the Williams clan. He’s going to miss them if they leave town.


    • I definitely don’t want Alex spending his career as McGarrett. But I definitely don’t want him to fade away into oblivion or being limited to be a special guest star in other shows. It would be a terrible waste of talent. So S.10 or not S.10? That’s the Shakespearian question!

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      • kathysr

        I don’t think Alex will ever fade away, unless he chooses to do so. He’s far too talented and he’s starred in a hit TV series. CBS may be working on new projects for him as we speak. Film studios, TV networks and Hollywood producers will be eager to work with him. He’s gorgeous, talented and he worked tirelessly through major physical injuries. I love Hawaii Five-O but I think it’s time to end it and give Alex his chance to do exciting new projects in film and television. I’d love to see him on the big screen. Sigh. Have they cast the next Bond yet?


        • Love your soothing comment! And yes, he’d be a great Bond! He’s now the right age, he still can do physical action scenes, I’m sure he can talk with a perfect British accent, and even if he’s not English himself (it seems it’s important), he’s a Commonwealth man. So why not?


        • lindae5o

          Alex is the only entity that makes HF-0 worth watching. He never disappoints. I think it’s time for him to move on though, for the sake of his career, and become a little bit selfish. He can’t support the cast and crew forever.
          I’m sick of how Peter Lenkov let this show fall apart over the years. I’d like to see Alex change networks even. Dick Wolf, on NBC, is a much better producer than Lenkov. At least his Chicago shows have some credibility.
          Alex has too much loyalty to make that kind of change, I think.
          Even something edgy and sexy on cable would be good.
          My ultimate wish for Alex is a movie career. He could act the hell out of any role out there. I’m not getting any younger, and I want to live to see him get the recognition he deserves much sooner than later.

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  7. D. Havard

    The stories have improved a lot over last year. H 5 O still does better in its time slot than anything on the other networks….the others don’t even come close. If he is enjoying himself, doing creative stuff: acting, directing, etc. I say let him be McGarrett as long as he wants to.


  8. AlexOloughlinlover

    I love Alex so much and it would hurt me to see him leave as mcgarrett when I love H50 so much and I have a whole blog on tumblr about Alex/Steve so yeah I hope there is a season 10 with him on as mcgarrett again Alex is my everything he makes my friday nights so much better.


  9. I really liked this episode. Well, at least the part at HQ! The rest of the epi was a big fat MEH. The fight was awesome!
    Now wouldn’t you think that in case of emergency (emergencies!), when even HPD needs the help of 5-0 every officer has to be on duty? Well, some are getting the dangerous job done the others are taking a nap.
    Paula, what can I say without repeating myself? I’m so in love with your choice of pics. Look at the last ones, these Alexpressions where the best thing in this ridiculous scene. I would have loved to see Steve checking HIS house, you know, the one at the beach, checking on Eddie and taking some me-time with all his bruises and blood.

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  10. joanita santos santos

    Gostaria de receber fotos de Steve da primeira temporada,pois tenho grupos que envio post todos os Dias. Obrigado

    Em dom, 17 de fev de 2019 16:04, Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study escreveu:

    > Paula posted: “So many stories in one episode, but we got kevlar McG, so > satisfied with that 🙂 Here are my choices for McFaces this week, enjoy! ” >


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