#H50 9.13 – Just Steve caps (full HD)

Enjoy 🙂


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12 responses to “#H50 9.13 – Just Steve caps (full HD)

  1. Nancy13

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Alex!!!


  2. Mcdanno

    Mmm. Was waiting for someone to catch these yummy moments, so thank you!


  3. Audreyd

    Mahalo for thes fabulous photos of our boy. 🌺 Aloha


  4. CassG

    Beautiful Paula! Made my day!! Thank you.


  5. D. Havard

    Of all the Ohana, Grace is my favorite. I have loved watching Steve interact with her. Great pics as always!


  6. dawn

    Loved the photos of Steve I know he loves blue – boy does it suit him!


  7. kathysr

    Great photos! Thank you so much. I love Steve and Grace. Sweet and hilarious. “PLEASE? Give my father something to do!” And then there’s Steve’s big wink when he successfully takes Danny away to a crime scene.

    I could barely breathe as Steve ascended back to the surface. Such a LOOOONG time!

    All in all this was a really good episode – fascinating topic, full of suspense, lots of gorgeous Steve.

    Poignantly for me, in the past two episodes, we get to say farewell to Grace, as she grows up and goes away to college. I love her character. I’ve missed her deeply the past few years when she’s not been on the show. I love the Danny/Grace dynamic. It’s one of the main reasons I fell in love with the show. I love the Steve/Grace dynamic–a beloved uncle, or maybe even a second father.

    I love the Ohana of this show. For me it’s poignant, deeply felt, and real.


  8. Thank you !! You made my day!!


  9. Oh my God, you captured so many Alexpressions! This is awesome!
    Especially the Dancing Steve and the Twinkling Steve have been so hard to snap.
    His zillions of facial muscles worked overtime. And you gave us the pink beast! Thank you, Paula. You’re amazing!!! ❤


  10. Mahalo very much, Paula! It’s always a pleasure to get new pics of our boy. And so many Alexpressions © too! (twinkle to leiCa). Is there any human emotion he cannot express?


  11. Magnólia

    Olhar para ele faz-me bem e não tira pedaço! 🎶Obrigada, Paula!


  12. Love him in blue. But need upgrading with his clothes.


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