#H50 9.14 – full HD Steve, no butterfingers and good ears

Decided to make some Steve caps, though didn´t really find this story that captivating. And Steve´s wardrobe could use some updating (just to make capturing him more fun 😉 ). Anyway, lots of nice close-up shots of his beautiful lashes and perfect face.


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12 responses to “#H50 9.14 – full HD Steve, no butterfingers and good ears

  1. Mcdanno

    Yummy! He looks good in pretty much anything! Would love to see some more periwinkle shirts, and white tight pants. That would be fun!!!


    • I do miss those smashing white tight pants he wore in several epis in the first H50 seasons. And blue is definitely his colour. Not that he doesn’t look perfect in this drab grey they favour for him as of late, but…
      BTW why are his lashes longer than mine? That’s unfair!


  2. CassG

    My my my!!!! Beautiful close ups they are!! 😍😍 Thank you Paula for this Sunday morning treat! It’s better than Sunday brunch plans today looking at that gorgeous face!! Yum!!😘😘❤❤


  3. mamayorkie

    Lovely. Thank you!


  4. Lulu

    What a wonderful way to start the day! That man has so many facial expressions. Thank you for such a great job of capturing the many faces of beautiful Alex!

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  5. D. Havard

    All in all this has been a good season for different types of clothing and shirts. Tho they tend to fall back on dark shirts during dark times. It was a little preachy. I think it needed Danno to lighten things up.


  6. lindae5o

    Thank you. These are beautiful photos. I liked the episode a lot anyway, but even more so because we got a lot of Steve. And, as usual, I didn’t miss Danny at all.

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  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is the most beautiful man on planet of earth he takes my breath away just love him so much he’s the best ever


    • Barbara Jacobellis

      I, absolutely love Alex O’Loughlin, I’ve followed his awesome career since it began, and that hasn’t changed — he has gotten older and more handsome — he’s like a fine wine — he just gets better and better !!! 💗💗💗


  8. These caps are a special kind of awesome, Paula! Alex has so many facial expressions, his Alexpressions, in just a few seconds, it takes time to capture the very moment you chose to share. Otherwise you can get totally lost in all his faces… I know… So thank you so much!
    I love the episode. I love Steve. I love McGrover. I love Chi and Alex doing their thing! So relaxing, chialexing. McGrover – that’s friendship. Chi and Alex – that’s acting.


  9. Magnólia

    Que dizer? Faz bem ao olhar!🎶🎻
    Grata, Paula!


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