Sticking around with #AlexOLoughlin

Hi Everyone

Wow, it is kind of difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a long absence as mine. Also difficult to know where to start when one kind of only knows half of what has been going on in the Alex fandom during this time.

On the one hand I would like to explain and share what kept me busy, but that will make it about me, which I do not want to let happen. This is a fun site about Alex and his career and that is what we would like to stick to. It would also take too long and induce sympathy that would be meaningless to me at this stage.

Of the little I have seen, I can only say that there is still the same adoration from my side for who Alex is as an actor and as a human being. He looks gorgeous and seems happy at work and in his personal life. And what more can a fangirl ask for?

Thank you to those of you who have stuck around during this time. I think among the old post there still remain some fun information that you can always revisit to keep busy with. Your interacting with comments make it all worth while. I will most probably have to read some of theold stories again as well, just to remind me of some of the things about Alex.

I really appreciate that Paula, on her own, also kept things going here in our Alex haven and of course mostly on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. All while having to deal with her own difficult circumstances during this time. We have been internet friends now for 7 years and all I can say is that she stuck with me even though I clammed up quite a bit during this time.

Also thank you to the one Alex-Angel who kept in contact and who kept me and Paula up to date about all things Alex. You are a star! I still need to study most of the stuff that you provided to really get back into what actually happened with and around Alex during this time.  But hopefully I will get there. I will see what seems interesting and maybe make some posts about it, even though it can be regarded as old news and not of interest by most of you.

As far as the new season of Hawaii Five-0 goes, I have only watched 3 of the latest episodes thus far (9:07, 9:11 and 9:12). I enjoyed most of what I saw of them, but will have to start from the beginning of the season to really have an opinion about it all.

Interesting to see Joan Collins on set of Hawaii Five-0 during this past week. It looks like there might be some comic situations with her character in the show. She might be advanced in age (85 yrs), but she always seemed to be a force to be reckoned with – or maybe that was what we all just felt about her iconic character of Alexis in the good old Dynasty days.

From Joan Collins on Instagram

Of course there is an old fun article here on the blog that connects with her as well. You can see it here and also a short part in this one here.

Also great to see that Alex once again got the change to direct one of the Hawaii Five-0 episodes (Epi 9:17).

From Kurt Jones on Instagram

What I have seen from some of the pictures during the past months, is that it looks like Alex is still very much involved with Jiu jitsu and the people around it. Even helping as guest instructor at Egan’s Gym this weekend.

From Jamie Blake on Instagram

And also hosting a few other celebrities and friends at his own private garage gym at home a few times.

From Tyron Woodley on Instagram

I hope we will continue to still have some fun here with Alex and that you will have some patience while I slowly get into the mode of studying Alex and sharing it here on the blog again.  Catching up with all things Alex is always fun, but it sometimes takes time to get it all together. We will most probably never get back to how things were a few years back, but that does not matter. Please feel free to share what you would like us to post or would like to know more about.

I think what I have learned the most during this time away, is that life is short and that life goes on. We can never repeat or recreate past fun, but we always share and enjoy new adventures.




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48 responses to “Sticking around with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Great page u and Paula are fantastic

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  2. I have been through chemo and the year-long road I have traveled to get back to my former self. Take whatever time you need and do whatever you can without overdoing. Just as I am happy when Alex has a lighter workload so he can take care of his health and so he can be a good husband and father, I want you to take care of yourself. We are here for Alex but also for each other. Have a great day.

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    • Thank you Linda
      I can only take my hat off for those who go through chemo and can somehow get back to some normality in their lives.
      It is so interesting that with the internet and through a common adoration for a great person like Alex, ones life and the load of it can be made better and lighter. I have seen it many times over the years of being here.

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  3. mamayorkie

    So very glad for you to be back. Paula has been amazing and so good to us. We are all here and ready whenever you are.

    We pull together, even when we disagree.

    Peace and health to all this New Year.

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  4. Nancy13

    Hi Foyeur! Glad you are back, have missed you. Hope you are doing well health-wise. I have some friends who are now doing well after their surgeries & chemo. I was fortunate that my surgeries found benign tumors and that so far I haven’t had to have radiation for my thyroid. Every day we wake up is a blessing and another chance to “get it right”. I love this site & it often cheers me up & makes me laugh. Thank you & thank Paula for all your hard work.

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    • Hi Nancy
      I am glad to say that my own health only played a very small part in my absence.
      Hopefully we would be have some great fun here still. Paula does have a great sense of humour and she always keeps me laughing when I give her the chance.

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  5. I don’t comment often, but I will today. When I found your page some years ago, I was as happy as Steve with a new gun. 🙂 It is fantastic, and it filled a void for me. I always loved the character of Steve, but came to love Alex, too, because of the wonderful things I learned about him on your site. Thank you so much and please carry on!

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  6. Marjorie

    Welcome back FOYeur ,and thank you Paula for all your hard work , hope your health has improved greatly .

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    • Hi Marjorie.
      Thankfully my health has not been a problem for me this past year. But with age creaping up on us all, one can always wish for better health. I guess looking after ones health remains the key.


  7. Lulu

    So happy to see you back! Paula did an excellent job in your absence. I can sense that you are a very strong woman, and I hope you have found some peace. Welcome back!

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  8. Hi FOYeur! I don’t kow you personally so what I’m going to say may sound weird, but I’m terribly glad you’re back. It means that whatever caused your absence is now behind you and that you’re feeling better. Hope that our common love for Alex will make you feel better still.

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  9. Jai-Jai

    Glad to have you back FOYeur! Sometimes, we all need time offline, have had a rough year last year myself. You’re not alone. Suffered excruciating pain daily due to the gallstones I’d had for over 20 years getting inflamed and then a stone got stuck in my bile duct. I couldn’t keep any food down and was in and out of hospital all year. I lost 8 stone in weight because of it and have spent months on anti-sickness meds and Tramadol 4 times a day. Finally they decided to take my gall bladder out in December, but they left it until it started to affect my liver function before they bothered doing anything. Am only now starting to recover, weening off the Tramadol slowly, but still having trouble trying to get my body to accept food on a regular basis again. So I took time offline, but did indulge myself in plenty of McG to help lift my spirits on the worst days. Alex does make me feel better, ridiculously hot & sexy man that he is, especially when he’s being badass Steve!!

    Looking forward to your posts and insights, as always. Welcome back x


  10. Bea Trainer

    Alex looks relaxed, rested and years younger this season. The writing is definitely better than last season, but still too corny in some eps. On one ep his hair was so dark, looked odd and was distracting. Catherine was back and still no chemistry between them. Enough.


  11. AlexOloughlinlover

    I love this blog so much and I love each and every one of my Alex friends that I have made here since last year

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  12. First time trying to post and second attempt to be registered here. I have visited your site for a long time but wanted to finally say how much I appreciate your dilligent study or Alex. Thanks for all the lovely pics and stories about him. I love the atmosphere here and am pleased to see you back FOYeur. You and Paula do good work.

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  13. Sue

    Glad that you are back FOYeur, Paula has been great, but have missed both of you together! Have been thru chemo, radiation, acupuncture, laser treatment, etc. Whatever has happened to you, I can empathize and sympathize. Just know that I am glad that they are back, and I am sure that Paula is also.
    Love all of the pictures and stories of Alex. Would love to meet him one day.
    Take care!


    • Hi Sue and thanjk you.
      I have great admiration for people who go through all those kind of therapies and still come out positive and living life again.
      I am fortunate that that type of thing is not part of my own life.
      And would also love to meet Alex one day, but doubt if that wish will ever come true for myself. But one can always keep on dreaming……


  14. D. Havard

    So glad you’re back. I’m still kinda new here but I’m glad there is a nice place to comment on all things Steve/Alex. Season 9 is so much better than 8. I hope you enjoy it.

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  15. kathysr

    FOYeur, it’s wonderful to see you again! I wish everyone peace, happiness and good health. Paula, thank YOU for all these fabulous posts over the past season. We’ve been having lots of fun and we’re deeply grateful to you for continuing to bring us wonderful posts about Steve/Alex.

    Alex looks happy, healthy, rested, busy, full of fun and enjoying island activities with his Hawaiian ohana. He just finished directing his episode, 9.17. Lucky us, there are lots of photos and videos.

    And what a blast 9.18 looks like with Joan Collins!! I just learned that she’s Rachel’s mom, a world famous author, and it looks like Steve and Danny are reduced to errand boys, carrying her shopping bags on her visit to Hawaii!!! Those scenes look really funny. I can just hear the grumbling now. What brings her to Hawaii? Visiting daughter and grandchildren? In some kind of danger?

    Thank you Paula and FOYeur for letting us continue to enjoy your extraordinary site for Alex. I love to come here and join in the conversations.

    I wish everyone love, laughter, joy, peace and good health in 2019.

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  16. Leticia

    Bienvenida nuevamente, ya te extrañaba, aunque no te conozca y yo viva tan lejos espero de todo corazón que te mejores y vivas muchas alegrías este nuevo año, sigue con tu trabajo a tu ritmo, aquí todos lo valoramos y estamos contigo, disfruta los nuevos episodios, para mí el más emocionante fue el 9.10 y obvio 9.13, espero con ansias ver a mi diva Joan Collins para recordar viejos tiempos, además Alex se ve hermoso vestido formalmente. Cúidate mucho, cariños desde Chile. Aloha.

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  17. First things first:
    Squeeeeee! You’re back! ❤
    Paula held the fort in her awesomely creative ways that's for sure. But you two together are just a dream team.
    And now I am shouting at the top of my lungs: Watch episode 10! Watch it! Now! Immediately! Don't wait! Drop everything else and do it. Watch watch watch! What? Why are you still reading? Go. Stop that. Watch. Terrfic acting is waiting for you. You could make your first post about it. About acting. Real acting. Acting that is not about being over the top emotional but acting that is being able to express emotion. Watch. It.
    Still here?
    I've got nothing else to say.

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    • LOL
      Sorry to have caused you agony. I did watch 9:10 – and left out mentioning it by mistake! Just shows you that I am out of practice of typing or recalling anything.
      That was actually the very first episode of the season that I did watch and even on the day that it was first shown. Then I went back to watch 9:07 and then started watching the others as well.
      PS. I think I will now go and watch it again before I watch any of the others that I need to catch up on. 🙂

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  18. lindae5o

    Welcome back, FOYeur. It’ll be so great to have you and Paula working together again.
    I am so looking forward to episode 9.18. I wonder how Joan Collins’ casting came about. Maybe she knew about Jackie’s enthusiasm for Alex, and had to come check him out for herself. lol (Sorry, I don’t know how to find the laughing emoji.) It’s good to see from kathysr’s post who Joans’ character
    plays. Steve looks so gorgeous and handsome, all dressed up as the shopping ‘bag-man’.
    Also can’t wait to see Alex’s next directing effort in 9.17.I know he’ll do a phenominal job again.

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  19. Good to hear from you and very happy you decided to get back into the Alex fandom/posts. I think you’re right, Alex seems happy and healthy and spending lots of time practicing BJJ. So glad he’s getting some more time of and that he got to direct another episide. Although we get less screen time, it’s all good becayse it’s gruelling schedule to keep up and I can only imagine how exhausted he must be come end of season. Hope to see more posts when you’re up for it and major kudos to both you for getting back into things and Paula for keeping things running all by herself. You girls rock!

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  20. CassG

    Welcome back FOYeur! So good to hear from you again. You may not have been around but your presence was still felt and missed.

    I found this site almost 2 years ago around the time of my birthday and what a treat that was! I had been searching for a fan site for Alex and this was definitely the right choice. I could finally express and share those suppressed feelings, I had to previously keep to myself about this gorgeous man, with other ladies who felt the same! Hallelujah!!

    You and Paula are both incredible…..a dynamic duo!! Paula was like ‘Wonder Woman’ with all that she did during your absence……great stuff! This is the right place to be for Alex and I thank you and Paula for bringing this about and as long as you guys are here I sure as hell will be.

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  21. Just want to say welcome back FOYeur you have been missed . you and Paula do such a great job on this site so glad I found it Forever in love with Alex and Aloha everyone

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  22. Magnólia

    Que bom que voltou, tinha saudades dos seus escritos.
    Desejo-lhe tudo de bom, saúde e paz!
    Muito grata, Foyeur e Paula 💐🌻

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  23. Hi Foyeur
    Very happy to see you back here. Just wanted to add my two cents worth to all the comments from everyone above, that I couldn’t agree more with. It’s so good to have the contact with like minded fans of Alex all over the world. His warmth and humour not to mention talent and gorgeousness brings us plenty good times 😍
    Paula has been fantastic as always keeping us updated and I very much appreciate her keeping us all in touch.
    Wishing you both all the best in your personal lives, you are amongst friends . Xxx

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  24. FOYeur and Paula: I guess that both of you are going through life with an important ego swelling and a smile from ear to ear these days after reading so many beautiful and well deserved posts! Alex is of course our main object of worship, but you come directly behind him 😍!


    • To me it is just great to still see so many people interested to enjoy Alex with as and who enjoy what we do.
      Alex is my hobby and it is good to see that others also enjoy the hobby. 🙂


  25. KarenJ

    Welcome back FOYeur, so lovely to have you back in the fold. I like others found this site when I was at a low point and whether there is one post or no posts, it always lifts my spirit to come here and enjoy all that is Alex and that is down to both you and Paula. Health and happiness to you and your families 💕🙏🏼

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  26. gracenotpark

    Awwwwww! The band is back together!!!❤️

    I am glad to know things are going a little better for you, Sweet Girl. I hope the trend continues. Your partner in crime did an extraordinary job in your absence. She was patient and kind with all questions and concerns, and she posted excellent pics and gifs and commentary with satisfying routine all by her bad-ass self. But I know she, too, is pleased to have her Alex-soulmate back in the house.

    I look forward to enjoying your posts as you re-enter the Alex zone. But mostly I’m just glad you’re happy and well and a little more free to be these days. Hugs and 😘 to you both!

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    • Thanks Grace
      Still struggling to find a good story to do to start my way back. Well, I actually have a few in mind to do, but need some more time.
      And now I have decided to take a short trip for 2 weeks, during which time I would not really have time to get a story done. But I am at least here and can start to focus on the Alex news that are coming in and respond to whatever you guys have to say.

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  27. cwtshjan

    Lovely to have you back. I’ve not been an active fangirl myself for a while, but I follow and watch everyday to keep up with Alex. Can’t give that up. I went through chemo and radiotherapy in 2002. It’s tough but worth it.


  28. vanduyn

    Welcome back FOYeur!! You know I love you girls and everything you’ve done and continue to do for the fandom. We all need to get away sometimes. I hope life is good to you ♥

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  29. Welcome back, I see I am late to the party 😉 I don’t comment much at all anymore but I still come around for the fabulous screen caps, Thanks Paula. It is good to see the name, FOYeur back around here. Glad to see you back!! *hugs*


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