#H50 9.11 – Steve´s bedroom manners, a short study in gifs


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17 responses to “#H50 9.11 – Steve´s bedroom manners, a short study in gifs

  1. CassG

    All I have to say is that I would take his mannerisms any time!!😍😍
    Thanks Paula for instant warmth on this cold day!! I love it!!❤

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  2. Mcdanno

    Nice! Rough, but still gentle 🙂


  3. Karen

    OH I am SO glad you did gifs of that part of the episode
    !! THANK YOU!!!! 😉


  4. Marie

    What do y’all think the chances of getting a season 10 are?

    I’m thinking it won’t be renewed, and they’ll use the next episode with Grace’s car accident as a set up for Scott Caan to leave the show.

    Tbh I’m kind of hoping it gets cancelled 🤭 Then maybe AOL can go on to better projects, because let’s face it—H50 has been lacking for years 🙃 I only watch it for Alex.

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  5. Marie

    Also great post 😉


  6. WOW!!It’s HOT in here!! I still think she is a Bitch but a TOTALLY LUCKY BITCH!!! Thud!!!


  7. AlexOloughlinlover



  8. WOWZIE!!!!! Paula, I love you!
    And I want to be a chopstick.

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  9. Nancy13

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pics of Alex. It’s cold outside but very hot in here thanks to Alex!!!


  10. Paula, thank you for making me save money. I can now turn the heater off. I only have to watch these gifs until Spring. Or until Summer. Or until forever. Who cares? Oh, that beautiful, manly man!

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  11. D. Havard

    The Grace episode was quite good. A very wonderful Ohana episode with everyone coming together and looking out for each other. Rachel and Danny might be getting back together, at least that’s my thought. Not sure why but Steve looked different. Leaner somehow?!

    Thanks for the gifs. Steve grinning was my favorite.


    • kathysr

      I love the Grace episode. It got the highest audience numbers of the season so far. Here’s hoping that Danny and Rachel do get back together. I’ve wanted that since Season One! They still love each other, in spite of all the mistakes both people have made over the years. Danny has tried to move on several times. But, very importantly, he was in bed alone when Rachel knocked on the door at 3:13 AM.

      PL may be headed towards a Catherine/Steve reunion. She did say “Yes” when he asked her what her answer would have been if he had asked her to marry him. If he asks her now, I think the answer is still “Yes.” Joe’s sudden and shocking death has emotionally devastated Steve. He’s re-evaluating his life. He may be slowly moving towards forgiveness and reconciliation with Catherine.

      Or, Catherine and Steve may just remain good friends and former lovers.


  12. Thank you Paula for these yummy gifs of Steve. Thanks to you “Steve´s bedroom manners, a short study in gifs” don’t have to be “short” at all. These gifs just keep repeating and repeating and repeating….. 😛


  13. kathysr

    Wonderful news!! The Cast of Hawaii Five-O will be at the 2019 PaleyFest in Los Angeles on March 23 at 2:00 PM!!! AWESOME!! The event will be held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California

    I’ve watched these events online for other shows I love–NCIS and NCIS-LA. The cast members sit side by side onstage with a moderator who asks them a lot of interesting and fun questions. The actors are candid and funny. You can see the real chemistry among cast members. The event can last for 1-2 hours. This is the first time EVER that the Five-O cast will be interviewed in real depth about the show. It’s about time!!!

    If you’re lucky enough to be in the area, you can try to buy tickets. The event should sell out quickly.



    • AlexOloughlinlover

      will this be live streamed online I love Alex so much he’s the best ever


      • kathysr

        I don’t know if the event will be streamed live online. I’ve found videos on YouTube after the events occurred. Alex should be prominently featured. I’m so glad that they’re finally getting recognition after nine years of hard work and dedication.


  14. Polly

    I wouldn’t as the saying goes kick the man out for eating cookies in my bed! Sssshhhheeewww! S-E-X-Y!!!


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