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Sticking around with #AlexOLoughlin

Hi Everyone

Wow, it is kind of difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a long absence as mine. Also difficult to know where to start when one kind of only knows half of what has been going on in the Alex fandom during this time.

On the one hand I would like to explain and share what kept me busy, but that will make it about me, which I do not want to let happen. This is a fun site about Alex and his career and that is what we would like to stick to. It would also take too long and induce sympathy that would be meaningless to me at this stage.

Of the little I have seen, I can only say that there is still the same adoration from my side for who Alex is as an actor and as a human being. He looks gorgeous and seems happy at work and in his personal life. And what more can a fangirl ask for?

Thank you to those of you who have stuck around during this time. I think among the old post there still remain some fun information that you can always revisit to keep busy with. Your interacting with comments make it all worth while. I will most probably have to read some of theold stories again as well, just to remind me of some of the things about Alex.

I really appreciate that Paula, on her own, also kept things going here in our Alex haven and of course mostly on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. All while having to deal with her own difficult circumstances during this time. We have been internet friends now for 7 years and all I can say is that she stuck with me even though I clammed up quite a bit during this time.

Also thank you to the one Alex-Angel who kept in contact and who kept me and Paula up to date about all things Alex. You are a star!

I still need to study most of the stuff that you provided to really get back into what actually happened with and around Alex during this time.  But hopefully I will get there. I will see what seems interesting and maybe make some posts about it, even though it can be regarded as old news and not of interest by most of you.

As far as the new season of Hawaii Five-0 goes, I have only watched 3 of the latest episodes thus far (9:07, 9:11 and 9:12). I enjoyed most of what I saw of them, but will have to start from the beginning of the season to really have an opinion about it all.

Interesting to see Joan Collins on set of Hawaii Five-0 during this past week. It looks like there might be some comic situations with her character in the show. She might be advanced in age (85 yrs), but she always seemed to be a force to be reckoned with – or maybe that was what we all just felt about her iconic character of Alexis in the good old Dynasty days.

From Joan Collins on Instagram

Of course there is an old fun article here on the blog that connects with her as well. You can see it here and also a short part in this one here.

Also great to see that Alex once again got the change to direct one of the Hawaii Five-0 episodes (Epi 9:17).

From Kurt Jones on Instagram

What I have seen from some of the pictures during the past months, is that it looks like Alex is still very much involved with Jiu jitsu and the people around it. Even helping as guest instructor at Egan’s Gym this weekend.

From Jamie Blake on Instagram

And also hosting a few other celebrities and friends at his own private garage gym at home a few times.

From Tyron Woodley on Instagram

I hope we will continue to still have some fun here with Alex and that you will have some patience while I slowly get into the mode of studying Alex and sharing it here on the blog again.  Catching up with all things Alex is always fun, but it sometimes takes time to get it all together. We will most probably never get back to how things were a few years back, but that does not matter. Please feel free to share what you would like us to post or would like to know more about.

I think what I have learned the most during this time away, is that life is short and that life goes on. We can never repeat or recreate past fun, but we always share and enjoy new adventures.




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#H50 9.11 – Steve´s bedroom manners, a short study in gifs


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#H50 9.11 – Steve dropping panties

Shame they had to waste time making the secondary story for this episode. I just skipped those scenes. It is all about Steve here 🙂 And he delivered plenty…

P.s. Apparently there will be Alex lite episodes next, so I most likely won´t be doing posts of those. There´s 9.17 with Alex directing again, that might inspire me. We´ll see…


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