Happy New Year

We wish everyone a very happy 2019. And we wish our little planet gets the help it needs, to get healthier.  Cheers to another new year, bring us plenty good news 🙂


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13 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Nancy13

    Happy New Year Paula & Foyeur!
    Thanks for this wonderful site!
    May we all have health & happiness in 2019.
    Goodbye 2018!

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  2. Lulu

    Happy New Year everyone! May our passion for Alex continue in the new year. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe 2019. Keep up the good work Paula and Foyeur. This is the best Alex site.

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  3. Happy New Year and especially a big big thank you to Paula and FOYeur for all your work to make this THE Alex-Place-To-Be!

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  4. A Happy New Year full of ALL the good things life can offer to you all guys, especially to Paula and FOYeur who have given us so many delightful moments so generously throughout 2018. May they give us an overdose of Alex news in 2019 (if such thing exists)! Besos y abrazos ❤

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  5. mamayorkie

    Paula and FOYeur

    A very happy and healthy New Year to you and to all of our friends who post here. It is a tremendous amount of work that you do, and I sometimes forget to say “thank you”.

    Here’s to a wonderful 2019. See you next year!

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  6. lindae5o

    Thank you Foyeur and Paula. Happy New Year to all, united in our regard for the wonderful and talented Alex O’Loughlin.

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  7. Happy and Healthy New Year to all the Alex lovers who post here and thank you to to both of you for all your hard work and making that possible!

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  8. Sue

    Happy and Healthy New Year to Paula and FOYeur! Lets hope that the new year brings us more great Alex news, from our two best Alex info people!
    Happy New Year!

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  9. Paula and FOYeur,
    Wishing you ALL the very Best of the New Year, Thanks for all you do to delight us Alex fans. Love and Hugs

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  10. Mcdanno

    Happy New Year to you all too! This is going to be the best year yet. It’s so fun to go to AOLO-IS and always see knew stuff. Alex is so drool-worthy it’s nuts. Love the shirtless New Year pic of him. Yummy.😀🤤

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  11. CassG

    Happy New Year to everyone!!
    Thank you Paula and FOYeur for all that you have done and continue to do to make this site indescribably delicious with AOL. Truly an immense pleasure!!


  12. veronique rivaud

    I wish you a happy new year 2019.


  13. Happy New Year too all of us obsessed Alex lovers. Thank you Paula and FOYer for this wonderful site to continue obsessing over Alex through 2019 together. (((HUGS))) *MUAH*


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