#AlexOLoughlin & Some Bellator Hawaii Treats

Fresh from pineapple paradise 🙂 Alex went to watch the MMA fight with his friends and some other great pics have popped up.

  • From Brett
    Credit: brett_bjj IG “Thank you @riganmachado for inviting us to lunch with @_alexoloughlin__ enjoyed the BJJ history chat. Alex, thanks for picking up the tab, you’re a good dude in my book!”
  • From Rigan Machado

My brother #alexoloughlin

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is from-rigan-machado.jpg

Comment from Brett: “Thank you for inviting us to lunch! Alex is a good dude! Far too kind!”

Credit Marlene Simon FB “Hangin with Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0)at the MMA fight this weekend”

  • From @kaui.kauhi IG story

Credit @kaui.kauhi IG story “Keeping #AlexOLoughlin @realroyce & @khonrygracie and many others hydrated at #Bellatorhawaii with @alohaalkaline water.” #H50 #HawaiiFive0 #Hawaii50 #HawaiiFiveO

For better quality video of goofy Alex, you can watch it in HD here

  • From Justin on IG Story

Credit staygoldcarter IG stories

  • From Egan Inoue on FB and IG
Egan Inoue Renzo is one of my #bjj and #mma favorites of all time! I’ve learned so much from him and still learning from him. Renzo Gracie Academy NYC  proud to be considered family! #bellatorhawaii

Credit eganinoue IG
Renzo is one of my #bjj and #mma favorites of all time! I’ve learned so much from him and still learning from him. @renzograciebjj proud to be considered family! Also with my bro Alex #bellatorhawaii #h50 #alexoloughlin

Egan Inoue @Bellator hawaii with #hershelwalker #alexoloughlin

Credit eganinoue IG @Bellator hawaii with #hershelwalker #alexoloughlin

  • From Chris Wong on IG
crispyk9 Legends in theatre and MMA!.
@bellatormma #Bellator #Bellator213 #BellatorHawaii #MMA #BJJ #Hawaii #alexoloughlin #Hawaii50 #Five0 #SteveMcGarrett

Credit ensoninoue IG Hawaii 5-0 is in the house!

  • From Khonry Gracie on IG
khonrygracie What a weekend of fights. Congrats to both of my cousins on their victories. The Gracie’s are here to stay!

Credit khonrygracie IG What a weekend of fights. Congrats to both of my cousins on their victories. The Gracie’s are here to stay!

  • From Chris Wong on IG
crispyk9 #OMG moment. #AlexOloughlin, @eganinoue, @ensoninoue, @realroyce, and @renzograciebjj!
@bellatormma #Bellator #Bellator213 #BellatorHawaii #MMA #BJJ #Hawaii #AlexOloughlin #Hawaii50 #Five0 #Hawaii

Credit crispyk9 IG #OMG moment. #AlexOloughlin, @eganinoue, @ensoninoue, @realroyce, and @renzograciebjj!



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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & Some Bellator Hawaii Treats

  1. kathysr

    Great photos! Alex looks happy and relaxed. Wonder if the show is on winter break yet?


  2. Nice to see pics of a more private nature, especially these ones as he was willing to share them. I mean this is really Alex/Alex, not Alex/Steve. He obviously enjoyed the event and meeting his friends. That’s good!


  3. What a great find!! Thank you so much Paula XOOX


  4. CassG

    Thanks Paula. Nice to see Alex hanging out with the guys in a fun and relaxed mode. He works hard when he’s working so quality time with friends, just chillin during his off-time, is great.

    On the other hand I hope he’s relaxing well and getting his proper rest because I’m anxiously awaiting his return. 😍 He definitely deserves a break but it seems like an eternity!!!🙄 😒 Great to see the rest mode but will be glad to see him back, for sure!! 😍😍

    Thanks again Paula because you help so much in filling that void.😚😚😚


  5. Lulu

    I love seeing pics of Alex off the screen. Thank you Paula! I don’t want to feed into rumors, but I just saw one that said Alex and Malia have split up. So, I went back and looked at these pictures, and I don’t see the tatoo on his ring finger anymore. Does anyone know what’s going on with their relationship? I thought they were a wonderful couple.


    • Jan Cool

      If you enlarge the 6th picture, you can see the tattoos!

      Liked by 1 person

    • “I don’t want to feed into rumors, but…”
      It’s easy. Just don’t do it.
      The two little dots are easy to ‘spot’. In the pics above, in every episode Steve’s hands are at the steering wheel. At SOTB, when this wonderful couple was all touchy-feely.


      • Dq

        The 2 dots mean nothing. If they are still together, good. If they are not together, the dots were tattoos. Not made from black marker that he could just wash them off with soap and water.


    • Until either Alex or Malia confirm they have separated, and I hope this will never happen, don’t give any credit to these rumours. I’ll never understand why people start that kind of rumours. If they don’t know what to do with their time, they can go to a desert and sweep it.


  6. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is so damn cute I love him lots


  7. Thank you for all these great pics at one place, Paula. You’re the best. So many awesome stuff coming up the last days. Steve wise and Alex wise…


  8. Magnólia

    Muito divertido, tendo bons momentos! Obrigada, Paula 🌲😘


  9. Lulu

    Thanks for setting me straight. I knew I could count on you girls to squash that ugly rumor. Thanks again Paula for finding such wonderful pictures!


    • kathysr

      Lulu, sometimes these “rumors” are started by fans who harbor fantasies that a newly free Alex will fall in love with them. Other times they’re started by that huge army of online negative trolls who just want to stir up trouble in fandom. Alex and Malia appear madly in love. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.


  10. Lulu

    Thanks, kathysr, for your comments. I also wish Alex and Malia a lifetime of love and happiness. I’m not going to these bad rumor places again. This is the first place I come and it’s always so positive. Paula, you do just a great job. Thank you, thank you!


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