#H50 9.10 sneak peeks

Wanted to share these clips with you. I am loving the scene in the car with Joe, cause Steve is looking mighty hot and these two work together so great.



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16 responses to “#H50 9.10 sneak peeks

  1. Jai-Jai

    I can’t get any sound on the first vid but the second one does have sound


  2. ‘m very excited for this eppy, but also anxious too! Plenty of tissues and alcohol at the ready!! THX so much!! Love the McG-centric ones, of course!!


  3. CassG

    I heard both of them quite well.

    You are right Paula. He is looking hot and yummy. 😍🔥 I hope this ep comes through ok as it appears that it could be a good one.

    Thank you Paula. You are a gem as I definitely enjoyed these sneak peeks. 😍😊


  4. kathysr

    This looks like a really good episode.


  5. mamayorkie

    I have a feeling that both Steve and Joe think that they are going on a death mission and may not return.

    Involving the rest of the team only puts all of them in danger, especially Steve and Joe and except for Junior, none of them have the necessary S.E.A.L. skills and discipline to be useful. I am putting the emphasis here on discipline because while the others may have some police skills, following orders has not always been a priority for all of them in the H50 task force. And that is the real reason they were correctly omitted from this mission.

    Tonight will be a wild and wonderful ride.


  6. It seems that this will be a good epi. Joe’s presence is some sort of guarantee that there won’t be any stupid stuff, as he usually makes an appearance when there’s serious work to undertake. Guys, I understand you’ll be watching this tonight. Please comment! Pleaaaaase!


    • D. Havard

      First of all Alex was magnificant! The man can act!
      No silly stuff, this was Deep! And full of stuff about Steve’s past with Greer. I think Greer is the biggest baddie since Wo Fat maybe even bigger. Won’t go into details so no spoilers and I can’t say more without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it except to say…….


  7. Lulu

    I cannot open the videos as I just get ads. But, I did see the episode last night. I won’t give anything away, but I want to say that Alex showed every emotion a human can feel in this episode and it made me cry.


  8. lindae5o

    Awesome episode. Alex was wonderful, as usual. Terry O’Quinn, also.


  9. kathysr

    I cried when Joe died in Steve’s arms. “Oh, please, not Joe!” I felt a twinge of dread when Joe talked about that beautiful tree. He took Steve right to the spot and then peacefully died. He wanted to be buried there. This was a very powerful, emotional episode. I never wanted Steve to lose Joe. He was Steve’s surrogate father. Steve’s heartbroken to lose someone he’s loved profoundly throughout his life. Joe’s been a huge part of Steve’s entire story arc on Hawaii Five-O. Huge loss for Steve.

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