#H50 9.07 Steve caps

A bit more of Steve to enjoy 🙂



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22 responses to “#H50 9.07 Steve caps

  1. mamayorkie

    It’s all about the hat. That alone made it worth watching. And I loved the suspenders too ( I think some of you might refer to them as braces ?)

    On record as hating the tooth pick.

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  2. D. Havard

    Satorically splendid in every way.

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  3. AlexOloughlinlover

    Oh my sexy hot pics of Alex me loves it alot


  4. Magnólia

    Belo, adoro todas com o chapéu🎻🎶


  5. Regina Filange

    I really liked the episode a lot. Alex looked absolutely mouth wateringly yummy. So hats off to wardrobe and makeup for that. Not that it takes much work, I mean they could dress him up in a burlap suit and he’d look sexy as hell. I like how they incorporated the current cast into the old time roles.

    Did anyone catch the reference to Wo Fat? Right before the big car chase the bad guys were leaving that restaurant and the sign said something to the extent of Wo Fat’s dumpling house or something like that. Nice homage to a previous castmate.

    I’m a bit confused though by the storyline. Wasn’t it said in previous episodes by Steve himself that his grandfather Steve that he died on December 7, 1941 on the USS Arizona? Then why was he alive in that part of the episode when the Japanese start bombing Pearl Harbor. Did I miss something with that. I could be wrong but I thought he’s mentioned that a few times in a few different episodes. Of course if I am correct the writers who we all know don’t really pay much attention to those things dropped the ball. So it wouldn’t be the first time.

    I’m a little sad about the restaurant storyline with Steve and Danny ending, but if we get to see more of Alex being bad ass and looking sexy doing it then I’m ok. It would be in good hands with Kamekona anyway.

    Anyway it was still a good episode. Ranks up there as some of my favorites. But not as good as 100. The milestone episodes always rank high with me for some reason.

    Thanks again for the delectable morsels that are Alex. That should keep me warm in this winter.

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    • D. Havard

      Remember back at the restaurant Milton had told Steve that he and Steve’s grandfather wanted to become cops when they were young. Steve’s dream was a sort of “what if” as in what if his grandfather had become a cop rather than joining the Navy.

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      • kathysr

        I was confused by that scene, too. It’s surreal to see mythical Honolulu detective Steve McGarrett watch the Japanese planes fly over him, headed to Pearl Harbor to sink the USS Arizona and kill the real Steve McGarrett.

        Thank you for these fabulous photos. LOVE Alex in the fedora, gorgeous tailored suits, suspenders, vests, sigh. He fits beautifully into the 1940’s.

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  6. loved everything about this episode. Most of all loved that I got to watch it a day early at the mcgarrett house!!
    Steve looked so good in the 40s outfit.
    thanks for posting girls


    • AlexOloughlinlover

      really you got to watch it at the mcgarrett house that’s so cool Alex looked so hot in the 1940’s flashback and he was so badass too love him lots


  7. Ah, more awesomeness to enjoy. Thank you Paula.
    Past and present Steve was amazing, and thanks to Alex we got tons of Alexpressions again. His various faces in the last scenes? So many and so much fun.
    I am a little bit surprised that people had problems with the timeline. I mean this wasn’t reality, this was a dream. And in none of Steve’s dreams, be it hallucinated because of drugs and torture or just dreamt because his mind runs at full speed, his loved once die. They always survive. They only die in his nightmares.


  8. I’ve not watched the epi so I don’t know what triggered Steve to dream of his grandfather. Did he eat or drink something that could have disagreed with him before going to bed and starting dreaming? This could explain the apparent confusion regarding dates.


    • D. Havard

      The show opens with the opening of the restaurant. Duke introduces Steve to Milton, a retired cop who was Steve senior’s best friend when they were boys. They both dreamed of being detectives. Then he gives Steve an old briefcase containing a very old case that remained unsolved. Steve examines the papers when he gets home and falls asleep.

      I loved this episode. As I don’t like the ones where Steve get the c**p beaten out of him, I nevery liked 5.7 very much.


      • Thanks for explaining!
        I liked epi 100 until I saw PL in the DVD explaining about the shooting of the epi and saying “When you see Steve taking a beating, it’s Alex taking a beating”. No wonder Alex said that the shooting had been “physically very demanding”! Poor dear!


      • DoubleL

        I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is not crazy about #100. I don’t enjoy watching torture porn so I didn’t like it all that much, plus I think they made a mistake in killing off Wo Fat so early in the show’s run. I liked #200 much better because it was just a fun little fantasy with a fab wardrobe and cool cars!


        • I agree. Wo Fat took us beyond the crime-of-the-day stories. With him out, Doris and Joe Wright sort of disappeared too. Steve has somehow lost any pèrsonnal life, No family, no Catherine, no Navy…There’s little an excellent actor like Alex can do with such a flat character!


  9. That said, if the writers could find no other way to delight us with a gorgeous Alex complete with fedora and suit they’re welcome. I personally wouldn’t say no to Steve dreaming he’s a French musketeer with high boots and tight breeches. Waaah! What a sight!

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  10. Joy Johnston

    Thank you for putting together all these amazing pics. I completely got that the flashback was a dream so it wasn’t really grandfather McGarrett’s true life. However, I was kind of annoyed at the first scenes of the show already being in the dream. I know they wanted the different opening for people who did not know anything about the episode, but it was a bit weird since it was an alternate reality rather than a true flashback.


  11. Leah

    Really enjoyed McGarrett’s dream episode set in the past! Thanks for the Caps, Paula! SO yummy!


  12. D. Havard

    Thanksgiving episode was BAD…..and this from someone who usually has something good to say about each one. Ok, about 2 minutes after the music we have Steve in shorts and tanktop chucking the football around. And the end was good. Steve signed over the restaurant and everyone had supper there.

    Everything else was like a really bad Dr. Phil!


  13. OMG! *THUD* Alex and that fedora were made for each other. DAMN he looks Fiiiiiine. Thank you Paula for the plethora of screen caps. ❤ ❤ ❤


  14. D. Havard

    9.9 was a decent episode. The Adam “whodoneit” ended with a Thud. If you blinked you missed who killed the sister and who did kill Jesse?

    The main storyline was about vigilantes. Not too much Alex but a nice amount of cargument. And the end was great, especially the smile that warmed me up nicely!


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