#H50 9.07 – PI Steve

I was a bit distracted while watching this episode, not nearly as good as 5.07, for me. But glad there were moments to capture. Still, could have used more humor. I did laugh at the very last words Steve spoke in the end 😀 Better late than never 😉


Cheers to knowing when to quit 😀


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21 responses to “#H50 9.07 – PI Steve

  1. AudreyD

    I was so engrossed with the storyline, that I totally forgot what was said at the end. Did they decide to keep the restaurant or not?


  2. AudreyD

    I forgot to press notify me.


  3. I LOVED it!! It’s def on my favorites list! I loved the attention to detail too. Bravo to the whole cast & crew. But mainly to THX to Alex for giving us another ‘character’ to obsess over!


    • I forgot to say THX for these terrific gifs!! ❤︎


    • kathysr

      I love the episode. I hope it’s nominated for Emmys for costume design, set design, original soundtrack, original story idea, teleplay, etc. Hope springs eternal. Everyone did their historical homework on this episode. I felt like I traveled back in time to 1940’s Honolulu.

      Love love love Alex as 40’s Honolulu police detective Steve McGarrett and his faithfully annoying sidekick with a nasal problem. 1940’s Steve chews on toothpicks constantly throughout the episode. He’s either smoking or chewing on toothpicks. In all the BTS photos of Alex in various locations, he often had the toothpick in his mouth. Alex appeared to be staying in character between scenes. In the photos he’s somber, serious, subdued, toothpick in mouth. I sensed the difference in his demeanor. He wasn’t his usual jovial, funny, chatty self between takes. He was very immersed in the character of 1940’s homicide detective Steve McGarrett.

      Hallelujah! The restaurant storyline is over!! Glad you finally figured out what you really want to do Steve.


  4. CassG

    I agree with you Paula. I was not that impressed with the way the storyline went. It had potential and could have been great but things went awry. The best thing of course was capturing Alex in all his gorgeousness, and that he was. Thanks much for these great pics.

    Another significant note is that the restaurant will be a thing of the past! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!


  5. Nancy13

    Goodbye restaurant, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello beautiful Alex once again!!!


  6. Yeah good bye restaurant. Love Fedora hats!


  7. I will GLADLY drink to the last 2 quotes. Thank you Nancy 13 and JPPT1974. Biggest thanks of all to Paula for her review and fabulous pictures. CHEERS !!!!


  8. DoubleL

    I loved it! Great cars, great clothes, great music. No cell phones, no magic table, no DNA, and no GPS trackers. And best of all, no more stupid restaurant!!!


  9. AlexOloughlinlover

    I love this gif set photos of Alex he is so hot as always and I loved this episode so much


  10. OMG, Paula! You killed it (me) with these gifs. Awesome, especially the one with the suspenders… ❤
    The episode was great, but Ina Paha (5.07) was of course better. I love the way Alex brought his grandpa to life. His gestures, facial expressions, reactions were so different from nowaday's Steve. Great work!
    And now we know that Steve solves cases in his sleep. He is one smart man. Smart enough to finally realize that this restaurant thing is absolutely not his dream. It was Danny's dream, never Steve's. It was Danny who didn't want to be a detective.
    Danny's a worrior, Steve's a warrior. So the ending was a bit rushed. It would be way more realistic (and better if you asked me) if it would just be Steve being out of restaurant business and Danny still in. That would serve as a great excuse for Danny/Scott not being there and MIA for so many episodes and scenes. So Danny's decision was weird and far-fetched.
    But I am happy Steve is out. Yay!
    The things I noticed: Wo Fat is still in Steve's mind, in his dreams all his ancestors stay alive, and he is still the one who gets the job done no matter what.


  11. Great gifs, Paula,THX! Alex looks gorgeous, as always. He rather looks like an Untouchable, though his cravat is much too short. Him chewing a toothpick gets on my nerves, but I’ll focuse on his hat when I watch the epi. It suits him so well! And no more restaurant, YEAH!!!


  12. lindae5o

    I got a real kick out of Alex’s depiction in this episode, even though he sometimes sounded like a New Yawker, or a Bostonian. Alex would make a great Elliot Ness, if they were to do a reboot of the Untouchables, which would be not-at-all surprising these days. All his other tough-guy ‘film-noir’
    touches were great. Alex can do anything !!
    Even though Steve made his grandfathers’ wish to be a cop come true, via his dream, it would have been better to have his cop character remain nameless. We know that McGarrett Sr. is about to die on the USS Arizona !!
    Too bad they gave poor Milton, Danny’s personality. Or not. Maybe he would have been too bland, and nice, otherwise. They did have some cute wise-crackery lines for him, though.
    I enjoyed this episode a lot, particularly Tani’s nightclub singer role. I doubt the city would have a black chief of police in those days. The writers utilized the cast members well, overall.
    As milestone episodes go, number 100 is still the best, in my opinion.


  13. Lulu

    Thanks for all the great pics! I thought the storyline was weak, but I enjoyed the 40’s setting, outfits, cars. That was all well done. I am glad to hear the restaurant thing is over. There’s no time for that. Let’s get some romance going in Steve’s life.


  14. CassG

    I agree with you Lulu! Bring on the romance for Steve because its long overdue!!!


  15. Magnólia

    Amo! Fica muito bem de chapéu🎻🎶
    Muito grata, Paula 🌹


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