Haircut by the nicest co-worker

Posted by tenaparkerhair on instagram

“I am often asked which is my most favorite actor, I have worked with…by far, for his integrity, his leadership, his heart he wears in his sleeve, his love & respect for his wife & children & personally for his mad styling skills… no other than Mr. Alex O’Loughlin” #hawaiifiveO #mcgarrett #alexoloughlin #mcG #hairstylist #hawaii #hawaiifiveOCBS #gostylin #hi50

I could use a haircut too 




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24 responses to “Haircut by the nicest co-worker

  1. gracenotpark

    Omg he buzzed her head! He does have secret skillz! 😆


  2. A mohawk! He has a thing for mohaks! And she wears it well.
    This is hilarious, and her words make me smile like an idiot. He is a top class act. Thank you, Paula!


  3. lindae5o

    Thanks, Paula. I’m so glad you posted. Alex’s talents are boundless !!


  4. Magnólia

    Adoro o cabelereiro e as palavras da senhora ❣🎶🎻


  5. Nancy13

    Hi Paula,
    Glad to see your post. Hope all is well with you.
    If Alex ever tires of his day job, he can become a barber/hairstylist!!!


  6. Tis there anything this man can’t do?…

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    • CassG

      Kelbelle you took the words right out of my mouth! He never ceases to amaze.

      To top it off I have a buzz and have had one for some years now which is why I’ve also loved his. He could give me a buzz anytime and any place!😍

      Good to hear from you Paula. Thanks much as always.😊


    • You took the words right out of my mouth Kelbelle. Alex is amazing how well he tackles anything he sets his mind to do. I love him more and more each day.


      • AlexOloughlinlover

        yep Alex is so amazing i love him more and more each day myself. I have a Tumblr blog that is all about Alex/Steve too


  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    If I couldn’t love Alex more than I already did than this comes along he’s just so amazing love him lots

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  8. kathysr

    Is he REALLY cutting her hair!? YIKES! Goofball Alex strikes again, keeping everyone happy, mellow and loose. When you see people every day for eight years, you really do become ohana.


  9. Lulu

    So glad you’re back,Paula! I can’t see the video; it keeps showing me ads instead. Any suggestions?


  10. Alex, I don’t really want my hair cut, but if YOU do it, I’ll endure it. And while you’re at it, what about a pedicure with an endless feet massage? You can talk all the while with your silky voice. Just to check if you’re really that wonderful man your coworker describes.


  11. D. Havard

    Speaking of hair, Steve now has a bit more. His skullcap now has a peak to it. Looking good Steve! Last night’s episode wa mostly about Ohana. Steve was trying to talk Duke into fighting for his job. Not giving away spoilers except it was nice seeing Duke again.


  12. Susan Elmer

    Did Alex cut Scott’s hair? The episode last night, shows Scott’s hair, a lot shorter, on the sides. Very similar to the lady, in the video. Like Alex’s hair a bit longer, now.


  13. kathysr

    I agree, I’m so happy that Alex is letting his hair grow a little longer now. Hope he keeps letting it get longer. The buzz cut on the sides of Scott’s hair looks weird to me. It looks REALLY odd in the flashback episode #200! I don’t think men wore their hair like that in 1940.


  14. D. Havard

    Happy Halloween everyone! The Halloween episode was much better than last year, even a few genuine scares! Makes me miss Max.


    • Just out of curiosity, in what warm country do you live?It seems all our friends here are hibernating and waiting for the first sunrays to comment this epi. I mean, it must be terrible to feel like a polar bear, but even they are alive when it’s freezing outside, I wonder…


      • D. Havard

        Warm?? What is this Warm of which you speak? Seriously, I’m from Michigan and I started watching 5 O a few years ago simply because it was in Hawaii! Fell for the feller later. 😆

        I am loving this season so far. It started out with a bang and has just kept going. Last Friday was a particularly sweet one with Steve and his Ohana both past and present.

        Where are you from? Has 5 O started for you?


        • I live in Barcelona, Spain, a warm place. We’re used to heat and start freezing at 54º F, but news about our Alex always rouse me from my lethargic winter state of mind. S9 is not aired here yet, so I’m eager to know it all from you lucky American ladies! Don’t let me down 😜 !


      • Well I tried to raise some interest for an awesome post (one of so so many!!!) FOYeur made some time ago. Look right at the comment section, there you find my comment. There are so many great intense studies about our man here, worth to explore this site a little bit more. First and foremost it’s an Alex site and he’s done so much more than 50.
        But there’s a lot about Steve too, have you seen FOYeur’s studies on “Steve’s story”? Amazing!

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        • AlexOloughlinlover

          yep I have seen the Steve’s story love it so much Alex is my one and only he’s special to me he’s amazing love him lots


        • And how do you think I’m surviving this paucity of news 😄? Exploring this site is my oasis in the desert. But I wish I could read something new about Alex and his work, snif. The bits I find are just that, bits, and I’m not even sure they come from a reliable source.


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