#H50 SOTB 2018 – #AlexOLoughlin in White

Always nice to see Alex happy and enjoying these season premier with his fans. Here are just some random picks from the social media.

Lots of goodies posted by NinjAloha on twitter, so check out his timeline for even more. Here are some of the videos he shared with the fans.

  • Alex and the everybody enjoying Cyndi Lauper  on stage with “Girls just wanna have fun”

  • Alex & Malia on the red carpet

  • Alex interacting with some fans

  • For Alex´s Star-Advertiser interview jump to about 3:30 mark

Transcript of the video here

  • Fans making Alex a bit crazy too, but always a treat to see that Pink Beast in action 😛

Credit Keiko Mori

  • Some more – you can find the picture credits on the pictures
  • Following gallery credit to Chiranuj IG
  • He sure is the master of group selfies ♥

Credit Star-Advertiser



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40 responses to “#H50 SOTB 2018 – #AlexOLoughlin in White

  1. THX for all the videos and photos! Alex looked amazing, as usual. He always seems to have a great time!
    But I have a question and maybe someone can answer it, why do so many of the interviewers mess up the pronunciation of his name? He’s been there for 8 years and it’s been mispronounced for 8 years!

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  2. Sue

    I thought the same thing. It’s pronounced O’LOCKLIN. They say his name, as its spelled, not the correct way. Anyhow, he sure looks good;, and looking forward to the premiere, on the 28th.

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  3. Cindy Nicholls

    Thanks for sharing all the pics. I was supposed to be there, but, due to health reasons, I had to cancel. A once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t go. I never miss an episode of Hawaii 5-0.


  4. Lulu

    Thank you for all these wonderful pictures of SOTB. Alex looks so handsome, and he is so friendly to the fans. Looking forward to the new season.


  5. gracenotpark

    Thanks for pulling these all together. I love he’s growing his hair out a bit!


    • mamayorkie

      I love the look of the longer hair, but believe, since it is his head, it is also his choice, and as fans we have no vote.

      Having said that, it reminds me of a parent sending his/her kid for a back to school haircut and the little sweetie comes home with a Mohawk. He must have been something of a handful as a teenager!

      And I agree that he and Malia owned the red carpet. Gorgeous.


  6. kathysr

    Paula, thank you so much for finding all these and posting here! Alex looks stunning, as usual. He truly is the star of SOTB every year. Everyone’s yelling, “ALEX! ALEX! ALEX!” He’s so funny as he tries to look at everyone who’s yelling out his name. I just love to watch Alex’ responses to and his sweet, funny interactions with all the fans who love him.

    He’s the absolute KING of group selfies. He takes great group selfies, and what a blast it would be to be in one of those photos. It maximizes people’s chances of “getting a photo with Alex.”

    He’s darling, he’s funny, he’s energized, he’s goofy, he’s eager to greet the fans—his reactions are priceless. He’s adorable in interviews, lol, “My wife would absolutely kick me in the ass if I tried to speak Pidgin!”

    And notice how gracious, welcoming and embracing he is towards Jay Hernandez, the star of MAGNUM, PI., who, by the way, looks a bit stunned by the whole event! Wait ’til next year, Jay, you’ll get into the fun of night.

    For the millions of us who can’t be there in person, it’s almost like being there with all these wonderful photos and videos.

    Alex is extraordinary with his fans.

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  7. Nancy13

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures & videos of SOTB.
    Alex looks good in white! He looks good in any color or without any color clothes!

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  8. CassG

    Paula these were phenomenal! Thank you so much! He looks gorgeous and I love the pic with him and Malia…..gorgeous together. ❤

    He obviously was having a ball. His fans adore him, as they should, as he with his generous heart always, always take time for them.

    9/28 can’t get here soon enough, as it seems he’s been away forever. This was truly a generous treat.😍


  9. All the Alex gorgeousness, funnyness (is that a word? lol), adorkableness, kindness and gratefulness at one place! Thank you so much, Paula.
    Alex was (again) so amazing at this event. He is always trying to make as much fans happy as possible, never forgets all the other people who are making the show, he never throws his weight around, everytime he points out that H50 is so important because it employs so many people, and he is there every freaking time. A lot of people are making the show, a lot of people are responsible, but he is the one on the red carpet for 9 years, he is the one embracing the fans, he is the one doing extras for the DVD/bluRays, and all the little interviews. He is THE (global) ambassador for this show.
    And… and here it comes…
    He. Was. Wearing. NIKE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    What's not to love?

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  10. he’s just so awesome! “my wife wil kick my ass if I try and speak pidgin”. only Alex wil say a thing like that in an interview. The suit is perfect! Thank you amazing girls for finding so many gems. lots of love!!

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  11. Mcdanno

    Thanks so much for posting this! I can never get enough of his beautiful smile😁😀😘. Only 9 1/2 days to go!! Can’t wait to see him in the tight, red suit!


  12. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex really is my double stuffed oreo creme puff and Alex and I have a ship named called BecLex ha ha so funny right because I’m such a big fan of his that’s what all my followers started calling me.


  13. The event was supposed to take place on the 14th, but because of the tropical storm Olivia, it was postponed to the 16th, when I was flying back home from Oahu. I was sick with disappointment! At least, I have shared a tropical storm with him. A poor consolation prize, I know…


    • kathysr

      Oh Cassiopea, I am so sorry for you. I wondered if you were able to attend the event since it was postponed at the very last minute. A lot of other devoted fans must have been very deeply disappointed, too. Sigh, You miss the chance of a lifetime because of crazy weather. So sorry, my heart feels your sadness.


      • Thanks for your sympathy, kathysr. Though I didn’t go to Hawaii with the only and forlorn hope to meet or see Alex, much as I would have liked it, I did choose the dates to be there for the event and get at least a glimpse of him. Well, it was not to be, snif-snif and sighs!


  14. kathysr

    I really loved the Season Nine Premiere. Peter did a masterful job of blending the 1968 Cocoon episode with a faster paced, more compact 2018 version. I was very pleasantly surprised because I never liked the original episode! In this episode, Steve and Danny teased each other gently, honoring the history of their partnership and friendship. It was done with love and affection, not nastiness. The scenes were sweet, funny and touching. And, once again Danny saved Steve’s life. The surprise villain managed to escape, leaving future episodes open for a world wide chase.

    For me, Season Nine is off to a great start.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the premiere! I hope this relationship full of love and affection between Steve and Danny will be present during all S9. Danny’s nasty attitude really sucked. Maybe we’ll have those witty and gentle carguments again. One can always dream!


      • kathysr

        I think the fan’s comments on all the boards may have finally sunk into the writer’s brains. Fans hate the way the writers have changed Steve and Danny’s friendship over the years. Danny loves Steve and wants to keep the guy alive. Steve’s fearless and never pauses to consider that the consequences of his “charge ahead at all cost” actions could cause his death. That’s the way he’s wired and that’s the way he was trained as a SEAL. But Danny’s always thinking of the possible negative outcome of Steve’s heroic and sometimes suicidal missions. So far, everyone’s been really lucky.

        I hope the writers keep it nice. We’ll see.


    • Dq

      The surprise villan is a part of Steves romantic past? I thought it was funny that when Danny assumed a one night stand, Steve corrected him saying it was more than that. Turns out it was 2…whole…days! ending with a disappearing act and a “see ya around” note. Most women aren’t pleased with that. Seems like Steve is going to find out what is meant by “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Should be interesting to find out something from the commanders past.


      • kathysr

        I burst out laughing when it turned out to be two whole days instead of a “one night stand.” Big difference, Steve! lol!! Yes, she’s the mysterious villain, a brief lover from Steve’s very distant past, when he was around 25 and a newly minted SEAL, before Catherine. I love watching him act guilty as he explains why he never contacted her again, after saying he would in the farewell letter he left her. “Well, I got a little busy with this and that.” Uh HUH! We don’t know their story, do we? It will be interesting.

        Why does she tell Steve about the five dead CIA agents and the possibility of a traitor in the CIA if she’s actually the secret double agent working with the Communist Chinese to kill all the other agents? Doesn’t she know that Steve never gives up until he solves the crime? She’s setting herself up to be caught?

        And in the second episode, Steve catches her! As she hauled off to federal prison, she threatens Steve with revealing a dark and damaging secret from his past.

        My thinks we’ll be seeing more of her as the season progresses. I’m thinking female version of Wo Fat, without the martial arts! Maybe some seductive arts? Like the spy who loved me?


  15. Magnólia

    Paula e Foyeur, estão bem? Desejo que sim! Saudades vossas🍀


    • kathysr

      We miss them! I hope that Paula could post a short blurb for each episode and then we can talk with each other about them. So far, I’m liking this season better than the last one.


      • I barely watched the season opener, have no interest in 9.02. It feels it is just the same old stuff we have had for so long. I am interested in 9.07 with the throw back to 1950s. But I am no longer taking screencaps or making gifs, so making posts with no material is not really an option currently.
        Foyeur is still missing in action, but if she wants to continue I will be here to help her.

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        • Good to hear from you. Hope you and FOYeur are faring well. As I pointed out once, this blog is not abt H50 but Alex. So it shouldn’t really matter if the stuff S9 is made of is good or not. Alex is in it and that should suffice to keep this blog alive, with your invaluable help😘


        • kathysr

          Hi Paula, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re done with the show. But I understand and respect that you and FOYeur are both focused upon serious personal issues in your lives.

          Well, I’ll just keep posting to myself here, lol! Hopefully the wonderful Alex fans on this site will still visit and we can all discuss the new episodes in Season 9. For me, there are some intriguing new storyline possibilities this year and bottom line, I just love to watch Alex.

          Take care, and I wish you and FOYeur lots of love, laughter and joy in both your lives. You’ve brought all those wonderful things into OUR lives for eight glorious years on this incredibly beautiful site.


        • gracenotpark

          I’m with you, babe. I haven’t seen anything worth the time it took to watch yet. I don’t think it’s just cos Show has aged…I think the writers are coasting. And frankly *some* of the actors too. They know the core audience will stay as long as they check certain boxes in every ep.

          I watched ep 1. Refused to watch ep 2. We’ll see about the rest…but it’s always fun to see and hear from Alex. Who I imagine is bored shitless on set these days, but it’s a good living. Thanks for continuing to post, Paula. ❤


  16. D. Havard

    I’m loving S9. S8 was hit or miss but S9 came out with a boom and is still going strong. Last night was a hoot, especially as this season’s weather was so freaking HOT. Speaking of HOT…..our Man in wet tshirt……whew!


    • AlexOloughlinlover

      Alex was so damn sexy in that wet t-shirt in a heatwave i thought i was going to need a freezer afterwards


      • kathysr

        I’m loving Season Nine too! The camaraderie among the Five-O team members is warm, funny and enjoyable. For me, Steve and Danny are sweet and funny again. The restaurant is READY to open, who would have ever thought? Catherine returns in Episode 10.

        I’m especially intrigued by the flashback story in the 200th episode. Alex and Scott are drop dead gorgeous in their 1940’s wardrobe so I hope the storyline is good. They take my breath away all dressed up.

        I’ve ALWAYS wanted the show to do an ‘Untouchables” era episode. There’s a huge volume of stills and videos BTS for the flashback episode 200. I watched Alex very intently in the stills and the videos. He appears to stay in character between filming. It’s subtle but there. He’s very serious and emotionally distant in all the photos. No goofing around, no smiling, no silliness, no teasing like we usually see. He’s very serious about his craft. Fascinating observation.

        I have to watch the heatwave episode again to catch all the nuances. Hot, sizzle! Grover was hilarious, shooting 72, the best round of golf in his life, with no on there to witness it. Chi is a really funny guy.

        Season Nine is a wonderful surprise for me.


        • dq

          Good episode. Didn’t really follow the COTW. Just enjoyed watching Alex. I wish the wardrobe dept. would ditch the continuous gray shirts. He looks mighty fine in blue and should be dressed in it more often. One scene where the writers showed their immaturity, Junior sitting at Tanis desk wearing a tank top and NO PANTS?! Really?! Who does that?!


          • kathysr

            Dq couldn’t agree more on why Alex is in such drab colors?? The first few years his shirts were rainbow colors, and he’s especially gorgeous in sea green, forest green, aqua, sky blue or navy blue. His shirts used to bring out those beautiful blue eyes. He wears vibrant colors colors beautifully. His cargo pants used to be more vibrant colors, too. It’s just weird. Danny used to wear a greater variety of colors, too. Now they just put him in two shirts – pale blue or white with blue stripes, or the black T. Everyone’s wardrobe on the show has become drab.

            Come on wardrobe department! Dress our gorgeous guy in glorious colors once again. If they’d let ME pick shirts and slacks for those guys, we’d all be breathless every week!


        • Looks like it was a fun night😁👍.


  17. lipstx4evr

    Sorry for the OT post….I didn’t know where else to put it…. But it IS AOL related…

    Moonlight is on CW Seed! Season one.

    It’s available on Roku, X Box One, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Airplay. They’re is also on app for Android and iPhone/iPhone. The app is free.

    I’m so excited! I’m in episode 2 right now, and AOL looks so good. Yum.

    Thanks for letting me interested in the SOTB page.


    • D. Havard

      I lucked out and bought the DVD last week for $5! Haven’t seen it yet but On demand has Three Rivers. I’ve seen the first one and it’s pretty good.


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