As if it wasn´t hot enough…

Good news, so I got myself a new laptop. The old one refused to start up, and I lost all my Alex treasures since 2013. That´s the bad news.

Anyway, a few hours ago someone let us know that Alex´s old Mitsubishi commercial was posted on IG in better quality than we have seen it. So have a look at our young, cute, hippy 😀 Credit to Julie Healy


Also, some unpublished Watch photoshoot pics, were posted by AOLO again, they will publish these eventually on their flickr in high quality. Keep an eye out for these here


You can already enjoy this in full view, click on it for bigger and better option ♥

Hopefully we will all survive this current heatwave…



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18 responses to “As if it wasn´t hot enough…

  1. Paula

    Alex looking hot as ever.


  2. gracenotpark

    Oh sweetie! Can you get your pics back? I’m so sorry for your *loss*. 😥

    But as always thanks for sharing your new finds. ❤


  3. Can’t wait for Hawaii Five 0 to come!


  4. Thank you. .Gosh, it seems like FOREVER since I made a comment or shoed up on this wonderful Site!!!


  5. Sue

    So glad to hear from you Paula. Sorry about your picture and info loss. Have tried to see any pics of the new season. Haven’t seen anything yet. Supposedly on twitter, but I don’t belong to it. How about you?
    Take care.


    • AlexOloughlinlover

      there’s new pics of season 9 filming on instagram, twitter, facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest try those sites and Alex knows how to turn the heat up he’s so damn sexy


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  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is hot as hell thanks for the sweet treats


  8. CassG

    Thanks much Paula!! These pics are 😍 and a welcome treat!! Great to hear from you as you are missed when you are not around!!

    Sad to hear you lost most of your Alex treasures but hopefully there will be new treasures to look forward to.🤗


  9. KarenJ

    Thanks for these unseen pics of Alex, I don’t need more heat, I’m already wilting here (in the UK) but thank you 😘☀️😎 Glad to have you back 😉


  10. Drbell

    Oh thank goodness I was getting worried when you don’t post…thanks for the update although it sucks to lose precious items on computers. Especially of Alex. 😭😡


  11. D. Havard

    YEAH! You’re back. And with pictures…….really good ones.

    Sorry about your computer.


  12. Glad to have you back, Paula, and sorry abt your laptop bad behavior! Thanks for the wonderful treat. No matter if Alex looks younger or older, he sure has the ability to make the temperature rise. He’s really a walking heatwave per se! I hope FOYeur is faring well.


  13. I’m sorry that you lost all your Alex treasures since 2013. I’m a big of your fanart, especially the gifs. I have some of your work saved in my laptop besides others, so if you want i’ll share with you.


  14. kathysr

    Paula, that’s terrible that you lost all those treasures on your laptop! Can you take it to someone to see if they can retrieve it, even though it seems hopeless? Computer experts can retrieve material from damaged computer hard drives. THEN, make sure that you save your treasures in multiple places – in the cloud AND on an external hard drive. There are many inexpensive on-line back-up services now – everything is stored in the cloud. The services are as cheap as $5 per month.

    Thanks for the wonderful photos and I love the Mitsubishi commercial.


  15. Lulu

    What a pleasant surprise to see new photos of our beautiful man! So sorry to hear that you lost your treasures on your laptop. You might try taking your laptop to the Geek Squad inside a Best Buy store and see if they can retrieve the material.


  16. AlexOloughlinlover

    have Y’all seen Alex in the red leather outfit yet?

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