Watch! Hotness in Beautiful Black and White with #AlexOLoughlin

Some lovely unpublished Watch photoshoot treats popped up today, had to share the noms 😀

Make sure to click on each one for maximum effect and enjoy the full view of this gorgeousness ♥



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53 responses to “Watch! Hotness in Beautiful Black and White with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. lindae5o

    Thank you, Paula. Such breath-taking beauty !! I needed this.

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  2. Lulu

    Whoa, Paula, you just made my day! Until now, It’s been such a dry spell of any new photos. Thank you!

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  3. All the pics are awesome. Thank you Paula for sharing with us . Alex has the ability to make me staring, dreaming awake, and forget of the rest of the world. Hot and sexy man!


  4. Nancy13

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! for the beautiful Alex pictures. I’ve been missing your posts a lot.
    That Alex is sure gorgeous!!!


  5. CassG

    These are magnificent and I esp love the black and white shots of Alex!! My my…..can he be any more gorgeous??? Thank you Paula for thinking of us and giving us these Alex gems.


  6. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Bless you for these


  8. Paula, thank you for finding the time to share these lovely pics with us. It’s really appreciated here. Hugs.


  9. gracenotpark

    Gorgeous! Yo Alex, stop shaving your hair off, dude!


  10. Sue

    Has there been any official word, that Alex will be back on Hawaii Five-O? It wouldn’t be the show without him.
    Thank You Paula, for the great pictures. Have sure missed hearing from you and Foyeur.
    Take care.


    • Regina Filange

      First of all thanks for the beautiful pictures of our dear Alex. I’ve been going through a drought. I really needed these this week. Second of all Sue he better be there otherwise my trip to Hawaii this winter will be slightly disappointing if I don’t have a slight chance of seeing him.


  11. AlexOloughlinlover

    I sure hope Alex will be back on H50 without him I will stop watching.


  12. kathysr

    Thank you for these gorgeous photos of Alex and thank you for the wonderful information on when filming will start for Season Nine! Wow, it’s getting really close.

    I have faith that Alex will be there, front and center, to lead his ohana into the next season. There is NO SHOW without Alex!!!!


  13. Mary Lou

    Thanks for the pictures. They don’t usually officially confirm or deny the actors are coming back. Last year was the exception. Peter Lenkov and Meaghan Rath however have as much as said all the main actors will be back.


  14. Magnólia

    Lindo! Obrigada, Paula 🍀🎻☺


  15. Sue

    I look at the Hawaii newspapers, and no mention yet, on the start of filming. Usually the papers mention the blessing, before filming starts. Haven’t seen anything. Usually, the start of filming is a present, for my birthday, July 8th., ha ha. Will accept the “delayed” present, on July 10th! As long as Alex is there.


  16. I’m behind is there going to be a new season with Alex?

    Thank You! Jackie Martin



    • AlexOloughlinlover

      I’m wondering the same he wasn’t at the blessing or filming today so I’m a little worried if he is coming back or not.


      • kathysr

        Where is there information on filming today? Can someone post links? Maybe Steve’s been captured, and we start out the new season with the 5-O crew desperately trying to find him and save him.


      • Alex has never missed a blessing, so your comment sounds ominous. Even if for some reason Steve is not in the 1st epi (and IMHO starting the season without Steve is not a good idea), Alex would have attended the blessing. Any news from you ladies will be welcome!


  17. AlexOloughlinlover

    you mean like in episode 5.07 when he was captured by WO FAT that was the best episode ever and Alex is one hell of a actor I feel he doesn’t get the credit he deserves sometimes and he should be named sexiest man alive 2018.


  18. chris desantis

    If my information is correct, Lenkov tweeted a short time ago that both AOL and SC will be filming on Monday.


  19. mamayorkie42

    They could possibly be filming out of order.


  20. Lulu

    That’s very odd that Alex was not at the blessing ceremony. He has to be in Season 9 or else there is no Hawaii 5-0 for me.


  21. Kathysr

    I just read Peter’s twitter. Alex and Scott are still on hiatus, which is why they weren’t at the blessing ceremony. Per Peter, “every actor who was on the island” was at the blessing ceremony. He’s also teasing that we have some extra special surprises in store for us this season since this the the 50th anniversary year of the original HAWAII FIVE-O television series, which premiered in September 1968.

    And, he said that they’re filming episode 9.3 now. They’ll be filming the premiere episode, 9.1, in a few weeks. They’re probably doing background filming and work with other actors to give Alex and Scott some extra time before they need to be in Hawaii for filming.

    I’m glad that Alex is getting more time off.


    • Thanks for the info, Kathysr! My sigh of relief has sent all the papers on my desk flying around as if a tornado had hit it. Great also to know that Alex is enjoying an extended vacation. And Scott too. Not his fault if Danno is exasperating, poor guy.


  22. AlexOloughlinlover

    I’m so glad that Alex is coming back for season 9 longtime fan since 2009 Three Rivers where he was one hot doctor up to now with him playing the hot sexy commander Mcgarrett who knows how to rock kevlar and a thigh holster.TeamAlex forever.


  23. AlexOloughlinlover

    question does this website have a Tumblr?


  24. kathysr

    Hey everyone,

    Lots of gorgeous videos and still photos of Alex and Scott filming episode 9.3 of Season 9! I saw a ton of them on one of Scott’s fan twitter sites. Everybody looks happy to be back filming.

    They’re back! The drought is over.


  25. kathysr

    I’ll post URLs for all the sites I saw them on. Several Hawaii Five O Twitter sites, Meghan and Behula both have their own Instagram story sites, and then there are several Scott fan twitter sites which have wonderful new footage (videos and photos) of everyone back at work again.

    Meghan and Behula are keeping the set light and funny with their silly antics. I think their wonderful new energy is helping to lighten the load for everyone else who’s been there for many years and may be growing weary of the grind of shooting a series. The new energy and fun is a great boost to everyone’s morale.

    I’m so sorry that both FOYeur and Paula are dealing with emotionally stressful family issues. I wish both of them well and I totally understand that this site is the last thing on their minds at this time in their lives. I’m just grateful that they left it open for those of us who still love to come here and enjoy Alex!!

    This is the way I see it. The show isn’t the way it used to be, and it isn’t the way a lot of us would like to see it (continuity, history, better character writing, more complex storylines), but Season Nine is a gift from Alex and Scott. They sure don’t need to do another year, and I suspect that both of them are pretty tired. The daily grind of 12-15 hour shooting days over 9 months is exhausting–it wears you down emotionally over time. t’s a cumulative emotional and physical fatigue that increases as the years go on. I’m utterly shocked that Scott is back for a 9th Season! He must not be getting any good movie offers!!

    Alex and Scott both have millions of dollars in the bank from the series, so they sure don’t need the money. By the way, I hope Alex negotiated a HUGE increase in pay per episode. I have a feeling that he’s one of the most underpaid CBS series lead stars on TV. So,Alex, hopefully your agent got you a HUGE raise!! You’re doing CBS a huge favor to do an 8th and 9th Season, beyond your contract. They owe you big time!!

    So, Season Nine is really Alex’ gift to us. I’m going to look at it that way and just enjoy the pleasure of seeing everyone for one more year.

    Here are the sites I found. There’s some good stuff in here, so enjoy!:

    Sorry, but this comment is edited. We rather not have Kathy´s links here, some are not supported by us. -Paula


    • I don’t know if Alex is underpaid or content with his lot. But his agent should stop resting on his laurels and get him a major movie with a major director to star. Alex might get at last recognition for his excellent work, if not a well deserved Oscar. I’m unbiased, of course 😇


  26. CassG

    Thanks Kathysr for the good news. It is great to hear that they are filming for S9. 😊

    Also I am hoping and wishing the best for FOYeur and Paula.


  27. kathysr

    Paula or FOYeur, please release my post from moderation? Thanks.


    • Comments usually end up in moderation because of multiple links, unfortunately I had to delete the links. We do not want to support some of them.
      And sorry for being gone this long. I actually just broke my laptop on top of other issues. Now Alex owes me 2! 😛


      • Thank you for taking the time to explain about your decision concerning the links, a decision I fully understand. And thank you kathysr for offering to post them. My internet connexion dates back to the XIIth century and is megaslow, but I will find my way to these sites.


  28. I never post links to any site because I am not sure if they are safe and don’t want to risk giving someone a virus. If there is something I think might be interesting, I will give the name of the article, but not the link and let whomever chooses google it themselves and see if their McAffee or Norton or Malware says it is safe.


  29. D. Havard

    Just read something on tv line which set me wondering. Supposedly the restaurant “has a soft opening which will change the McDanno dynamic”. OK now I’ve been thinking this over for several months. WHAT IF Danny desides to retire early and work at the restaurant? Then Duke, who might be forced out of HPD, takes his place. Thoughts?


  30. I read it too. It is ” change the McDanno dynamic” that I find interesting. It is possible that SC will have even fewer appearances this year so they will have to explain his absences. Perhaps he will be off with Rachel and the kids and we will only see him occasionally. All the signs seem to say they will remarry. That may mean that Steve sells out or Danny sells out but if the dynamic changes enough for it to be mentioned, then it looks like that partnership may be in trouble. I am not a fan of the restaurant story anyway.

    Duke will make a good addition. I think he will be fired from the HPD and he will pick up the slack when Danny is off somewhere. And if the past is any indication, then Danny will be elsewhere a lot.


  31. I wish the change in the McDanno dynamic means that they go back to the first seasons healthy and funny relationship, with no sour and insulting comments from Danno the Moaner to Steve. SC may want more time off, but he needs to be there. And no restaurant, please! It sucks!


  32. I don’t see Duke, whom I like, as part of the 50 team. Steve needs support from Duke and the HPD, and besides, IMHO the team would not be well balanced. Two rookers (one of them tannoying all the time) and two middle-aged cops not too fit for action (Lou & Duke)? Poor Steve!


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