#H50 8.24 – Alex´s story…

…was great! Imagine if even every other episode was just as good as this 😀 Hopefully Alex will get the opportunity to participate more in the stories next season. Such a pleasure watching Alex get some proper stuff for his skills.  Of course the secondary story with Hirsh was not necessary but didn´t really bother me too much. I found it funny 😀

Sorry for getting carried away with the gifs. But doubt next week will be such feast.

Just one more. Yey…





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40 responses to “#H50 8.24 – Alex´s story…

  1. By far the best episode of season. Finally back to McGarrett’s storyline that is the essence of the show and it’s what i love about H50. It was a joy to watch Alex’s VOE with Steve in SEAL mode again, his relationship with Junior, the return of Joe and a glimpse of Eddie. I even liked the second story – humor without misogyny, bitterness or at expense of someone.

    Please be carried away anytime to show us all Alex’s expressions and variation of excellence. Thank you very much.

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  2. mamayorkie

    Just like old times. I loved seeing how much Steve and Joe care for each other and now Junior has earned his spot in that trio. Joe is Steve’s mentor and Steve is Junior’s mentor. I also did not mind Hirsh this time. Just enough comedy to set off the intense S.E.A.L drama. I hope Joe comes back for S9 more than once. He is more like a father figure than just Steve’s old commanding officer.

    Somehow I felt that this should have been the season finale. I am not sure what we will get next week.

    Interesting Cath mentions pleased me. Absence of whining pleased me even more.

    At least the numbers were a little better this time and not the disaster of 823 which has the distinction of being the all time series low. I already deleted it because I cannot watch that twice.

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    • Dq

      I agree that this was one of the best shows in a long time. Super SEAL Steve… Blue t-shirt. The secondary COTW was funny. I also hope Joe comes back in season 9. Not in action scenes though. He is too old to be believable as a tough guy. Same with Doris. I thought the Cath mentions were more ridiculous than interesting. We are supposed to believe that in a life and death situation, 2 grown adult men are going to discuss who Steve I should date? Golly, maybe he can ask her to the junior prom. Taking romantic advice from Joe White? Really? Doesn’t he have 3 ex-wives? It reminded me of the time Danny lured Catherine up to that scenic overlook and had that uncomfortable talk about her staying. This is why I think the writers are actually 8th grade boys. Grown men don’t talk like that. Oh, and I agree that last weeks episode was one of the worst.


      • mamayorkie

        Joe and Steve had this conversation about Cath as a plot device.

        I agree there was no reason to include this random exchange while under fire unless they are preparing us for something. It was the same reason that Steve suddenly developed a cough when he was at the Vet with Eddie in 823. Contract negotiations were ongoing when this was filmed and PL has said that he drops hints into the scripts. We had the re-introduction of Rachel back into Danny’s life 818 in case SC leaves. Then there would be a plausible excuse for his character’s absence if he rides off into the sunset with his ex-wife and the kids.

        Now Steve is told to take up golf as a means of reducing stress, get more sleep. take better care of his health and beat Danny with a club. Is he planning go off, find a Guru and study meditation? Is this the show’s “in case” scenario if AOL decides to leave? This is what they did for Kono and Chin when they couldn’t reach an agreement. Had they been able to settle, Kono would have stayed with Adam and Chin would not have taken the job in SF.

        But I am not worried about McGarrett’s running the silly restaurant or leaving the Task Force, because I believe two things:

        1. AOL will sign on to return for S9.
        2. Cath is PL’s endgame for Steve.

        And this is why they had the conversation in the first place. It was just an “in case.” plot device to be used if necessary or tucked away until S9.

        That is my take.

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        • Dq

          You are absolutely correct about the plot device. I remember the last couple of episodes with Kono and Chin while negotiations were going on. They were painful to watch. I do agree that AOL will return. I hope not with scaled back scenes like SC. Steve really should allow “the kids” to handle more of the action scenes and AOL should allow his stunt double to handle his action scenes. Not the shirtless ones of course. I have noticed that Konos name pops up occasionally but not Chins. But hardly ever a shout out to Rachael, Grace, Renee, Melissa or Lynn. What’s up with all that?


  3. mamayorkie

    I forgot to say thank you for the lovely pictures. No idea where you find the time to do this for us but I am so glad that you do.

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  4. AlexO'loughlinlover

    This was the best episode that I have ever watched especially the story by credit going to Alex he is so amazing. I’m so proud of him and btw I love the pics of our hot sexy SuperSeal Steve.

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  5. D. Havard

    What a great storyline. AOL really knows his Steve! I got a bit teary eyed at the end when he thanked Joe for making him go see his dad. I’m glad Steve made peace and had some good memories.

    Love Steve in tshirts. Shows his beautiful arms. Sweet pics, thanks.

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  6. Double L

    Totally far fetched, but a good episode anyway. I could have done without the Hirsch story because I can’t stand the character or the actor. I agree it was nice to see Steve in a t-shirt again! ♥ Loved the grilling scene, but he was flipping those steaks too much! I’d still let Steve cook me a steak, though. LOL! 😉 Great gifs.


  7. lipstx4evr

    I want to be in charge of making sure he’s properly washed off all the make-up between scenes. Yes! That can be my job. Professional Alex washer. I take pride in my work and do a thorough job! 😁


  8. I give this 10/10! As really that of in the action packed and funny.
    And really the Navy Seal story as really Joe being a surrogate father to him. When he was estranged from his real father John before the murder.
    Joe was not just a CO but a father figure.
    Really think that Alex needs to be a producer on the show. As really hope he can be. As think it is time.

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  9. AlexO'loughlinlover

    Did Alex just seduce that beer bottle with his tongue again like in season 3 3.03

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    • Dq

      LOL. I thought the same thing when I watched that scene. I just ordered myself a beer bottle costume from Amazon. Should get here in a couple of days. Working on getting a ticket to Hawaii. You know, just in case I’m lucky enough to actually meet AOL I’ll be all ready.

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    • Did you watch August Rush? Marshall drinking out of the beer bottle? There are poems out there about this moment. I am not ashamed to confess… 😉


  10. Magnólia

    Maravilhoso marinheiro! A essência de Steve estava neste episódio.
    Muito grata, Paula🍀🎶

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  11. Thank you all ladies for your comments. You are turning a hateful Monday into a lovely one. I haven’t watched the epi but I’m already proud of our boy! And Paula, you can get carried away twice a day, 8 days a week, none of us will mind. You’re that great! 🤩

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    I love seeing Steve in Seal mode, and I would love to see more of it. I like how he and Junior were out in the woods looking for somebody. I like him and junior working together. I also, like McEddie. Also, Tani and Grover and Jerry. I love the whole cast. But seeing Steve in Navy seal mode is GREAT. Keep it up STEVE

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  13. What an amazing episode! Best of the season, for me, even one of the best of all seasons.
    Thanks, Alex, for knowing what’s the essence of this show. Brotherhood, fighting for others, family. And not the whining bitchfest or stupid restaurant!
    And didn’t think he would look that good with all that camou in his face, but he did. His tire-and-frog-face made his eyes even shine brighter. Mesmerizing.
    Great acting, great writing, interesting camera angles all around. Kudos!
    Thanks for the amazing gifs, Paula! I KNOW there have been tons of opportunities. Hard to choose, maybe I go with the last one because that scene was wonderful. Or the one when he thought he wouldn’t make it? Ah, whatever, I take them all! Thank you!

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  14. gracenotpark

    Dear Paula…*Never apologize for a surplus of Alex gifs.*

    Surely that’s a wise and ancient proverb found somewhere in some valuable and storied library. 😉

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  15. This was one of the best episodes of S8 for me. Alex knows who Steve is and that we want to see Seal Steve kicking ass. It’s encouraging to know he’s still willing to do action and not being held back by his health. Paul C can do the heavy lifting. I loved the McRoll mentions and sentiment and the fact that they go back to 2002. There’s so much more of their story that can be explored. It was also awesome seeing Joe White again. This is the kind of show that H50 was in the beginning. I would’ve preferred seeing more of Alex story than the Hirsch parts of the episode. I’m really not that fond of split episodes but it is better than 3 stories. I hope this is more of what we see in S9 and Alex is on screen for most of the episode…he can just stand there and lick his lips as far as I’m concerned. Lastly there can never be too many gifs of Alex doing anything. Thank you for each and every one!

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  16. Lulu

    Loved having Joe back and seeing his relationship with Steve again! Thanks to Alex for this storyline.


  17. A wonderful Episode in every way. I was actually touched by Hirsch’s story at the end when he was flying to Europe to return the paintings looted by the Nazis back to their rightful Jewish owners. That kind of evil DID happen!!
    LOVED our Super seal and thanks Paula for the incredible collection of GIF’s I thought them more delicious than Eddie thought his steak was !!!!

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    • D. Havard

      Magnum is going to be shot on Hawaii. Wouldn’t a crossover be fabulous….or AOL could write/direct a few? Watching both of them in the blue room squaring off would be fun!


  18. CassG

    Congrats to Alex for showcasing another great skill on H50 8.24!! He’s good there’s no denying that and it would be a smart move on the producers part to utilize his skills in S9.

    I loved right from the top seeing him looking gorgeous over the grill in that tshirt.😍😘 Of course cannot leave out that cutie Eddie!😘

    It was good to see Steve and Joe together as it brought back memories of their past and showed just how strong their bond is. There was no way Steve was not going on that mission with fellow SEALS. I also agree that it was good seeing Steve involved in SEAL Team action for a change!!

    I agree with LeiCA about the camou on his face. It set his eyes off beautifully……..definitely mesmerizing!😍

    Paula thank you for these great gifs and for all that you do. It’s always a special treat! 😊😊

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  19. I’ve just bought a USB crystal ball and it says: 1) Alex will sign for S9; 2) He’ll direct 42% of the epis; 2) He’ll write the stories for 47% of them;4) He’ll be shirtless in 90% of them; 5) Cath will return; 6) Dannoying will be minimal. Note: It says nothing about daydreaming.

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    • Whatever happens will happen acc. #5. And if Steve’s happy I will be too.
      But for the rest I’d say: Polish this crystal ball day in day out. I like it very much! Use a very soft cloth, I don’t want to see any scratches.

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      • Glad you like it! I’ve sent you the crystal ball by Virtual Airways. What does it say to you? Just to check we get the same reading. Or maybe you’ll get an updated one you can share with us.


        • *cough* *cough* *dust* *dust*
          Damn, these delivery services aren’t what they used to be.
          Now… it says… wait… Updated Version 5.0. WOW. Top notch.
          1. Steve will head his Task Force for years to come. Happy und proud.
          2. After 5-0 he will become a consultant and instructor for the Navy and the SEALs at Pearl.
          3. On the 28th of September 2018 he will punch Dannoying in the face, leave the restauRANT’s construction site and become a silent partner.
          4. He will grow old with a wonderful woman, who is there for him when his demons arise, doesn’t lie, doesn’t leave and tells him that he is the best thing that ever happened to her. Assures him that he is worth her love.
          5. He buys a beautiful partner for Eddie. A husky named Pinsel.
          6. Pinsel’s owners have to move to Hawaii.
          7. He has fun BBQ evenings with Lou, who ever insults him, never belittles Steve’s memories of his father, but is nevertheless funny as hell.
          8. And all this will happen because Alex will direct 99% of the episodes and will have his storylines come true for 96,3% of the episodes. 3,7% are shirtless scenes Alex has no chance for a veto. The fangirl needs what the fangirl needs.
          Crystal ball out.

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          • Amazing 😊, hope the C ball delivers.


          • mamayorkie

            “4. He will grow old with a wonderful woman, who is there for him when his demons arise,…………………and tells him that he is the best thing that ever happened to her. Assures him that he is worth her love.”

            You described Cath perfectly! See what I did there?



          • “3,7% are shirtless scenes Alex has no chance for a veto”. Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Only 3,7% of the time with a shirtless Alex? Well, I’d have him shoot the whole season in underpants if I could! BTW, has he signed? What unendurable suspense!


            • dq

              I think he should work undercover as a lifeguard. Board shorts, bare chest, cool shades.The case would be very hard to crack and would last multiple episodes. He would of course need to apply suntan lotion frequently throughout the day. Probably be hard to reach much of his back. Good thing I will be there in my beer bottle costume to help him with that. Hmm…Commander McGarrett, tanned, hot, sweaty and thirsty. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


            • Well, if 96,3% are Alex’ storylines – I doubt that he thinks about going shirtless – then that’s what is left. I am no math person, so may someone please calculate if that is maybe 2 minutes per epi? 😀


  20. Gah, make *ever to *never with Lou.


  21. Jai-Jai

    Alex is frickin’ awesome. He knows exactly what the fans want; properly thought-out episodes with relevant, character-driven stories that show the depth of the bonds that have developed, eps that also have some action and our beloved SEAL Steve. Alex is so very tuned in to his fans, which is hardly surprising really, given that Alex is naturally highly observant and sensitive to others needs in his life anyway, makes perfect sense he’d be equally as tuned in with his fans.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it was so great seeing Joe back again. I had wondered what he had been up to. Joe has been a central part of Steve’s life for many years, he was (and still is) a big influence on Steve and yet his bond with Steve has been relegated to a pile of other dropped/neglected plots over the last couple of years. Undeservedly so, in my opinion. Their history together could supply some *amazing* stories if only the writers could be bothered to go there. Hell, Steve’s backstory is still mostly ignored too (with the exception of this episode) and it’s such a shame, given how fab Alex is at bringing out all the nuances and the journey of Steve’s personality and emotional development from season 1 to present. What I also loved about this episode was Junior doing the SEAL thing with Joe & Steve; Steve now taking on the role of mentor to Junior in all aspects of Junior’s life. Like a passing of that mentor torch from Joe to a now grown-up Steve – I barely managed to resist the urge to burst into a rendition of Circle of Life from the Lion King <— I can almost picture the scene now lol.

    Agree it's nice to see Steve in a T-shirt again. I noticed Alex is not quite filling out the Tees the way he has previously though. Right now, I want to sit in his lap and shove a cheeseburger or 10 into his mouth in the hopes he'll either be able to maintain a stable weight over a season, or at the very least slow the loss so he doesn't look so gaunt by each season end. Even thinned out, he's still a sexy beast, and the way he tongues those beer bottles is sometimes a little porno-like and I KNOW I'm not the only one thinking it. Does he know how he teases us poor fangirls to death with that tongue?!

    I'd absolutely love Alex to have more of a hand in the writing/producing of episode ideas; it would go a long way to restoring the show to its former brilliance circa seasons 1 & 2. I didn't realise how much I'd missed SEAL Steve in all that camo with the face paint, stalking through the jungle like a man on a mission. Though I'm plenty happy with the Tactical McG we get to see regularly. There's something I find so sexy-hot about Steve in that tac vest, thigh holster, gloves and naked trigger finger when he's kicking a bad guys ass. Steve might a well be pushing my button with that trigger finger!!!

    Phew, is it HOT in here or is it just me?? 😉


    • AlexOloughlinlover

      Damn girl everything you said about him and the beer bottle and his tongue plus the Kevlar,thigh holster gloves,naked trigger finger is the truth.Steve/Alex he is hot as hell.


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