Congratulations #AlexOLoughlin

On Saturday, Grappling Unlimited where Alex train with Egan Inoue, had their belt testing day for their BJJ advancement. From the videos of the event it can be seen that Alex not only helped with some of the testing of the lower level students, but he also advanced and got his 4th stripe on his Purple Belt.


  • Not sure how the students at Egan’s training centre advance and if Alex will need another (5th) stripe, or if his next advancement might be a Brown Belt.


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19 responses to “Congratulations #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Sue

    Congratulations to Alex! He is looking well. Hope his house and family were not affected, by the flooding, in Oahu, in April. Very severe flooding. At least he doesn’t have the volcano to worry about.


  2. Good for Alex. He does look well!!!


  3. Kathysr

    I’ve been watching videos of the volcanic eruptions on the big island of Hawaii. I’ve been fascinated by Kilauea ever since it became active again in 1983. The huge main crater magma chamber collapsed, so the red hot lava is flowing into tubes and then literally rupturing through fissures in the earth. So, there are 15-20 mini-volcanoes spewing molten lava 100-200 feet in the air! I’ve never seen a volcano do that. I feel sorry for all those people who are losing their homes, land and property. I personally would never live anywhere near a volcano!

    This Friday’s episode, 8.24, looks to be a great one. Back to stories and characters we can believe in, plus real SEALS are in the cast. From what I’ve read, Alex has become really good friends with a group of SEALS. So, I’m really looking forward to episode 8.24.


  4. CassG

    Congrats to Alex on his 4th stripe to his Purple Belt!! 🤗 He seems to really be into and enjoying BJJ. I have no doubt he will take it to the limit and earn his Black Belt. I wish him the best.

    Kudos also to him for helping with the belt testing with the lower level students. I can imagine how thrilled they must have been. It was very nice of him to pitch in, but of course I wouldn’t expect any less of him.😘

    Thanks FOYeur for the great video! It was good seeing the action up close. 😉

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  5. AlexOloughlinlover

    congrats to Alex I’m so proud of him.


  6. mamayorkie

    I am so looking forward to seeing Joe White again. He is one of my favorite characters. Finally we will get to see ( I hope) the kind of episode we enjoyed in the first few seasons.

    Has anyone read any official news from CBS or PL about whether AOL has signed on for S9? I truly believe he will. We can all relax once we get confirmation from the network.

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  7. mamayorkie

    Forgot to say thank you for showing us the training film. I am sure will see him get his Black Belt some day.


  8. Many thanks for this post FOYeur! Good to see Alex is in such good shape. It means that his back injuries are much better. Regarding the number of stripes, you must have four before starting to work for the next belt colour, So he’ll be a brown belt in his next promotion!


  9. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex truly is amazing I’m so proud of him Actor, Director, and now story by credit he is one hell of a talent.Here’s to many more years of the amazing Alex O’loughlin.


  10. Magnólia

    Felicidade, saúde e serenidade para Alex e também para todos que visitam este site magnífico.
    Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur 🍀🎶


  11. This man is fueled by energy and kindness.


  12. Lulu

    Nicely said, LeiCa! I’m glad to see that his back injury isn’t stopping him from doing what he loves to do! Looking forward to seeing Joe White back tonight. He’s the only real family Steve has. Kudos to Alex for doing the story line. He is talented in so many ways.


  13. Sue

    Enjoyed seeing Joe White again. Never hear anything about Steve’s sister and niece. I know Hawaii 5-0 is renewed. Has anything been said, on who is going to be in the next season? Wouldn’t be a show without Alex, so hoping that he is on board.


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