#H50 8.23 – Steve rolling his eyes

At least there was just one story this week. But so much childish banter…

Only two more to go, whew.

Here´s the many alexpressions to enjoy




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23 responses to “#H50 8.23 – Steve rolling his eyes

  1. Karen

    Thank you, Thank you!!! I was hoping you got the one where he lifts his shirt up.

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  2. Surprised that Steve did not do that fight at all. He would taken down the martial artist with one hit like he did the bodyguard LOL!


  3. AlexOloughlinlover

    I loved the one where he lifted his shirt up but needed to be higher to see more of that sexy body that he has.


  4. Catherine McKeever

    The scene with the vet was the best! I watch it over and over again!

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  5. Bunty

    Wish he’d listen to everyone who says. Leave the Razor alone. 🤔

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  6. gracenotpark

    Great shots, Paula. And I’m giggling at your countdown. Seems like a loooong season, doesn’t it? 😉

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  7. mamayorkie

    I know it’s his head and his face and his right to choose what he wants to do. I get that. But I reserve my right, if I ever get to meet this guy, to tell him very gently that I do not like it.

    Love pictures. As usual


  8. The banter is my favorite part (Mansplaining). And when dude put his fingers on McG’s lips, hahahahaha…he looked like he wanted to shrivel away…hahahaha too funny. Great gifs as always! I also did a gif-fest with your Moonlight stuff…I made sure to say “AOL Intense gif” on the tweets so folks know…and that way you would not get hit with slew of tweets! Thank you!!!

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  9. D. Havard

    I enjoyed this ep. No three storylines. No restaurant gabbing. The vet visit was great. Danno getting put in time out was funny.

    I managed to borrow a copy of Oyster Farmer this weekend and am basking in the glory that is AOL. 😍

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  10. lindae5o

    Any episode that we get to see Eddie is fine with me. This was one of their better eppies, IMO. The vet scene was a hoot. Both Steve and Eddie were gorgeous.
    I prefer Alex with the longer hair, but it’s his choice. Some people are quite critical of the look (Facebook sites), as though Alex is not longer ‘hot’. I don’t agree.However, I wish Steve was clean-shave, at least for part of the season, because gray whiskers are ageing. Again, his choice.
    Thanks, Paula.

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  11. CassG

    I loved seeing Steve and Eddie together just the two of them with some humorous moments to boot!! Of course it came to an end once Mr. repugnant walked in the room!😖

    I didn’t think this episode was that bad. I loved the one storyline and I loved that Danny later on was put in his place……loved that!!😊😊😊

    Thank you Paula for the amazing alexpressions! I think I’m in the minority as far as AOL’s present look as I love it! 😍 The buzz and the beard I love. He probably gets bored and likes a change like anyone else….he’s entitled. He may change his present look again or he may not. Whatever, I’m with him. I love me some Alex!!❤❤❤

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  12. Magnólia

    Bonito, bonito! Obrigada,Paula 🍀🎶

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  13. We all love the man for a number of reasons, one of them being of course his sexiness, But for those of us who love the human being as well, it really doesn’t matter if his hair is short or long or if he’s clean-shaven or not. We’ll love him no matter what.

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  14. This beinge said, a couple of stew platefuls twice a week would do him good LOL.


  15. Oh gif #7! Oh my…
    This episode had tons of Alexpressions again. I am always impressed while making screens of Alex’s variations of excellence. And I think it is the same with you making your fabulous gifs. He is the one that delivers a variety like no other actor. Maybe Chi too, but that’s it.
    I just had the time to watch yesterday and the episode was ok, I thought it would be worse. I loved seeing Steve making an entrance and I loved his talk with Jin Leoung.
    The ending was stupid and so was the ‘fight’. Ridiculous. D’s fight was neither badass nor Wing Chun style. And are his feet so ugly that he needed to wear his shoes? 😉


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