They say …. #AlexOLoughlin is a fine actor.

Of course as Alex O’Loughlin fangirls we can not pass up on this opportunity to repost these wonderful comments from Movie and TV veteran actor, the 89-year-old, James Hong ……

James is a guest actor on tonight’s episode (8:23) of Hawaii Five-0 and he also appeared as different characters in a number of episodes from the original Hawaii Five-o


James Hong Thanks or your encouraging comments as my Hawaii 5-0 episode releases this Friday. Alex O’Loughlin is one of the nicest leading men I’ve ever met. I don’t think he allows stardom to change his inner person. To Alex: “Thank you for your hospitality and your fine acting.”
Such heartwarming comments by someone who has been around in the industry for so many years and worked with such a vast number of actors over the years …….
James joined Facebook last year, and just to explain a bit better of who he is as a person, we added this comment he made on his page earlier.
James Hong  
13 September 2017)   Wow! Thanks for your support of my official Facebook and Twitter Pages. I’m really happy to hear you have enjoyed my work of over the last 60 years. I can hardly believe it myself – over 500 TV and film roles (IMDB doesn’t list them all). Knowing my job as an entertainer, artist, is making a difference in people’s lives means a lot to me. Thank you. Stay tuned, because there’s still more to come!


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21 responses to “They say …. #AlexOLoughlin is a fine actor.

  1. AlexOloughlinlover

    This is why I love Alex so much is because he has such a big beautiful heart and he is one hell of an actor sometimes I feel like he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I have been a fan of his since 2009 Three Rivers up to now with Hawaii Five 0 with him playing Steve McGarrett.I look forward to many more years of him being on my tv screen Team Alex now and forever.

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  2. mamayorkie

    It’s always so nice to hear how much other actors respect and enjoy working with him.

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  3. Wonderful words of a very impressive and great man!
    Everybody who met Alex, everybody who worked with him has nothing but praise. About his down to earth-ness, his commitment, his gratitude, his respectful interaction with fans, colleagues and everybody around the set and of course his talent as an actor.
    After 8 years I think it is long overdue that a special someone at least shows a tiny bit respect and appreciation for his lead actor, who is the one who carries this freaking show. A showrunner who never gets tired of praising every grain of sand that appears in his shows. But what do we hear?
    Yeah. Right.

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    • Every word you say is true! As to the the nameless Special Someone, it’s really as if he took Alex for granted. So why thank him or show him respect? He thinks he owns him or what? Fortunately his fellow actors see who he is, how he works, and say it loud and clear!

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    • Dq

      Absolutely. He is a better than fine actor. Especially with what he has to work with. Just watched last nights episode. What a disgrace. The crime of the week was, shall I say “weak”? And way too much filler BS that was so bad it was hardly watchable. Way past time to clean house and hire a full out new writing staff. It is hard to believe that anyone actually gets paid to write this nonsense. What a waste of talent.



    I am Team Alex and I love my Steve Mcgarrett/ Alex O’loughlin. I am looking forward to seeing more of my Steve. Yea, Season 9. Oh did I say that I love you Steve?


  5. AudreyD

    Wow James Hong on Hawaii 5-0. I can’t wait to see this episode.
    I’ve met Alex and find him to be very fan friendly.

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  6. lindae5o

    I love these comments from Mr. Hong because they’re so true. For those of us who are anxious for Alex to move on in his career, and because he’s on a show that doesn’t appreciate his talent, it’s comforting when people sing his praises. Through all the years, Alex has never just phoned it in. That shows how much HF-O still means to him. Thanks, Foyeur.

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  7. Yippee! Thank you for posting! I love me some Mick St John (well, when his fangs aint out…hehehehe), some Dr Andy, some Stan the Man and of course Mr Steve McGarrett! I even love the Angry Snowbunny!! LOL! But it is ALWAYS nice to hear how other actors appreciate his work and his character. His Mom and Pop done good!!!!

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  8. Wonderful comments all round and I couldn’t agree more Alex is SO fan friendly and kind to everyone. Those in “The Business” and mere “civilians” as well. Mr Hong sounds like a very special man and that makes his remarks about Alex extra special as well .
    Thank you FOYeur

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    • “Mr Hong sounds like a very special man and that makes his remarks about Alex extra special as well. ” <<< Yes, he does seem to be. And that is why I also added his other comment. And also why I feel it meant so much more than just anybody saying it.

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  9. CassG

    It’s always great when Alex receives accolades because they are so well deserved. What makes it even more special is how humble and unaffected he is.

    Mr. Hong is a great character actor who has been around for a bit. I’ve seen him on tv and in films. It was gracious of him to speak well of Alex. It’s the best compliment given coming from one talent to and about another talent.

    Thanks FOYeur for this pleasure moment. So nice to hear positivity about our gorgeous and very talented Alex!!

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  10. Karen

    I just love reading comments from other actors say nice things about Alex.

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  11. Magnólia

    Gosto muito quando alguém reconhece o talento de Alex.
    Quando Alex deixar de ser Steve, quero muito que encontre um trabalho onde possa mostrar o seu talento, carisma e sensibilidade. 🍀🎶

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  12. Lulu

    I love when people praise Alex because it just confirms what we all think of him here. He is beautiful inside and outside!

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    • Yes, he is beautiful inside and outside. And talented.
      And it remains wonderful to hear if from others who do not need to say it about him, but they still do ….

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  13. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is so amazing it’s my dream to meet him one of these days.How many of you here have met Alex would love to hear the stories of this beautiful man.


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