#H50 8.22 – Steve saving kids

Still 3 more to go…sure hope one of those will stand out from the normal. Not many McMoments either.



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17 responses to “#H50 8.22 – Steve saving kids

  1. Love it with him and the kids. They are genuine. That is BTW his real life stepson Alex’s. Good to have some authentic over on it.


  2. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex has such raw and pure heart filled emotions on Hawaii Five 0 that’s what makes me such a big fan of his.


  3. Actually I really enjoyed this episode. Even both storylines. Surprise. (The thing with Tani’s brother was ridiculous, though. So was the disappearance of one Detective Williams when it got tough. No sweat for Danny or what? Oreo-twisting-filling-licker? Not that I care, but this is pathetic. Either you’re in or you’re out. Decide.)
    Loved the talk between Jerry and Steve, so so good. He is a real leader. Didn’t like the behaviour of Junior and Tani. So Lou’s words to Tani where highly appreciated.
    Steve and Spike were fun to watch. You could see that Alex was really enjoying this. Maybe it was his birthday gift for Spike, who knows? 😀
    Alex had the chance to show a lot of Alexpressions in this episode. I am a sucker for these faces.
    Your last two gifs have it all. How can a real man, a tough man, a fighter and a carer suddenly be so damn cute? Sigh!
    Thanks Paula!
    And BTW, the “Frown” gif has an extra goodie. The NoD. The Nostrils of Determination!

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  4. Paula

    I loved this episode as I do everyone.
    I can’t wait to see what season nine brings.
    Way to go Alex. Love ya


  5. D. Havard

    Jerry was always one of my favorite ohanas (no. 1 was Max) so I am glad he and Duke got their own stories. It was all about Steve’s ohanas this week and how he takes care of them. I enjoyed this ep a lot. Alex looked very relaxed like he was enjoying himself. I’m looking forward to the ep that has a storyline He suggested. Great pics by the way.


  6. mamayorkie

    Lovely to see Duke having a story line this season. Long over due. I have a feeling though from what Grover let drop, that Duke will have some rocky times ahead with the HPD. Is that a hint that Duke is about to be fired and will McGarrett offer him a job on the Task Force? It makes sense with the abbreviated presence of Danny lately that they may want to add someone to pickup the slack when he is not in an episode or hardly there. That seemed to be Adam’s part in S8 and since they left on a cliffhanger, I expect to see him again. Most fans seem to like Harry so I hope he becomes part of S9, perhaps as a regular or with a nice long arc.

    I have no idea how salary negotiations are going or if they are concluded but I hope that AOL has reached an agreement to return for S9.

    Jerry was interesting and giving him a little something to do as an investigator (which turned out to be a big something ) was fun. Jorge is a wonderful actor and was allowed to show it here.

    Love Junior but the obnoxious Tani from the Library was back in the Blue Room. They seem to be trying too hard to show us she is badass
    with her mouth when they should show us that with her actions instead.
    Still, her interaction with her brother was nice.


  7. Oh I forgot to say: I loved the actor who played Harris, the chess guy. He was terrific! Although his scenes with Jerry reminded me of Steve and Nick, the autist. But nevertheless the acting was so good. That is what I want to see. don’t care about fame. I want to see actors with talent and commitment to their craft!
    Alex, Jorge, Mr. Actor I don’t know the name, Chi – they’ve been a joy to watch.


  8. Double L

    Decent episode. Not much to say about it though, except I wish we could see Steve in some different clothes for a change and Spike looks a lot like his mom.


    • Dq

      Agree about the clothes. Always the same shirt. Maybe a slightly different color. Need more t-shirts and polo shirts. And a lot more blue.


      • Kathysr

        Totally agree on the Steve’s clothes!! In the first few years Steve wore really gorgeous greens, many different shades of blue from pale to deep royal, plus coral and salmon shirts. Now he’s always in a dull dark blue shirt or a dull green shirt and it seems like the exact same pair of pants. LOVE polo shirts, don’t know why they don’t dress him in gorgeous polo shirts. SIGH. Alex wears colors beautifully, let the gentleman shine! Shall we offer our services as Steve McGarrett’s personal fashion consultants? Steve’s wardrobe has gotten dull and monotonous. Ya’d think Lynn could dress him better!


  9. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! Thanks so much ♥

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  10. Magnólia

    Muito bom, como sempre! Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur🍀🌹

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  11. CassG

    I liked this ep because the two storylines involved Jerry and Duke. It was nice to see them in the forefront rather than in the background so to speak for a change. I also loved Spike’s debut with his dad. That was cute.

    One thing about McG he is very caring, and protective of his ohana and always there for them. I love that about him! Of course there’s not much I don’t love about him!😘❤

    Thanks much for the gorgeous gifs Paula. Love seeing that face esp close up.😍😍

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