Congratulations, season 9 confirmed.

Season 9 finally confirmed…Alex and Scott confirmed to be part of it still.


8 seasons of five oh is enough for me  .

Love, Paula.



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54 responses to “Congratulations, season 9 confirmed.

  1. Cheryl Moreland

    Well it is a given that Alex will be back because with him being in Los Angeles right now he probably was at negotiations with CBS now is another thing about Scott that’s where it lies will he still be there but Alex will be there because if he’s not there there’s no show

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    • Alli

      Now I love Alex too .. do don’t bite me 😊 but am sure if they see fit the show will go on with or without him x

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      • kathysr

        I think the show can lose anyone BUT Alex. In all the interviews for his directorial debut on 8.20, he clearly said that he’s open to Season Nine because his back is so much better. And remember in one of the interviews at SOTB last November, Alex’s darling sneaky wink to the cameras when he smiled “See ya in Season Nine!” Right there he telegraphed that he was ready for Season Nine. Hopefully they’ve been in negotiations for quite a while. Hope he gets a really good deal, a huge raise in pay per episode, and the ability to direct multiple episodes if he wants.

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        • leiCa

          No Alex, no show. There are tons of people who just stay with show because of him. International deals carry the show. People over the pond love Alex.

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    • mamayorkie

      Alex was in LA at some martial arts school. I think it was called The Academy, He wouldn’t be negotiating directly with the Network. He has an agent to do that for him.

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  2. Catherine McKeever

    It won’t be worth it without Alex!

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  3. MetooAnnie

    My day is made now that Season 9 is a go. Really don’t care if Scott comes back. Alex is the main reason I continue to watch even when some episodes needed better writing.

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  4. I updated the post, I missed the info about Alex and Scott both already being confirmed for next season.


  5. kathysr


    You’re amazing, Paula!! Thank you so much for continuing to post awesome photos, videos and interviews for us so we can all have fun on this gorgeous site.

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  6. Magnólia

    Muito sinceramente, penso que não favorece Alex em termos de carreira mais uma temporada da série.
    As histórias raramente são interessantes.
    Poucas chances lhe dão para que possa mostrar o seu talento dramático.
    Uma pena!
    Desejo-lhe saúde e toda a sorte do mundo!🍀🎻🎶

    Obrigada, Paula!
    Linda foto!


  7. AudreyD

    Yippee, this is amazing news.


  8. D. Havard

    Doing a happy dance… the snow!


  9. Sue

    I’ll do a happy dance, in the sand! No show without Alex.


  10. Alli

    Does that mean you are done…


  11. lindae5o

    Thanks, Paula. I love this photo of Alex. His Royal Hotness is always gorgeous by himself, but anytime he has an animal with him, it’s even
    better !!

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  12. Kimphin1

    Forever impressed at your tenacity to this point Paula. ❤ you ladies!

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  13. gracenotpark

    I get it, Paula. I truly do, babe.

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  14. mamayorkie

    Paula: I understand, but I am selfish, so I hope you’ll stick around


  15. CassG

    I am very happy to hear that Alex is going to be around for another season!!! Whew!!! That was a close one! I look forward to seeing him in all of his gorgeous, talented glory!! Hopefully he will continue to put his other talents to use. Just as long as that face gives us a lot of time in front of the camera too!!7😍

    Thanks much Paula. I too hope you will be around!


  16. janicehannuch

    I’m happy to confirm another season, but I would like more writers’ commitment. Or rather, I’d like to see more episodes written and directed by this talented artist, Alex O’Loughlin.
    He is really very good, multitalented, deserves more space to show his artistic skills.

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  17. buttercup4u

    With one teary and with one happy eye 😉 guess this will give him the possibility to stay close to his family and earn steady money! Guess he had to choose btw work/career/family (as do have so many men in this world)! What stays forever is family and love! Thanks Alex, for making a good choice (as we are sure you mostly do)! Thanks 😉

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  18. I’m excited to get another year of Alex on my TV Whooo Hooo!!!

    NOW… may I ask Paula….WHERE DID YOU FIND that SUNNING pic of our gorgeous ALEX??? Are there some more WATCH Magazine pics floating around out there we don’t know about? ♥♥♥♥ Sill Woman! Spill!!! ♥♥♥♥


  19. leiCa

    On to new beginnings with a reduced schedule and hopefully more awesome directing. Alex O’Loughlin has it all. Let’s see what the next year will bring. Maybe some surprises.
    You have to stick around, Paula and FOYeur. That’s an order! But you’re allowed to be PICky. Love ya!
    Where on earth came this pic from? It’s your edit, right, Paula? Looks like one of your perfect edits. ❤️


  20. usually I’d agree with you, Paula. After season 5 I was kind of done with it. However I did enjoy season 7 a lot and I like the new addition of junior and tani as characters. Adam is not a great characters addition although I like looking at him. Jerry is kind of fun, but has nothing to do with Five-O in my opinion. However. … and this is a really big one for me: they will be filming in november when I’m there for two weeks and we’ll be staying in a hotel just around the corner of Alex, so… If he goes into work he’ll pass our hotel. needles to say we’ll be on the lookout, knowing there’s the itty bitty slightest change to spot him. renewal and Alex in another season just made our holiday plans even more exciting! ! Also great for job security for (hawaiian) cast and crew!


    • I have never been a big fan of this show, and feel I have no more energy for it. I might watch a few epis next season, but done posting. The little bit of Alex we get, is mostly just H50 related.

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      • Can imagine indeed. I was a huge fan. In the beginning it was all about the show for me, but not so much anymore. I do hope we get to see some filming, because that’s just awesome.


      • Kristen

        Thank you so much for all the beautiful photos and posts over the years. I can’t even begin to imagine the time and energy you’ve put into this. I am grateful that you’ve picked up where other sites stopped and have been amazed by the quality of what you’ve given us. I hope you’ll reconsider and continue to post photos and comments about Alex every so often. You’ve really pulled together an amazing depth of work on him. It would be sad to see that lost. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll continue in some fashion. But in any case, I want you to know how much the work from the two of you has been appreciated. I know I’m not alone in this opinion, even if I rarely post. You two are amazing!

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  21. Why would we watch 50 without alex funny


  22. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex is the only reason I watch Hawaii Five 0 he’s so sexy with those eyes of his the body like a piece of art work and those tattoos that I also love so much

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  23. Nancy Grohocki

    So excited for everyone. What a great group of actors, actresses and behind the scene people. Have met them many times their are so happy to see their fans


  24. I am excited and ill at ease. I don’t know what feeling prevails. There’s nothing new Alex can do to prove he’s a terrific actor. If he can direct more epis in S9 to perfect his directing technique, then all is well. If in addition he can write some stories, then all is better!


  25. BTW, I know in my bones he can write. I know it. He’s very intelligent, creative and has a way with words. He doesn’t rely on his looks to make a living. My God, what blind faith I have in him! 😁

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  26. Lulu

    Oh, Paula, don’t leave us! This is all about Alex and not H50. I would not be watching this show if it didn’t have beautiful Alex on it. I would have liked to have seen him do something else, but I can’t complain about seeing him weekly on TV. Please consider taking some time off and coming back with the energy and creativity that you show here. Thank you!


  27. Really need to make Alex a producer. As really it is time. Nine seasons!

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  28. AlexOloughlinlover

    Paula you have secret set of photos of Alex oh do share them and please don’t leave your too funny


  29. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex has pure talent where H50 is concerned in some of the episodes I have seen his emotions flow especially in 5.07,3.20,5.19,4.10 5.12,4.09 that’s all of the episodes I can think of right now


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