BJJ making Alex sweaty

Some lovely hiatus pics popped up last night. Apparently Alex has been busy with BJJ in LA recently.

And he posed shirtless for our pleasure.

Credit Rigan Machado IG stories, hiatus 2018

Credit Carolina Brasil IG, hiatus 2018



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17 responses to “BJJ making Alex sweaty

  1. kathysr

    Alex is looking awesome! Note the beard growing back.


  2. D. Havard

    I’m suddenly hot and sweaty, which is weird as it’s snowing here. 😊


  3. lindae5o

    That top photo is making ME sweat !! Alex looks angry, though.


  4. someone knows what is the gray bottle ? It’s water ? because i can see it in o lot of picture of alex with this gray bottle


  5. Ally

    OMG! Thank you so much. I’m going to try my best not to come to this page every other minute.

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  6. mamayorkie

    Thank you. You perform a public service.

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  7. CassG

    I just can’t stop looking at him esp against the wall. 😍😍 Tall, lean, and gorgeous! What a guy!! ❤

    Paula you are so good to us!! Thank you for these delights!😊


  8. BTW. Nice one Paula. THANK YOU.


  9. AlexOloughlinlover

    thank you Paula for the shirtless sweaty photo Alex it totally made my day


  10. Good grief!
    Especially the leaning pic reminds me of an antique greek statue. With tattoos but without the ridiculous tiny small penis of course.

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  11. Lulu

    Oh Paula, you are so good to us fan girls! Thank you for the hot pics of our guy, esp. love the first photo. Alex is looking so fine.


  12. I’ve been reading about BJJ and it’s a physically very demanding martial art. I guess that Alex knows what he’s doing, but I do hope he’s taking good care of his injured back.We want him in S9, yes, but as his usual jackass tough SEAL, not as Ironman as he said so himself once.


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