#H50 8.19 – Steve finishing the job

Just some treats by Steve…



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23 responses to “#H50 8.19 – Steve finishing the job

  1. D. Havard

    Thanks for all the lovely. It was a very good episode. I think they have saved the best for last. Really enjoyed a bit of McGarrett history.

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  2. AudreyD

    Totally enjoyed this episode. The history was great. Thank you.


  3. Magnólia

    Muito bonito! Adoro o seu caminhar ondulante!
    Obrigada, Paula!🎻🎶


  4. AlexOloughlinlover

    Thanks Paula for the wonderful pics of Alex I really love them all.Alex is very hot and he also has such a big beautiful heart too

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  5. CassG

    I loved this ep and it feels real good saying that. I esp loved the accolades given to him at the end by the families of the deceased..very touching.

    Thanks Paula for the beautiful treats and they indeed are beautiful!❤

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    • CassG

      Oops Correction! I should have said appreciation shown instead of accolades given which is something else entirely! Sorry! 😕 Overly excited I guess!😍


  6. “Did it Dad!” Oh my, that gif! I love it as much as I loved that scene! Thanks Paula.
    I really loved the McGarrett storyline. We need more of that. The McGarrett family and mysteries are the reason there is 50, right?
    Steve’s moment at the end with the families who finally found closure (am I allowed to use the word closure these days? Hm? Because there is no other word.), I digress, so this moment was beautiful and incredible well acted by Alex. Surprise, shyness, modesty and empathy. And (after getting lei’d – teehee…) the realization that maybe sometimes he is making a difference.
    The other storyline? Umph, predictable, ridiculous, IAD is a good actor but Adam is just no badass. I hope this thing ends pretty soon. Ugh.


    • Double L

      I agree. The McG story was good and YES we need more McGarrett family stories and mysteries!! I loved John’s long sleeved Hawaiian shirts in the flashback scenes. 🙂
      The Adam story sucks, but at least it’s coming to an end soon. IAD had already left Hawaii when they were filming the last few eps.


  7. Lulu

    Thanks Paula for the wonderful collection of pictures. I enjoyed this episode and the McGarrett storyline. Did everyone notice that Catherine is in the next episode? I have mixed feelings about her.


  8. AlexOloughlinlover

    Can we just talk about Alex’s eyes how sexy they are


  9. And the corner of his lips. Don’t forget the corner of his lips. So kissable. Yum!


  10. Ally

    With him being thinner I’m a little more focused on the emphasis of his jawline. Can you imagine holding that face in the palm of your hands, while gazing into his eyes.


  11. Dq

    I don’t care for his thinner look. It reminds of season 2 before he went to rehab. I think he looks better when he is a bit beefier. More to hold on to. Yum.


  12. AlexOloughlinlover

    he’s all mine hands off those eyes and that body is all too yummy


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