Bad boy treat

Waiting for some news…



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14 responses to “Bad boy treat

  1. mamayorkie

    Words fail me. Thank you.


  2. lindae5o

    That neck vein and glimpse of chest, make me swoon. Bad boy, indeed!! Thanks, Paula

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    • Oh yeah!
      Neck porn with a glimpse of his sexy chest only adds to his bad boy deadly profile. Mmmmm what a way to go. ♥
      ♥ *eeep* ♥ *THUD* ♥

      Thank you Paula The Enabler. *MUAH*


  3. Bad boy treat BAD for you Beautiful “Boy”!!!!!!! but ok—— THUD!!!!


  4. D. Havard

    Waitingwaitingwaiting….pant pant…..waitingwaiting….

    Got a light big boy?


  5. Regina Filange

    Waiting for news of renewal and waiting for him to be in my bed when I go to bed tonight😴❤️🔥. I’ve been cold a lot lately and he’s definitely one way to keep me warm at night.


  6. CassG

    OMG!!! Very very hot!!! Yummy!!!❤ Thank you Paula for this delicious treat! 😘


  7. God, I love him with his cigar…


  8. AlexOloughlinlover

    Sexy yummy shirtless Alex


  9. cwtshjan



  10. cwtshjan

    Nomnomnom. Bad is so good.


  11. Lust is a deadly sin, I know. But I am an unrepentant sinner when I see this hot, irresistible bad boy? Paula, you’ll be my perdition but thank you!

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  12. AlexOloughlinlover

    I love Alex’s chest hair it’s so sexy along with those tattoos of his

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