#H50 8.18 – Steve´s moves

I should have perhaps paid more attention to the episode since Alex directed it, but I was distracted by other stuff. Oops.

Have to say that of all the stories in this episode, I found Junior and Tani the most enjoyable. Also was nice to see a glimpse of Rachel.

But of course it is only Alex I care about. Here´s my catch of Steve 😀



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27 responses to “#H50 8.18 – Steve´s moves

  1. Paula

    I truly loved this episode but I have to say I love every episode that shows Alex.
    Good job Alex.

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  2. Paula I love how you define being “distracted” as an Oops. LOL
    We’re right there with ya Oopsing (is that even a word?) and distracting.
    So distract away my friend distract away. ♥♥♥

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  3. mamayorkie

    Your choice of pictures was perfect. Thank you.

    I am surprised that Tani and Junior was also my favorite of the three story lines. I really like Junior. He seems like a truly good person. I am not so sure of Tani, but the actress did very well.

    My overall pick for best part of the show was the chase scene between Jessie and Steve. I just hope they used stunt doubles for most. It must have been very difficult to direct an action scene and be in it to, so congratulations to AOL for that.

    Why would the writers take a story which was supposed to show us the heroic side of Danny and then turn him into someone who took advantage of a fragile, abused woman by sleeping with her? In what world do the writers not see how wrong that is?

    And consentual sex doesn’t cut it here. She was in no mental state to give consent.

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    • dq

      i will have to go back and re-watch it. My impression was that Danny was just fantasizing about the woman and got distracted. Was it dream or a memory?

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      • Dq

        OK I stand corrected. I had watched the show in fast forward before. Now I realize that the whole sequence was indeed a memory, not a fantasy. What was Danny thinking? What was the woman thinking? What were the writers thinking?! They turned the serious subject matter of spousal abuse into a tawdry gratuitous sex scene. So wrong. And unnecessary. Why couldn’t Danny just go over to tell her about the opening in the women’s shelter and show a bit of concern for her safety? Bad idea on the writers part. Another reason that I think the stories are being written by 13 year old boys.

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        • mamayorkie

          There is no way the show can spin this to be anything other than demonstrating a lack of serious research into this topic or concern for how this script portrayed a lead character and made him a predator instead of what he should have been, a hero.

          Danny needed to point this character to a facility for abused women, not a bed. And he could have been her savior if he allowed her to show her thanks by accepting a cup of coffee instead of sex.

          CBS needs to address this. Almost everyone of us knows or has known a victim of abuse, either physical or emotional. It is always directed against the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society.

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        • Dq

          OH, I forgot to mention that Alex did a very good job directing. Especially with the rubbish he had to work with. Nothing he can do about the script given to him. Wish he could. How can the cast not revolt against this thought process?! Sad, very sad. I can only think that a good portion of the audience are women that watch just to drool over Alex. Me included. That storyline was just too offensive.

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  4. Double L

    “Why would the writers take a story which was supposed to show us the heroic side of Danny and then turn him into someone who took advantage of a fragile, abused woman by sleeping with her? In what world do the writers not see how wrong that is?”
    That was my exact reaction! Why are the writers so intent on destroying Danny’s character? It wasn’t only wrong, it was STUPID! He knew the guy could kill her, him, or both of them. And the taunting? WTF? I get what he was trying to do, but a good defense attorney could spin that as somewhat justified. I just expected the ‘who shot Danny story?’ to get a better conclusion than this.
    Tani/Junior was interesting, but I don’t know what the point of it was. The kid that played Kewika was adorable, though.
    So Adam has a half sister? Are we supposed care? Why does Adam get more story these days than Steve? I know why for this episode, but why for the season?
    The direction was maybe a little “arty-er” than usual, but other than that it looked like Hawaii Five-0.
    Good to see Claire van der Bloom again. I don’t know why, but Rachel is my favorite female character in spite of the dumb stuff she’s done. Scott and Claire “sell it” really well.

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  5. I have to re watch this again and maybe again, I didn’t have the sound up loud enough in the beginning,. Alex did an A plus job of directing, I love that he brought the camera in real close. Once again a criminal is in lockup and Lou has to tell Steve wasnt he just in here, Wouldn’t Steve know who is in jail or why? Also I agree with the others why would Danny sleep with her . Not cool . Then when she says she is moving , ten seconds later Rachel bumps into his car and he is all goo goo eyed on her. Plus she did look like the other girl. Just so not cool. Please explain why Jessie ran from the cops because bad guys were trying to kill her ? Again writers story lines need to make sense. Tani and Juniors story was cute . I loved Alex’s directing of what had to be hard show , Portraying Newark and Hawaii , three different story lines and an awesome chase scene, I loved his directing the story lines not so much.

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  6. Awesome episode last night. I didn’t expect to see much of Alex since he was the director but I was so happy to see so much of him. It has to be much more challenging to direct himself. Alex talents we’re well displayed. Congratulations Alex!

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  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    I feel the same about Alex he is the only one I care about on the show

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  8. AlexOloughlinlover

    Thank you for making me the happiest woman when it comes to Alex he is my weakness

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  9. adriana mihaela mechenici

    Congratulations Alex! You did not a good job, but an excelent one, Alex!
    With Tani I have a problem: in the first episode (8.01) she says she was in the army (7 bases in 15 years!). Did I missed something?
    And Danny! The story with Brooke confirms that he’s just an unscrupulous scumbag!

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    • mamayorkie

      Since Danny slept with this woman right after she was beaten by her husband and she was mentally fragile and trusting of her rescuer, (she still had the the bruises so it was right after) she was not capable of giving consent. So does that make her a rape victim? It is an interesting question.

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  10. Lulu

    Thank you for the great photos! Alex did an excellent job of directing this episode. I agree with everyone about Danny thinking with his small head instead of his big head when it comes to sleeping with this poor abused victim. I thought the point of this plot was to give women in similar situations hope and to know there is help. The show needs more women writers.

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  11. CassG

    Kudos to Alex on his directorial debut!!! I loved the fact that he was the man behind the camera!

    As far as the storylines I wasn’t thrilled with any of them esp the one pertaining to abuse. I was under the impression that Danny was going to be the victor to an abused woman that he saved instead of an abuser himself so to speak as he certainly took advantage of her at an extremely vulnerable not to mention painful time.

    The one thing I did enjoy as I always do was seeing Alex!😍 Thanks Paula for the gorgeous pics!!

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  12. Lee Ann

    I cannot believe that any police department would put two ROOKIES together in a squad car – always w/a senior patrol officer. Junior is believable, but Tami is still a bit rough around the edges. Disappointed w/lack of Alex till I learned he directed – busy guy. Now, we are going to be bored w/Adam’s illegitimate, unknown “sister” stories – he should be written out. Don’t know why he’s even there.


  13. As always, I enjoy reading all your comments abt epis I have not watched yet. They are like teasers which I will read again with renewed interest once I have watched them. In the meantime, one question. Does Alex actually play a little bit that guitar or only a few bars?


  14. lindae5o

    Alex’s directorial debut is what made this episode memorable for me. He did a great job with the material he was given.
    Danny having a sexual relationship with the abuse victim was wrong on so many levels. Trust the two writers, who had a decent script going, to f*ck it up. I’ve wondered lately, if the writers have a repressed (or not) resentment against Scott for his past comments about Hawaii, and his frequent absences. They sure are doing their best to make his character even more unlikable.
    Thank heavens for Alex !! He’s the only one who makes HF-O watchable.

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    • I don’t know what Scott has said about Hawaii, but in any case I take it that the writers are not Hawaiian, so why should they be resentful? And if they are, writing scummy lines for him to play is not the best way to reconcile him with Hawaii. It must be something else.


  15. alexnymph

    I was a little dizzy at first–lots of quick editing cuts, but I guess things had to move quickly because there were so many scenes and stories going on (though Danny’s segments could have been shorter).

    But damn if Alex doesn’t know how to frame his pretty face 🙂 I was afraid that we wouldn’t get much Steve because Alex was directing, but his scenes had more pretty than usual. Maybe they should let him direct more often. YUM!


  16. Is it just me or did he look extra gorgeous in this episode? The second gif is pictureperfect. Wow. He was an actor with tons of scenes to play and a director in this and looks so healthy, relaxed, and not stressed at all. Maybe he was just happy?
    And he did an outstanding job as a director. This whole epi felt totally different, new pace, playing with the light and unique camera angles and camera moves (if this is the right term). Even if you’ve got no idea what directing is about you felt the difference. The director took us inside the scenes, draw us in without using overused styles like slomo or something else. Kudos. I hope he directs some more.
    Thanks for the gifs Paula, how anyone thinks he looks exhausted is beyond me. Though, I wish, the first gif had sound. 😉

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    • CassG

      No LeiCa it’s not just you. I agree he looked really gorgeous.😍 He appeared to be in a real comfort zone with his directing/acting duo. It’s a zone I would like to see visit more often esp in S9 (remaining hopeful). That dual role seems to not only bring out his talented best but also his gorgeous best (sigh)!❤❤


  17. kathysr

    The show has finished shooting for the season. We don’t know if there will be another season. Did we ever get to see the contest winner on the set of Five-O spending the day with everyone before the last day of shooting this year? If so, that sure was a quick turn-around time for a contest winner! I guess you had to be ready to fly to Hawaii within a few days of winning the contest?


  18. AlexOloughlinlover

    I would love to spend the day with sexy Alex


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