That is it

Season 8 shooting is done and over with. We wish Alex and his family a relaxing hiatus 

ps original photo credit to AOLO 


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9 responses to “That is it

  1. D. Havard

    Just got up. What a lovely eye opener!

    Here’s to AOL getting a lovely rest.


  2. CassG

    I too am just rising. Good to hear our Alex is about to get a much deserved chill time to relax and enjoy with family!

    I am anxiously looking forward to his directorial debut and am head over heels on seeing him after “March Madness”.🙃🙃😊😊

    Thanks Paula for the morning sunshine!!


  3. Well, guys, no use to visit O’ahu these days with the crazy hope to meet him by chance in the street! He will be in bed sleeping for the next few weeks! Lots of time with his family, good food and a hammer to smash his alarm clock is just what he needs now. And afterwards… S9?


  4. kathysr

    Enjoy your time off, Alex. Now we wait to hear if we get Season Nine.


  5. CassG

    I am certainly keeping hope alive for Season 9! I hope Alex rests up, enjoys his hiatus and returns to us.🤞


  6. kathysr

    Just read on Peter’s Instagram that Episode 24 is from a storyline by Alex! WAY COOL, he got to direct AND create a storyline for an episode this year. It’s about time! Waaaaaaay past time, really. Hey CBS and Peter L, please give Alex a lot more creative input and freedom next year, OK? He deserves it and he just MIGHT improve the show about 500%, like maybe getting back to the great storylines that we all love?


    • Amen to that! Alex can really do what he wants. He knows the business and the essence of the show, which has diluted over the years, and he’s creative (there are many ad-libs in his acting, all of them good). So what can go wrong if he can intervene more in the creaton of an epi?


  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    I’m going to miss Alex so much but I hope to see him in season 9


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