#H50 Episode 8:17 – and some gorgeous Steve faces …..

Before we start, I just want to mention that we did not forget Steve McGarrett’s birthday this year. We were just a bit busy this weekend and on top of that I have ongoing internet connection problems as well 😦 .

But over the years we have made a number of posts to celebrate our fictional hero’s birthday and you should be able to read them if you go to any 10 March posts over the years that we have been here (in fact all the links are in  last year’s birthday post: Happy Birthday Steve McGarrett )

And of course today (12 March), is Spike’s 9th birthday.

And now for some random thoughts about the episode ….. and some of Steve’s faces, explaining it all. 😆

  • I think we all got the whole  ‘immunity and means’ thing since the first episode, but Adam and Jessie doing break-ins without Steve’s knowledge, just goes that bit beyond immunity and means. I guess that is what you get for giving somebody (Adam) a task that he was never trained for.
  • Can somebody explain why Danny needs to be written as an asshole about EVERYTHING – especially somebody who supposedly “live” for his kids and their safety, mocking a safety drill? I always got the feeling as a child, that those with that kind of attitude were the kids/people with a big chip on their shoulder – so much so that they had to try to be “cool” by showing defiance, while everybody else respected the rules. Is that who Danny is supposed to be?

  • Papers in Hawaii are pretty quick to report news ……
  • How plausible is it that “normal” very distraught men would react by locking their friend in with the chlorine gas?
  • Why is it that the writers kindly forget about the Governor’s existence, until and only when they need Steve to be somewhere for a period of time – when Alex is doing others stuff. How is it that only then do they remember that there is someone like that, that they all work for? They are the Governor’s task force after all ….

  • I think Tani was rather rude to the girl in the library – One of my pet peeves is people who do not respect time and place. Why talk in a library if you can go outside and do the same there. I can’t stand rudeness like that. No respect for the courtesies of the civilized world. And even worse is when police officers disregard rules – what type of example is that to the general population and youth. AND even worse, is seeing people / fans applauding that as being badass! Or is it worse that female writers actually wrote that or that a female director kept it in? Or maybe it is just me getting old and cranky about the show trying to be funny ……..

  • Not 100% sure what to make of Adam’s catharsis at the end of the episode. Is he mad at himself for failing at a job that he was never trained for? Or is he mad at Steve for getting him involved, or disappointed that he is “failing” Steve somehow? Is he feeling sorry for himself? Or is he just pissed off at Jessie for ‘getting’ some on the side, while he is pining for his ‘lost’ wife Kono?


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13 responses to “#H50 Episode 8:17 – and some gorgeous Steve faces …..


    I like what Tani said to the girl in the library. After all they were discussing police business, and they did go somewhere else after she said something. Where was Steve for a few minutes he was Ghost? I always look for my Steve and he had his team handling the case and he came on the scene later.Mc Eddie, glad to see you, and I love Steve and Danny’s banter. Their restaurant is in trouble with Danny’s uncle running things?


  2. Nancy Robison

    Perfectly said…#NoHateHere

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    • mamayorkie

      I heard an interesting news item this morning on TV.
      In a poll taken, it seems that college students are overwhelmingly in favor of freedom of speech—unless it it is speech they don’t agree with.
      They have lots in common with the H50 super fans.

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  3. I agree with you about Tani in the library. I think it sent the wrong message — mainly that she was superior to the civilian, when in fact, Tani is in service FOR the community. It’s fine to be bad ass when the situation calls for it. This was not one of those situations.

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    • Yes, it would have been a totally different story if they were there to arrest somebody or if lives where at stake. But they were there just talking to a friend of Five-0 and getting information – there was no need for them to be rude and to disrespect the “laws” of a library.

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  4. DoubleL

    I wonder why the show hasn’t mentioned Steve’s birthday since season 2? Last year, episode 19 aired on March 10th and Steve would have turned 40. That would have been the perfect opportunity to do a birthday episode, but instead we got a setup for Kono’s departure. 😦 We need more Steve.

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  5. gracenotpark

    Show has forgotten it is supposed to revolve around McG. I know Alex needed to cut back some hours, but the writing could still focus better on his stories. Which they’ve dropped completely. Instead they dredge up ridic Williams family members who don’t make sense and who even McDs don’t dig. Cos gross. So two wrongs make a bigger wrong. 🙄

    And I’m ok with Tani. Don’t love her, don’t hate her. Junior is definitely a better person, tho, who for some reason, the other 5-0s treat like he’s a child. Dude’s a NavySEAL! Respect!

    Do all the writers have Alzheimer’s? Or do they drink and inhale as they write? More 🙄

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    • mamayorkie

      They DO treat Junior like a child. But they also treat Tannoying like an adorable two year old who has her bad behavior tolerated. I am sick of her character’s rudeness being written as “cute”. Damn, change the kid’s diaper and toilet train her because the writers have begun to make what could have been a good addition smell of obnoxiousness .

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    • I’m not watching S8 yet and when I do I suspect it will be like swallowing a very fool cough mixture, but I agree with you. The writers have developped psychic problems over the years. That or a new team of Alex-haters, malevolent writers has been hired just to piss him off.


  6. D. Havard

    Things I liked about the episode:

    Jerry’s back. He’s one of my favs.
    Odell’s back. Ditto. Loved his Next Gen comment. And what he had to say about Steve’s do. 😉
    I agree with Danny. I don’t want to have to survive after bomb fall. Plus I assume even if you did survive your family would be dead.Then again hunkering down in a bunker with Steve aND trying to repopulate………sigh…..a girl could dream.😆


  7. CassG

    Aahh! The only comments I can make at this time is about that face, that face…….that gorgeous face at all angles!!!😍😍😍

    Thanks FOYeur for these great gifs!!! ❤

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  8. I totally agree with your comments about Adam and the governor. Love Tani, love Junior!

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  9. A big hard no from me about Dannoying and Tanigetyourgun repopulating earth.
    When disaster strikes I want to be in Team McG. He is a fighter, always was, always will be. Earth does not need no smug, defiant child in a body of a 40 year old. What about Grace and Charlie, hu? I don’t get either, why they are making D a jerk about everyfreakingthing, FOYeur. This superduper annoying blue room scene nearly spoiled the fun of Steve’s various faces. Alex rocks these!
    I have no clue why Adam was crying at the end. And I got the impression the actor didn’t know either. Desperation because he misses Kono? Or does he have a crush on NotKono? Or does he cry because he is a loser who doesn’t get anything done? Ugh, this storyline is sooooo stupid….
    This was the first time I wanted to punch Odell. He thinks Tani is like Steve? Seriously? Steve would have never done something like this in the library.
    Yet, as always we had a gem, of course the Alexpressions, but the scene between Steve and Doug at the near end was amazing too. So well acted! YES!

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