#H50 8.17 – Steve´s s€xy legs

I have to confess, haven´t had time to watch this episode through, just jumped around for Alex. Not a big Alex epi, but what we got was much better than last week 😀 So much yummyness to enjoy ♥


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20 responses to “#H50 8.17 – Steve´s s€xy legs

  1. Magnólia

    Muito bom!
    Obrigada, Paula ☺🎶

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  2. DAMN! I know he is just walking but…but…*THUD* ♥♥♥
    That last gif. I’m loving the expiration with the neck porn and chest hair ♥

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  3. DoubleL

    This one was much better than 8.16 because they focused on one story. There wasn’t a lot of Steve, but what we got was decent. Burning questions include: when did Adam get a vintage Dodge Challenger and why do we never get to see Steve’s Mercury anymore? LOL!

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  4. So sexy indeed! Keep it up!


  5. Becca

    Thank you thank you for the sexy photos of Alex I love them all

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  6. Paula,my boss hates Alex. He says he’ll fire me if I go again to this site just before 9:00 am from Mon to Fri, as my mighty sighs make the papers fly around my desk and create an irritating MMMM sound. Plus he doesn’t understand why nobody sighs when HE walks.How can I explain?

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    • joyfuljaj

      ha! well, clearly you can’t sigh when your boss walks by or there would be some legal problems at work…. I admit, i check out this site on my phone during work hours (i have a lot of hurry up and wait moments at work) . I try to keep the sighs and MMMM to myself as much as possible.

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  7. mamayorkie

    Wonderful pictures. They are much better than the episode which was another disappointment.

    Why the writers persist on making the characters either stupid or obnoxious is beyond me. Do they want us to dislike them? I am still reeling over Tani’s rude and disrespectful library display. Where I live her comments, especially about the gun, would have had our local PD there in under three minutes (yes, they are that good) and she would have cooled her heels at the station. It wasn’t something that endeared her to people who watch on Friday nights and are the age group that still frequents libraries. We must take threats seriously, considering how many children are running around and recent tragic events. .

    I know it was supposed to be funny but it was just stupid. She didn’t sound bad-ass- just jack-ass. Shame on the writers for giving her those lines.

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    • Could not agree more!


    • Lee Ann

      What I cannot understand is how ‘Adam’ comes roaring in with a gun along with the team. He’s an ex-con who served time in a prison, and no way in hell would he ever get a gun permit, much less than a carry permit to roam around Hawaii with. Five O cannot make such offers to criminals to work their crime scenes just because they say so. What kind of a police department is this representing? Did he get a FULL pardon and I missed it?

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      • mamayorkie

        No, you didn’t miss anything. The mistake we all make is trying to use reason and logic when watching each week. The show has never been big on research or caring for anything beyond blowing something up. Now they are just writing a comic book with Dannoying and Tannoying starring as poor role models in a crazy world where we need to set good examples for our children. Well, we were warned these two characters were alike. Danny ignores a nuclear drill and Tani threatens a Library patron. Uplifting.

        I don’t know who Steve McGarrett is anymore. I do hope AOL finds another great project which makes him happy. I doubt H50 is his dream role. If he doesn’t re-sign for S9, I can’t blame him. But I say that believing there will be a S9, no matter what he chooses to do. I won’t be watching if he goes.

        Ian is going back to Salvation, so he has something to look forward to other than playing Adam. He gave an interview recently and was hard put to explain what his character was doing/feeling. Even he doesn’t know why his character has a gun. Why should he? The writers don’t have a clue either.

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        • kathysr

          Thanks mamayorkie as always for wonderful observations on the show. I agree with everything you say. Interesting that Ian doesn’t even know what they’re doing with his character, because we sure don’t. I have a bad feeling about Adam’s ultimate fate since he doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing. And how in the world would an ex-felon be allowed to carry a gun?


  8. Lulu

    Thank you for the hot pics of Alex. It seems as though Steve is not the main character on this show anymore. What a shame.


    • You must remember that they most probably gave Alex some time away from shooting, to scout for locations and to do preperations for the next episode he was about to direct – that was why he was not in many scenes of this episode and also most probably why he will not have lots of screen time in the next one as well, because he is directing it.


  9. Lulu

    Good point, FOYeur. It’s just I miss seeing Steve in the heroic Navy Seal role! Of course, some Alex is way better than none!

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  10. CassG

    It definitely was a tease seeing Steve and Edindie early on.😍 I was truly psyched and ready to enjoy the pleasure of seeing more of them together. Anyway after he was MIA he did return!❤

    I can also say that this ep was better than last week’s. I esp liked that there was one main storyline involving all the team in various aspects rather than 3 different storylines to follow! The highlight of course was Steve!❤❤

    Thank you Paula for these delicious treats!!! He is yummy indeed!!😚

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  11. Aaaah, thanks for the treats, Paula!
    An Alexpressions episode again, so much fun to make screens. That is at least one good thing!
    On to Alex’ directing!

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