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(2011) #H50 honored at Hawaii State Capitol – including #AlexOLoughlin

With this post we are taking you back 7 years …..

On 31 March 2011 just before the wrap up of the first season of Hawaii Five-0, the lawmakers of Hawaii  honoured members of the show at the Hawaiian State Capitol. Those who were honoured included the two actors Alex O’Loughlin and  Daniel Dae Kim.

Al Harrington, Daniel Dae Kim, Alex O’Loughlin, Peter Lenkov, and Glenn Geller pictured with members of the 2011 Hawaii State House of Representatives on March 31, 2011.

We compiled a post with some of the pictures taken that day, as well as some of the video clips of the proceedings.

Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Al Harrington (31 March 2011)

Together with the people from Hawaii Five-0 there was also someone else that was honored that day. Patrick Gartside was recognised for his selflessness in donating bone marrow cells and a kidney to others.

Sen. Mike Gabbard, Patrick Gartside, and Alex O’Loughlin on the floor of the State Senate on March 31, 2011.



  • The 1st video shows a  short speech about the importance of shows like Hawaii Five-0 for the state. And then came the introduction of the members of Hawaii Five-0:

Glenn Geller (Senior Vice President of Current Programming at CBS)

Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer)

Alex O’Loughlin

Daniel Dae Kim

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The 2nd video talk about the increase of tourism from Australia.

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  • The 3rd video is a shorter version, with just the introductions of the people from Hawaii Five-0:

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  • The 4th video show the introduction of other support staff, like Alex’s assistant Diana, and also include Daniel’s wife Mia.

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  • The 5th video is a report from Hawaii News Now about the event:

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Group Photo:

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane …..



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