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#AlexOLoughlin thanks Hawaii at SOTB Season 5 Premiere.


First of all, Daniel, thank you so much. What Daniel said, I echo it a 100 times. But one thing that hasn’t been mentioned, I don’t think anyway, is …is …. One thing that we need to talk about with this show. You know, we thanked … we thanked the state of Hawaii, we thanked all the writers and the directors and the amazing cast and the amazing crew and the fans and everything. We haven’t thanked the people whose homes we go into every day.

[Audience start clapping]

Hold on, haven’t said it yet.

[Laughs from everybody]

Every day on the show, we go into someone’s house. We kick in their door. We shoot someone. We knock down a wall. We burn their cars. We cut your streets off and the kids are late for school.

If you guys didn’t give us the patience and the permission that you give us on a daily basis … If you guys didn’t let us into your lives and into your homes and into hearts, we couldn’t do … we don’t have a show without you.

Hawaii is the first and the most important character in this show. And we love it and we really appreciate it, but without you guys we can’t do it.

So, thank you to the people of Hawaii. Thank you very much. Mahalo.

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