TV Insider (Dec 2015): Alex O’Loughlin brings his family home for Christmas.

HE’S made himself a happy home on the island of Oahu, but Hawaii Five-O star Alex O’Loughlin is bringing his young family back to Australia for the first time this Christmas.

Alex & Malia at Fashion Show 20 Nov 2015 (Picture taken by Kelli Bullock)

The 39-year-old and his stunning wife, surfer girl Malia Jones, are jetting back to Sydney, reuniting with O’Loughlin’s teenage son Saxon. Jones’ son Spike, 7, (from her second marriage to Aussie surfer ex, Luke Stedman), as well as the couple’s adorable three-year-old boy, Lion, will also be there.

While O’Loughlin’s conversation is littered with Hawaiian phrases and the odd “gnarly” expression (“I’m surrounded by surfers”), the Canberra-born star is looking forward to an Aussie summer. “I haven’t had a Christmas back there in years, so we’re going to come back and just have a bit of quiet time, breathe a bit of Aussie air and catch up with family and friends,” he told me. “Also, the little ones haven’t been home so that will be great too … (the grandparents) are going to get crazy.”


O’Loughlin moved to Hawaii almost six years ago, after landing the lead in the reboot of the 1970s police procedural, opposite Scott Caan (as his Five-O partner, Danny ‘Danno’ Williams).

He bought a $4 million home at Diamond Head, Waikiki, and began dating Jones, 38, four years ago. They quietly married in April last year and both relish their tropical lifestyle: “I love it here (Oahu), it’s my home. I want to raise the kids here. I think it’s a great base geographically for me as well because it’s not as far away from Sydney as LA but it’s not as far away from LA as Sydney. It’s beautiful and clean and the kids are in good schools. They’re into surfing and have got great sports coaching. We’re happy.”

His son Saxon had also been living the Hawaiian life for a few years with his famous dad, until returning to Australia recently to start an apprenticeship.

His youngest was born on the island and given a native name: Lion Kahano, a moniker his dad jokes he sometimes regrets calling him “because he really lives up to his name. He marches to the beat of his own drum. I joke and say he’s the one I worry about the least and the one I worry about the most, you know. He’s the best, mate. He’s a little gift from the heavens, that boy. They all are,” O’Loughlin gushed.

With Five-O midway through filming season six (to air on Ten early next year), the star revealed he was currently off contract but keen to sign up again: “I thought by season six it would be dying. I thought ‘how do you keep a show going like that?’ But it’s a good season, one of our best. I’m ready and just waiting for the call. We’ll see what happens.”

My Thoughts

  • For some reason we never added this article to our archives when it first came out in 2015. I guess I was a bit pissed off at the time , because they used a paparazzi picture of the family, that was taken at a private family outing at  the beach, to run with the article. I know everybody most probably have their own line drawn about what pictures they would post.
  • Our own unwritten policy is to only post pictures of Alex’s family that were taken at public events where he would know that pictures are taken – and where they also willingly pose with the children for pictures to be taken.


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16 responses to “TV Insider (Dec 2015): Alex O’Loughlin brings his family home for Christmas.

  1. vanduyn

    Thanks for posting this. I think I read it before?? But I didn’t remember the picture you’re referring to posted with it so maybe not. Anyway, thanks again!


    • You can see it in the link. It is just one the well known beach pictures of the family that was first posted on Just Jared.
      Of course I regard the pictures of Alex alone as ‘fair game’ – even though they were paparazzi pictures. But the pictures of the whole family is not good for me. Some might find that hypocritical – but for me Alex is the public person, and his family not.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kathysr

    Lovely pics and great article. What strikes me is that Alex says he’s “off contract” in the middle of Season Six? I thought they all signed seven-year contracts at the very beginning of the show. Saxon is sooooo handsome, sigh. I’m sure all three boys are gorgeous. I bet the family had a great Christmas 2015 in Australia, lol, with the grand parents going crazy to see the younger kids for the first time. Must be amazing to celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer! Surf’s up!


  3. lindae5o

    Thanks, FOYeur !! I love this article.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this too FOYeur/ They look so happy and I hope we some some more recent “Happy Family ” pictures soon, Authorized of course!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Most of the unauthorized resent pictures that I have seen, all speaks of a happy family life. But it would be nice to see some that we can share with everybody.


  5. totally on board with your decision on not sharing at first due to paparazzi pics, but have to say I love reading it now. alex as his family dedicated self is the best. Thanks for digging up this wonderful little interview after all.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I really appreciate your privacy policy. As many others here, that’s why this is the only Alex blog I visit. I want to know everything about Alex, and God knows I’d like to know more, but only the bits HE wants to share. The other stuff makes me sick.


    • Thanks Cassiopea
      I think most of the sites and pages for Alex have the same kind of policy (most of those I have seen in any case) – some might even be more strict about what they share than us.


  7. Ally

    This was a really good article! Thanks FOYeur for sharing it.


  8. Lulu

    I just love the way this hot actor is such a family man. He has his priorities straight. Thank you for this article. I love seeing him with his family.


  9. Ah I remember this article and how pissed I was. Not only because of the paparazzi pic. I fail to understand why it is important to know the cost of his house.
    But again, this article shows that AOL has a pretty good head on his shoulders!


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