#H50 – #AlexOLoughlin speaks at “Sunset on the Beach” – 2013


(Sunset on the Beach #4 on 26 September 2013)

I’ll keep it short. Last year I didn’t.

I’m constantly overwhelmed by the turnout at this event.

We have the great pleasure of living and working here. And we also have the great privilege of employing many, many, many Hawaiian families every year.

And I said it in the press line here tonight, that all of you people that come here every year to support us, the show and the Hawaiian economy – especially those of you from other sides of the world. You are all representatives of the giant fanbase, that is the fanbase of Hawaii Five-0.

So thank you all very much.

I hope you enjoy the show. See you next year.



My Thoughts

  • Alex did not say much, but he said a lot with these few word. He acknowledged the significance of the show for the people of Hawaii, by not only employing many, but also boosting the economy with tourism.
  • In earlier years it was as if they always wanted to focus on the event as something special just for the locals, but this time he thanked the fan base from all over the world for supporting the event. That was kind of nice.
  • For different reasons, I wonder if that year and that SOTB was not the apex of the show …..



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5 responses to “#H50 – #AlexOLoughlin speaks at “Sunset on the Beach” – 2013

  1. Looking good with his now wife!


  2. gracenotpark

    Per your final thought…it was for me. S4 was the best, and the last, really good season. New writers came in after that and the tenor and the characters just changed. McG was (and now continues to be) occasionally written totally OOC, Show turned away from its McG-centrality to its horrific detriment, and we lost beloved characters that were important TO McG…only to be bombarded by a slew of trial characters that didn’t stick, a few that annoyed but somehow resonated with PL and so do recur, and a ridic endless train of annoying Danno relatives whose utter uselessness seems to cast aspersions upon poor NewJersey. The plots got simultaneously less believable yet more repetitive and dull. And the McG backstory, his character arc, the backbone of Show just…froze with the early S5 death of WoFat.

    So like many, I’ve stuck around for Alex’s scenes, but have lost interest in general, and am still horrified at that horrible Xmas ep when conservationist, island-reverent McG hacked down a rare native evergreen from a sacrosanct nature preserve so his whiny partner would have a big-ass Xmas tree. Who was THAT bizarre guy? 🙄


    • Actually I love S5 (minus Xmas tree disaster, never have watched completely never will watch again). But S5 had the best episodes that are on top of my re-watch list.


  3. H50 has certainly boosted the Hawaiian economy, not only in terms of tourism. But Alex couldn’t repeat himself SOTB after SOTB. Maybe he already felt that fans would be essential to sustain the show and wanted to rally their support, for the good of the locals, not for his.


  4. I knew (again) that I chose the right guy for fangirling for my first time after I had heard that speech. And he made it very clear more than that time, more than once, that for him the hundreds of people behind the camera and their families who keep 5-0 rolling are way more important than the few guys in front. He knows if he does his job properly and then 5-0 gets renewed it supports all these people and their families.
    Remember the insta post from Brian Wallace some time ago? I think it was exactly about Alex’ support and caring for all these people.


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