Here is your chance to have lunch with the cast of #H50 on set in Hawaii

Support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by making a donation and you will be entered into a draw to have Lunch with the Cast of Hawaii Five-0 on Set in Hawaii


  • Visit the cast of Hawaii Five-0 on location in Hawaii and watch them film an exciting new episode
  • Get to know some of your favorite cast members over lunch
  • Soak up all the sun, sea and scenery Hawaii has to offer 
  • Get flown out and put up in a 4-star hotel

hawaii,hawaiifive0,hawaii50 Banner

What you’ll do

Round-trip flights to Hawaii for the experience of a lifetime? Book ‘em, Danno! You and a lucky friend are off to the 50th state to visit the cast and the picture-perfect set of Hawaii Five-0. You’ll take in the gorgeous scenery, watch as they film an upcoming episode (no spoilers!) and bond with the cast over lunch. That’s right, you’re joining the Five-0 ohana for an incredible meal to swap stories and get all your burning questions answered. Are you humming the theme song yet? We are! Flights and hotel included.

Who you’ll help

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles provides specialized, comprehensive and compassionate health care for children in a setting designed just for their needs. As one of the country’s largest and leading pediatric institutions with more than 350 specialties and programs, the hospital relies on the generosity of people like you to support its groundbreaking pediatric research and the complex care it provides for some of the most critically ill and injured children. By contributing to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, you’ll help pave the way for generations of children to receive the care they need to thrive, and allow the hospital’s experts to concentrate on what’s important: healing kids, making scientific breakthroughs and improving pediatric medicine.




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5 responses to “Here is your chance to have lunch with the cast of #H50 on set in Hawaii

  1. This sounds like so much fun. I made a donation. *fingers crossed*
    However I won’t hold my breath. I’m usually not that lucky. *sigh*
    But, should I be so lucky, my +1 pool is about to get very deep. LOL


  2. This is so amazing! And I love Alex for always promoting the show and the good cause!
    That last gif is perfect, it is so typical Alex and makes me smile like an idiot… ❤


  3. Magnólia

    Bonitos sorrisos!🍀☺🎻


  4. Sunflower

    I would just sit in the corner and stare at the man. I don’t think I would be able to form a coherent sentence. It would be more than enough to just be around him and maybe take something from wardrobe !


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